James Altucher Secret Income Review – Really? Another One?!

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A Way To Tap Into Another Side Of ‘The Market’ In A Way That 9 Out Of 10 Investors Don’t Even Know Exists…?  One That Could See You Pocketing Hundreds Of Bucks – Every Single Week…!  Hmmmm – Sounds Somewhat Dodgy To Us…

secret income review

The thing is, in today’s crazy financial climate (thanks, Mr. Trump… et al), knowing how and where to invest your hard earned cash to make a decent income gets harder every day.  So when we came across James Altucher’s Secret Income that promises a truly nice few hundred dollars profit per week – let’s say, our first thought certainly wasn’t to rush out and buy it…

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But, we have to admit that Altucher’s a force to be reckoned with.  So the least we could do was to take a deeper look.  Cue an in-depth discovery into exactly what the James Altucher Secret Income is all about.

Below is what we discovered.  And although we say so ourselves, we think you’ll find it pretty damn interesting…

What do you get for your money with Altucher’s Secret Income?

OK, so what James Altucher’s Secret Income is, is a lower risk strategy to create a steady income on a weekly basis – maybe $300, $500, $700, or $800 bucks per week.  And this is done by (legally, we hasten to add) exploiting an instant cash loophole.

It’s a research service, and will show you a brand new instant income move every single Tuesday.

You can use this information to make your plays at any time the market is open – and it takes literally minutes.  The strategy is safe, profitable, and predictable.  And best of all, James Altucher will explain to you in simple to follow steps so you know exactly what to do.

You simply logon to connect with James every Tuesday morning – and he’ll lay out the following for your weekly ‘magic’ income strategy.

  • Discover the companies you need to be targeting: These will be reliable, solid, and have sound financial accounts – in other words, companies that you’d love to own shares in.  They need to be liquid, and every type of risk imaginable in backing the stock will be slashed down as low as possible.
  • Factor in the rest of the market headlines: Because to make money on other people’s trades (yes, that’s what you’re going to be doing), you need to factor in what else is happening in the markets.  And this is where James’s expertise and massive network comes into its own.
  • Discover every single step you need to take: In order to take advantage of this legal, money-making loophole.  You can predict, almost to the dollar, how much money you’re going to make.  This means you virtually know the amount you’re going to gain BEFORE you make the play.

This is a brand new service from James.  And it’s totally different to pretty much anything out there because it creates INSTANT income.  Yes, instant!

Who is James Altucher’s Secret Income for?

This is not a strategy for the gamblers out there – not for those who crave the adrenaline rush of making it big (and, naturally, losing big too).  No, James Altucher’s Secret Income is for those who want to create a sustained, predictable, virtually guaranteed income of a tidy few hundred bucks – each and every week.  And want Altucher to walk them through every step of the way.

Each play takes around two to three minutes, and within seconds after you close your move, you’ll see the instant cash you’ve earned showing up in your account.

So who the heck is James Altucher?

james altucherSo, Altucher is the guy who’s made a fortune from investing – with absolutely no formal education in the field whatsoever!  And he’s been so damn successful that he’s the ‘go-to’ person for some of the biggest hedge fund mangers out there.

James is a best selling author (18 books on investing, to be exact), and has done his time on Wall Street working as a venture capitalist, investment analyst, researcher, hedge fund manager…  You name it – he’s done it.

And he has what is probably the most far-reaching network of finance related people at his fingertips – folks who know him by name and will happily spend face time with him.  If you’re looking for someone who’s a true investment expert, then he’s your man…

We have reviewed many other of James programs like, Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory, Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap, Altucher’s Income AdvantageThe Altucher Report, and his book Reinvent Yourself (which you can get for free buy clicking here).
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The Pros and Cons of The Secret Income Service

The Pros

  • All you need to get started is a computer (which you get for free when you sign up), an online brokerage account, and a couple of minutes to make the necessary moves. You don’t need to be market pro expert, you don’t need to be rich, and you don’t need to pay a broker to help you.
  • James Altucher’s Secret Income is about targeting fast income, but with lower risks – hence the promise of a few hundred bucks per week profit, not thousands.
  • The strategy works an incredible 96.17% of the time. That means that there’s a 96% chance that you’re going to make a profit – each and every time.
  • The strategy works in all kinds of markets – even volatile ones. In fact, it thrives in volatile markets, and you might even make more money than expected.

The Cons

  • So, there’s a limited number of places available – of only 300. So if you want to be a part of Secret Income, you need to decide fast.  And yes, you get a free laptop – so there’s no refunds on offer, whatsoever.  If you decide to sign up, you need to be sure.
  • There is a small chance that you may well have to purchase some of the shares you’ve gambled on to make your ‘trade’. However, this is a very rare occurrence, and would only be on shares that you’d probably like to own anyway.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say, if you’re looking for a way to make some instant cash by profiting from others trades, then James Altucher’s Secret Income really will open your eyes.  OK, no matter how the flashy advertising blurb dresses it up, of course there’s some risk involved.  But the key is to bring this risk down to as low a level as possible.  And boy, has this been done.

If you’re looking for the most predictable way possible to profit from the stock market, then James Altucher’s Secret Income is going to be a game changer.  In addition, you also get a great series of short videos to get you started – so even a complete rookie can take advantage of this little known income stream.

In a nutshell – it’s a winner.  But be quick if you want in, because as we previously mentioned, there’s only 300 places on James Altucher’s Secret Income.  We think they’ll go fast…!

We highly recommend Altucher’s Secret Income, but if you want to try out one of his lower priced options, see his style of investment picks and writing, then we highly recommend THE ALTUCHER REPORT, which is only $49, which is a steal in our opinion.

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