The Power Elite Review – What’s The Truth About Jon Markman?

Make Massive Profits From Knowing Which Are The Top 30 Stocks Of The Day, And Invest In Them And Only Them.  Oh, But If Only It Was Possible To Predict…

the power elite review

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So, people of the US.  Investors in the markets who just know that there’s profit to be made, but it isn’t quite coming your way…  Aren’t you getting just a little sick and tired of all these ‘great’ products that promise to be able to shift your fortune?  Yeah, us too…  So when we came across The Power Elite, yet another financial service that’s promising to turn your investing fortunes around, we admit to feeling somewhat jaded…

However, The Power Elite is brought to us by one Jon Markman.  And we have to admit that this guy is a pure genius when it comes to profitable investing.  So of course, this left us only one choice: to delve deep into exactly what The Power Elite is really all about.

Our journey was certainly an interesting one.  And if you’re considering parting with your hard earned cash, then you NEED to read what we found out.  We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed…

What do you get for your money with The Power Elite?

So then, what The Power Elite is based on is a unique model created by Markman himself (more about him later).  And it’s all about knowing the top 30 companies that top the market.  Because these 30 stocks generate a massive one third of all stock market gains.

And this is where your money should be.  It certainly shouldn’t be languishing in the bottom 69%, because historically these stocks only bring in pennies here and there.  So by weighting your personal portfolio towards the best 30 stocks, you automatically put yourself at a massive advantage.  And, put simply, make more money.

The thing is, these top 30 stocks are dynamic.  It’s an ever-changing list.  And to keep your portfolio current, you too need to ebb and flow.  The Power Elite gives you the exact information necessary to do just that.

When you sign up you get the following:

  • The Get Started Guide: Profit From the Power Elite – This is Markman’s personally compiled book that lists eight single stocks that he recommends as immediate buys, or likely upcoming buys. These are the best stocks on the market right now.
  • What Not to Buy: Inside the book you’ll also discover a crucial list of super popular stocks that are set to deliver devastating losses next time the market takes a downturn.
  • 12 Months Membership to The Power Elite: This is the crux of the product.  And boy, is it valuable.  This is access for a full year to exactly what you need to know to ensure that your portfolio only contains those stocks in the top 30, and those that are not set for a disastrous drop any time soon.
  • Windfall Profits: A valuable report that uses Markman’s research to pinpoint what could well be one of the biggest investment opportunities to come your way.
  • Monthly Updates: Direct to your inbox or mobile device.  Because as we’ve already said, the top 30 is a dynamic, ever changing place.  And you need to be up to speed.
  • The Monthly Market Commentary: Where you’ll discover all you need to know about the markets and what’s likely to happen.

Who the heck is Jon Markman?

jon markman the power eliteMarkman might be someone you’ve heard of.  But that doesn’t mean he’s a nobody.  Because this guy has more than three decades of top financial experience, and is a true legend on Wall Street.  He’s worked with Bill Gates, helped build MSN Money, and is on first name terms with many Wall Street insiders.

This is the guy that uber-rich, savvy, independent investors turn to for advice.  And during his time in the business, he’s developed unique methods for being able to pick the winners (and avoid the losers) with uncanny accuracy.

Who is The Power Elite for?

OK, so The Power Elite is not designed for those who want to day trade.  This is a system that’s designed for folk who’re looking at the longer term.  And, it’s a product for those who don’t want to spend hours each week on their trades.  Of course, it’s also for those who want to get big profits, and are prepared to sit and wait a little for those larger than normal amounts to roll in.

If you’re looking for quick trades where you cash in and cash out, then The Power Elite is not for you.  But if you want consistent and very real profits, and are prepared to put your money in some of the strongest, financially sound stocks in the market today, then this could well be right up your (Wall) street…

The Pros and Cons of The Power Elite

The Pros

  • This is a brand new product that’s designed to allow you to invest in only the most stable, high-profit companies.
  • Because you’re investing in such stable stocks, your risk level is lowered as much as is humanly possible within the stock market.
  • The product comes to you by instant download. So there’s no waiting for snail mail to get started – you can begin building your wealth-making portfolio immediately.
  • Jon Markman is so confident in his product that it comes with a completely risk free trial. If you’re not completely happy you get a no-questions-asked, 100% refund.

The Cons

  • So, if there has to be a ‘con’, it’s that this isn’t designed for quick profits. Instead, this is a product that will suit those who want a real and sustained income over the years – and a large one at that.  It will ride out the tough times (and on occasion, make big profits from volatility).  So if you’re looking for a get-in-get-out quick scheme, then this probably isn’t for you.

The Bottom Line

D’you know…?  We honestly thought The Power Elite was simply another financial whizz kid jumping on the advisory service bandwagon.  Because, hey – there’s a lot of them about…

But actually, this really is something different.  And we have to say that it’s truly refreshing top find a product that doesn’t harp on about secret information or government conspiracies…  Instead, The Power Elite concentrates on real, stable companies in which its safe to invest your money.  There’s going to be a lot of happy people (not to mention wealthy) who trust their money in Jon Markman’s wisdom.

In a nutshell, The Power Elite really does hit the spot.  We’re converts, that’s for sure…