#1 Performing Asset of 2019

I write this to you on May 20th as I sit here staring out the window into my backyard.

The wind is blowing hard and it reminds me of Bitcoin.

It seems like everyone only likes to talk about Bitcoin or crypto for that matter when times are great or times are bad.

But some die-hards like Teeka Tiwari (editor of Palm Beach Confidential) or myself even we don’t let the price dictate what we say so to speak.

It’s something that is always on our minds and we believe that we are still in the very early stages i.e. my belief is that there is much upside to go.

In fact, I got this email from James Altucher the other day, author of the new book Side Hustle Bible talking about how Bitcoin is the #1 performing asset of 2019 so far.

That said if you’ve been out of the crypto game or you are looking to get more heavily involved it’s time to educate yourself.

Here are some great resources:

[+] Teeka Tiwari

[+] James Altucher

[+] Blockchain Bottomline

[+] Coinbase (Easiest Place to Start Buying Cryptocurrency)

[+] Learn to Invest in Bitcoin with an IRA

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