Reinvent Yourself Review – James Altucher Book Free? Good?

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Not Again…!  Really, Do We Have To Once Again Read More About How We’re Working Ourselves To Death In A Regular J.O.B.?  And That, If Only We Have The Information, We Can Find Far Easier Ways Of Making Not Only An Income, But Far More Than We’re Earning Right Now…?

Now, we don’t know about you, but we work pretty damn hard for our cash.  And we’re constantly looking for alternative ways to create an income.  But we have to admit to getting pretty hacked off when reading things that tell us we’re doing it all wrong.  After all, when you’re exhausted after a hard week at work, the last thing you want is a lecture into how what you’re doing is simply working yourself into an early grave.

reinvent yourself review

However…  When we came across Reinvent Yourself – the latest book by a guy we know many revere, James Altucher, we have to admit to having our interest piqued.  After all, if there is a way we can change the crazy hours we work to something more lucrative and, even more importantly, that’ll future proof our finances for us and our family, then you’d have to be an idiot to not be just a little bit interested.

Cue an in-depth analysis into exactly what Reinvent Yourself is all about.  And although we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Reinvent Yourself?

Reinvent Yourself is a package that’s headed by the latest book by James Altucher of the same name.  It’s based on showing you the ‘rules of the retirement’, and how to easily and quickly use the same strategies that are usually only available to those who’re rich enough to be able to afford to buy them – in other words, Wall Street investors, uber-rich corporations, and the multi-million and billionaires with telephone number fortunes…

What you get when you buy into Reinvent Yourself is the following:

  • The limited edition, Reinvent Yourself hardback book: Only available direct, this book pull back the curtains on how to turn a shoestring budget into a fortune worth having.  Discover secrets such as the little known ‘rule of seven’ that almost every millionaire in the world muses to create and maintain their fortune – no matter what the economy does.  This is only one of the incredible, and real-life, strategies you’ll discover about how to make a true (and potentially massive) in the every-changing reality that is the 21st
  • The report: How To Make $2,000 In A Weekend: A 150 page digital guidebook that showcases the to 10, proven methods to potentially generate $2,000 bucks or more in a single weekend!
  • The report: The Five Best Retirement Jobs In America: here you’ll discover 5 lucrative ‘work for yourself’, part time ways to generate extra income on a monthly or weekly basis.  And FYI – this is not about finding a corporate J.O.B. that will see you beholden to ‘The Man’.  This is about freedom and financial security – period!
  • The eBook: The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth: Packed with incredible financial and income secrets that work to incredible effect in today’s tough financial climate…
  • The report: The Uber Equation: How to Survive and Thrive in the Innovation Economy: Here you’ll discover the insider secrets that entrepreneurs use to cash in on the biggest trends and industries – and how you can use them to create your own money tree…
  • A free month’s subscription to The Altucher Report: This is a great monthly newsletter that provides you with James Altucher’s personal picks on emerging ways to make new income.  Think business ideas, stocks and shares, and everything either side of this that regular Americans can take on board to create independent streams of income – ensuring that from now on, you never need worry about money again…

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Who the heck is James Altucher?

james altucherWe have to say, Altucher is one of the USA’s unsung heroes.  This home borne hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and founder of more than 20 companies, is now the ‘go-to’ guy for anyone who wants to realize how the average person can make money in ways other than a regular J.O.B!

He’s a best-selling author (having published 11 books to date), and is widely accepted as being the man who brings investment and money-making information (usually reserved for the super rich) to the attention of the average American citizen.

Who is Reinvent Yourself for?

What we love about the Reinvent Yourself package is that it truly is for everyone.  No matter how rich (or not) you might be, if you have the right information then you give yourself the ability to create a truly independent income stream with a massive potential.  This is how the uber-rich continue to amass their fortunes.  And now, with the help of Altucher’s incredible insight, the average American can absolutely create their own streams of income as well…

The Pros and Cons of Reinvent Yourself

The Pros

  • All the information provided in Reinvent Yourself and the additional products has previously only been available to those who can afford to pay mucho bucks to receive it. James Altucher, the creator of all the goodies you get with the Reinvent Yourself package, has made it his mission to provide every single American citizen with the knowledge of how they too can make money in the same way as the mega-rich do.  From now on, it’s not going to be a closely guarded secret known by only the ‘elite’ who’ve got means to buy themselves in.  It’s also available to the regular guy on the street – like you and us!
  • The book, Reinvent Yourself, that you’ll get is a limited edition hard cover copy that isn’t available anywhere else. That’s right – you might see it elsewhere (such as on Amazon) but be aware that this is NOT the same limited edition copy.  This is the only place you can get it.
  • Future-proofing your retirement fund is a truly dynamic beast. And this has never been so true as right now. With corporate pensions soon to become extinct, government bonds paying little more than nothing, the scary giant of the stock market teetering on the verge of collapse, and social security about to become bankrupt, you owe it to yourself to discover alternative and real ways to ensure and grow your income.
  • Reinvent Yourself is for everyone – even if right now you have little or no money or savings to your name. Because the book will show you some incredible, little known secrets that will reveal how others have amassed huge fortunes (and fast), and how you can use the very same strategies to literally change the way you make an income.

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The Cons

  • Well, possibly the only ‘con’ that we can find is if you didn’t want to be signed up to The Altucher Report. But hey – all you need do is to diarize to cancel within 30 days of receiving Reinvent Yourself, and you get to keep the book and all the other great stuff that comes with it – FOR FREE!  But, we have to say, after getting your first month of The Altucher Report, and realizing all the gold mine opportunities it’ll make you aware of, that you may well decide to keep it anyway…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we love the whole Reinvent Yourself package.  The book is possibly his best one yet.  And for anyone who’s serious about increasing their chances of capital growth and earnings, then you it really is a must-read.

The thing is, retirement in the US is changing so fast that most can’t keep up – even if they’re aware of the changes.  So if you’re serious about wanting to safeguard the future of your and your family, then you need to understand about the alternative investment and money-making opportunities that are out there.

For anyone who wants to ensure that they’ll be able to generate the amount of income you need to ensure that you never, ever run out of money, then the whole Reinvent Yourself package is a no-brainer.  In a nutshell – it’s something that every single American should read – it’s just a shame that most will never be aware of how important it is…

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