Side Hustle Bible Review

James Altucher 3 Time Bestselling Author Has Released a Brand New Book Titled the Side Hustle Bible

James Altucher 3 Time Bestselling Author

And Side Hustle Bible is Set to Be His Next Bestseller

Here’s Just a Tiny Fraction of What You’ll Learn Inside the Side Hustle Bible

Side Hustle BibleFirst, this book is a massive resource guide at 372-pages revealing 177 secretive, six-figure income opportunities you can start today to earn passive paychecks for the rest of your life.

And what’s so amazing is that you don’t need to go through page by page to get insane value. What’s so great about the Side Hustle Bible book is that it’s packed full of little-known income secrets that are easy to digest and act on.

Plus there are real-world people out there seeing some pretty stunning results.

You can learn about them here.

  • How to make more than 95% of CEOs in America. Big publishing companies HATE when you use this because it robs them of their profits. This method is ridiculously simple, but practically NOBODY knows about it. And the best part is, if you can write a few paragraphs a day, you could easily use this strategy to start raking in hundreds or thousands of dollars in passive income within a matter of weeks. James Altucher tells you everything you need to know to get started on page 5.
  • The incredible “recession proof” side income for organized people. If you have a knack for keeping track of things, the world needs you! After a few good reviews, you can write your own ticket, charging as much as $200 an hour or more in some cases. Best of all, you can work from your couch, your home office or the back seat of a car and pick the number of hours you’d like to invest. Page 164.
  • What more than 200 ordinary people are doing to make money online. Most people fail to make money online, because they don’t have a proven system that works for them. The good news is, the blueprint on page 229 could have helped more than 200 people make money, including newbies. Don’t miss out on what they’ve discovered.
  • 10 separate, fully legal ways to make two grand in the next 48 hours. When you need cash, you need cash, and this is the way to get it. Want to buy a house? Need a few dollars to help your son or daughter get by this month? Then this chapter on quick cash opportunities is for you. Are all of them easy? Not on your life, but anyone with a fraction of discipline and special talents can use them to earn a quick hit of cash. Page 197.
  • The $20,000-a-month side hustle for awkward folks. Get tongue-tied? Hate small talk with strangers? If you have 10 hours a month to spare, this “summary side gig” could be the perfect opportunity to grow a passive seven-figure income. Don’t believe me? Wait until you see the guy who figured it out. He has no qualifications in his industry, but thanks to a little-known business opportunity, he earns more per hour than 99% of the American population. Page 207.
  • The four hottest online businesses you can practically start from scratch. Don’t have a big idea? Don’t have any customers or business know-how? You don’t need to. Because page 15 of The Side Hustle Bible gives you four of the simplest online businesses you can start tonight.

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What Else Will You Learn in the Side Hustle Bible?

  • Pay your mortgage for life using one of the most secret new income opportunities in America. It’s totally passive after the initial upfront work, but the money can roll in forever. Doing just this one thing right allowed one man to make enough money to cover his rent in one of the most expensive parts of San Francisco. You have to see this for yourself. Page 14.
  • Retire in 100 days or less using the fastest growing business opportunities in the world. Sick of your job or current occupation? Want a new life but don’t have the income to start over? While it’s still relatively unknown, this lucrative side hustle could be your way out. You can earn your first passive income check in as little as two days. Page 13.
  • Upgrade your income to executive levels using a little-known “social review” trick. Do you like to read? Do you hate shoddy products? Then you could earn as much as $400,000 or more each year thanks to a very unique type of income first inspired by Amazon reviews. Believe me, it’s hard to stomach just how much money other people are making from the comfort of their home while the rest of America still gets up early to drive to an office. See it for yourself on Page 144.

Who is James Altucher Anyways?

[+] 3 Time Bestselling Author (Reinvent Yourself, Choose Yourself, Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth)

[+] Created a blog that is read by more than 600,000 people a month

[+] Runs a podcast with more than 20 million downloads interviewing the world’s richest, most successful entrepreneurs

James Altucher And Tony Robbins

[+] Oh and Tim Sykes said he’s “the best business blogger of our generation”.

[+] You can read his about page here.

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Once your book arrives by mail, go to the pages below to discover how to:

  • Double your “salary” overnight. Time and time again, Americans are proving yes, you really can start a new side income overnight. Want the full proof? Turn to page 22. One 30-year-old woman who used this strategy has made six figures a year every year since.
  • Earn an extra $500 to $2,000 in a weekend doing “rush gigs.” In today’s fast-paced society, there’s never enough hands to get the work done quickly enough. That’s why companies will pay a huge premium for you to eyeball their work in the wee hours of the night. Page 198.
  • Command twice the money for half the work. Charging $35 an hour in your chosen profession? Want to double, triple or quadruple that (and have your clients thank you for doing it)? The secret is not in what you know… it’s in a tiny little phrase you tell prospective clients. Page 270.