Dark Money Millionaires Review – How’s Nomi Prins Service?

So… Apparently There’s A Secret ‘Pattern’ Within The Markets That’s So Accurate It Not Only Could Make You Rich, But It Even Pinpoints The Exact Time It’s Going To Happen and Supposedly Revealed In Dark Money Millionaires.  Well, There’s Only One Response To That: Ha, Ha, Ha…! 

dark money millionaires review

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We don’t know about you, but it does make us laugh when we read these supposed ‘hooks’ that are meant to get us all a jitter about the massive profits we’re supposedly going to make – if we just buy into their product.  So when we came across Dark Money Millionaires – with it’s promises of incredible profits in a seriously short amount of time – then we were, naturally, extremely cynical.

But…  The only saving grace for Dark Money Millionaires is the face behind the blurb.  Because it’s Nomi Prins.  And boy, does this lady know her stuff when it comes to trading.

Of course, this meant only one thing…  And that was a deep dive into the product that is Dark Money Millionaires.  Leaving no stone unturned, we’ve discovered exactly what this product is, how it allegedly works, and more importantly, whether or not it’s a scam.

So, if you’re considering a purchase, then we highly recommend taking a couple of minutes out of your day to read what we found out.  We promise you, you’ll be mighty glad that you did….

What do you get for your money with Dark Money Millionaires?

OK, so Dark Money Millionaires is based on a little known fact that at certain times, extra money gets poured into the economy.  This is done to create a ‘wealth effect’.  In other words, to rig the markets, allow money to be made, and make investors feel more wealthy.  This in turn is great for the economy.

Now, however cynical you might be, it’s true that this does happen.  And the key to making money is knowing when this is going to happen.  And Dark Money Millionaires gives you a simply system whereby you – yes you – can understand the inside story on what’s really going on behind those oh-so-secret closed doors.

And it’s all based on a proprietary mathematical formula.  One that those who buy into Dark Money Millionaires thankfully don’t need to equate (because boy, is it complicated).  The most important thing to understand is that this formula is proven to have a 94.7% accuracy – meaning that you have those very same odds of making real money.

When you sign up you get the following:

  • The Dark Money Monitor Primer: Here you’ll discover everything you need to know about dark money, and how it affects the market.  More importantly, how you can utilize this information to make real and sustained profits.
  • The Dark Money Portal: On a weekly basis you ‘ll receive emails with five links.  These links will take you to places where you can discover what’s really going on with the world’s central banks, and all about the flow of dark money – in real time!
  • Personal Contact: With the Dark Money Millionaires team. Yep, you can text or email any questions you might have, and receive an answer PDQ.
  • Urgent Dossier: Three Dark Money Plays That Could Hand You 1,237% – This is an ‘extra’ and details three of the most explosive potential dark money plays that are likely to occur.
  • Back Room Access: to the many dark money insiders. Meaning that any time Nomi Prins (the creator of the product) sits down with the uber-important of the financial world, you can influence what she asks by sending in your own questions.
  • Dark Money Appointments: These are alerts direct to your cell, tablet, or computer telling you exactly when and where the next spike is going to arrive.
  • A VIP Seat at the Dark Money Summit: A world first, where you can join in and rub shoulders with some of the most important people within the financial industry.
  • 1-3 Dark Money Special Opportunities: Guaranteed, each and every month for you to profit from.

Who the heck is Nomi Prins?

nomi prins dark money millionairesPrins is a rare species indeed: A woman, well respected by her peers, super successful on Wall Street, uber-author on all things financial, and often seen on serious news channels such as Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg.  And more importantly, she’s been part of the ‘secret’ elite within the US financial industry, and privy to more information than most traders see in their whole life.

It was here that she discovered about this ‘dark money’.  A process whereby trillions of dollars are secretly created in order to create a ‘wealth effect’, after any financial crisis.

And she’s decided that it’s time for the regular investor to have the same knowledge that Wall Street has had for years.  Because by taking advantage of these dark money spikes, you too can make the kind of super-profits that insiders have been doing for so long.

Who is Dark Money Millionaires for?

So, Prins says that the ideal person to sign up for Dark Money Millionaires has the following:

  • Is able to invest immediately when an opportunity presents.
  • Wants to make money fast.
  • Is willing to make low-risk moves.
  • Is willing to try something new.
  • And is serious in their intentions to make money.

We’d like to add something here.  And that’s that potential Dark Money Millionaires need to have a reasonable stake to begin with, and don’t want to spend hours on their trading.  You simply want a system that can and will point you in the direction to make high velocity profits.

The Pros and Cons of Dark Money Millionaires

The Pros

  • The system is complicated, sure – but it’s set out in a simple 1-2-3-step process that’s simple to understand. The necessary reading is short, and you’ve always got it to hand in case you need to refer back in the future.
  • Dark Money Millionaires is designed for you to use to make a steady fortune for as long as you choose. The system simply takes full advantage of events that occur on a regular basis within the financial world.
  • The potential for profit is very high – even by Wall Street standards. And the risk level is very low for such potential gains.
  • Dark Money Millionaire works in any money climate. In fact, in volatile times such as now, it works even more effectively.

The Consdark money millionaires guarantee

  • Well, the biggest issue with Dark Money Millionaires is that there are only 300 place available in this exclusive club. And once they’ve gone, they’ve truly gone.  So if you are keen, then you need to snap up your place while it’s still available.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we were convinced that this was going to be a product we were able to completely hammer…  But, never let it be said that we don’t admit when we’re wrong – because wrong we certainly were.

OK, so the advertising is a bit over the top, admittedly.  But the product itself – well, we’ve found it to be as accurate as the incredible figures proclaim it to be.  So if your investments aren’t making you the profits that you know are possible, Dark Money Millionaires could be just the system you need to change your fortune.  We’re converts, that’s for sure.  And if you give it a go, we think you will be too…

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