Profit Line Alert Review – How’s James Altucher’s Options Service?

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Fancy Making Over 700% In A Few Weeks O Less…? Of Course You Do… But Hang On A Moment… Because When Something Seems This Amazing, There’s Got To Be A Catch, Hasn’t There…?

profit line alert review

There’s a catch… There’s always a catch. At least, that’s what we’ve always found to be the case. Because hey! When it comes to Wall Street, there’s only one level of winners. And that certainly isn’t the little guys, like us and you…

Buuuut…. Profit Line Alert is the latest product by James Altucher. And we have to say, this is one super-knowledgeable guy. So, naturally, we were curious enough to dig a bit deeper – and then deeper still. We have to say, if you’re considering buying into Profit Line Alert, then spending a couple of minutes reading what we found out could be extremely worth your while. After all, it’s your hard earned cash. And the last thing you want to do is squander it on a piece of cleverly written advertising…

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What do you get for your money with Profit Line Alert?

So, Profit Line Alert is so-called because it’s all about investing in trades that have hit what Altucher calls, the Go Zone’. It’s about getting on board a train that’s starting to speed up, and jumping off when it’s time to take your profits – or when it crosses the ‘profit line’. It really is a simple, 1-2-3 step way of investing, and has been put together at incredible expense, and with some pretty staunch testing to ensure that the system really does deliver.

And, in a nutshell, the system provides you with triple digit gains, over and over again…

The product breaks down like this:

    • The Profit Line Alert Newsletter: This is James Altucher’s personally recommended play delivered to you each and every week. He’s done all the work, carried out all the research, tapped into his enviable network, plus used his proprietary system to discover THE stock of the week that has the potential to make you 100%, 200%, 500%, 700%, or even more in profits. And you’ll get one of these recommendations every week – so that’s 52 per year!
    • Altucher’s Profit Line Alert Handbook: Here is where you can get all the Intel into why this proprietary trading system is so damn successful. It details how he discovered and developed what he calls the Go Zone and the Profit Line Indicator. Discover why it’s 10 times more effective than other such systems, and why the option strategy that so many are scared of is actually the key to making the kind of profits you’ve probably only dreamed of…
    • The Choose Yourself Guide to Making Explosive Gains With Options: This video series shows you exactly how to place options trades using the Profit Line Alert system. You literally watch over James’s shoulder as he does it – and anyone can easily follow and replicate this incredible trading method.

trading playbook

  • How to Choose the Right Brokerage Account for You: Well, this doesn’t really need much explanation, and is perfect for those who are only just starting their journey into the maze that is Wall Street trading. Everything you need to know about setting up your brokerage account is detailed here.
  • The Urgent Profit Line Text Alert Option: Any time there’s and urgent buy or sell alert, you can, if you want, have it sent via text direct to your cell. Your choice, and you can turn this service on and on, whenever you want to.

Oh – and you also get a free gift. A Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch – so you can look pretty cool as well! AND, get your profit line alerts right on your wrist…

Who the heck is James Altucher?

james altucher profit line alertWell, the guy doesn’t really need much introduction. He’s made his own fortune (and the fortune of others) on Wall Street over the past couple of decades. He’s written 18 (yes, 18!) books, including the best selling, The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth, Reinvent Yourself, and Choose Yourself. And he’s often referred to as ‘The Bitcoin Guy’, having made millions of dollars from cryptos.

He’s been featured on Fox Business, CNBC, MSNBC, and written for some of the finest financial publications there are. And the guy has the most incredible network of the world’s most powerful financial people – in fact, if he doesn’t know them, then they’re probably not worth knowing…

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Who is Profit Line Alert for?

The best thing about Profit Line Alert is that it’s suitable for everyone who wants the highest possible chance to win big from their trading efforts. And it’s so simple to use it doesn’t matter if you’re an old hand at trading or a complete newbie! And, it only takes up minutes of your time per week. This makes it perfect for anyone who has a regular J.O.B., and is therefore time short. But in addition, it’s perfect if you’ve retired, and truly want to change your financial riches.

Oh – and you don’t need a massive stake to get started. If you’ve got a few hundred bucks, then you can get in and start increasing your own net worth…

The Pros and Cons of Profit Line Alert

The Pros

  • Profit Line Alert is a total investing strategy written specifically for the market today. Previously such strategies were only shared with the richest of investors. But instead, Altucher has decided to make this available to regular investors such as us, via his valuable research advisory service.
  • Simple to use, and completely limits the risk with any trade.
  • Offers incredible potential for gain.
  • Eliminates all of the guesswork, and you’re told exactly when and where to buy and sell for maximum profit.

The Cons

  • So, the bad thing is that Altucher has decided to cap membership of Profit Line Alert to a measly 5,000 members. And being as the guy is perhaps one of the best names on the planet for providing truly awesome trading advice, these are gonna be snapped up pretty damn quick! So if you want in, you’d best move fast – because when those places are gone, they’re gone… Period!
  • He doesn’t give any stop loss recommendations.  I’ve lost a decent amount on some trades already.  Of course, I’ve also had big gains that can make up for all of that.

The Bottom Line

OK… Well, we have to say, Profit Line Alert certainly hits all the markers we set up for such a product to impress us. And then some… But then, we’re sure James Altucher wouldn’t bring a product to market that wasn’t pretty damn awesome. And awesome this certainly is…

So, it won’t be suitable for everyone. You need to be able to trust in a new strategy, and you need to be in it for gains that hit hundreds of percentages, not thousands. But let’s be honest here – those thousand plus percent gains are truly high-risk strategies. And that is NOT the idea behind Profit Line Alert. This is about making big gains, whilst keeping the risk down to a truly manageable level.

If you’re looking for a totally new research advisory service (not some rehashed old baloney that so many ‘expert’s’ churn out), and want a sustained, on-going income from your investing efforts, then Profit Line Alert really could tick all your boxes too. It certainly get’s the go-ahead from us (and we know his 5,000 member’s are going to be happy punters – not to mention a whole lot richer as well…)!

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