Passport Fellowship Review – How’s Money Map Press Bundle?

It Appears That The New Angle On Selling Research Advisories Is To Lump A Whole Load Together As A ‘Premium’ Service… But Is This Really A Viable Asset To Your Trading Success…? Or Simply A Novel Method To Part You From Your Hard Earned Cash…?

passport fellowship reviewLet’s be honest here… The world of trading advisory services is now a cut-throat business… Costing from a few hundred to thousands of bucks a time, the producers of these products stand to earn an awful lot of money if they get it right.

But as ever, as the playing field gets more crowded, advertisers need to look for a new hook to draw in more customers. So it appears that right now, that’s to sell you not one, but multiple services as a single product. And that’s exactly what Passport Fellowship by Money Map Press is…

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Well…. The $64 million dollar question is this… Does it offer value for money? And not only that… Do you actually need so many services anyway?

Of course, we needed to find out. And if you’re considering a purchase, so do you. Cue a deep dive into exactly what’s on offer if you sign up. And we have to say, it certainly wasn’t what we were expecting. If you’re about to sign up then we highly recommend you give us the couple of minutes to read our review. And please, be sure to do it BEFORE you send them a single red cent…

What do you get for your money with Passport Fellowship?

In a nutshell, Passport Fellowship is the most elite service offered by Money Map Press. Now, we’ll discuss the company itself in more detail in a mo. But first of all, let’s look at the services you get when you sign up.

You receive seven advisories in total, each targeting a specific facet of investing, and led by a true market expert. The list breaks down like this:

  • Private Briefing by Bill Patalon: Dual Pulitzer Prize nominees, Patalon has an enviable network of some of the world’s top market analysts. And with this advisory you get to take full advantage of their wisdom. Profits are regular and, in many cases, truly larger than life. If you want an average annual gain of around 200% on your investments, then this uber-heavyweight’s advice is a fast-track method to do so…
  • Money Map Report by Keith Fitz-Gerald: Fitz-Gerald’s service concentrates on a common sense approach to investing, using key strategies that maximize potential whilst reducing risk. The guy is one of the most widely read market experts in the world, and constantly brings his followers spectacular gains of 300% or more…! This service concentrates on little known companies that are set to start a meteoric rise to success (and therefore, profits!).
  • Energy Advantage by Dr. Kent Moors: Run by Money Map’s Global Energy Strategist, this is all about investing in the energy sector. And right now is when you need your finger truly on the pulse in this fast moving industry. Get it right (and Moors usually does), and you can stand to make significant and often extraordinary profits…

  • Nova-X Report by Michel Robinson: Take full advantage of the vast network of this 35 year Silicon Valley veteran, who’s considered to be one of the very best financial analysts in the world today. Get the true lowdown on countless tech-driven opportunities, with recent wins including 264% on Nvidia Corp and 214% with Broadcom Ltd…
  • 10-Minute Millionaire Insider by D.R. Barton Jr: Making full use of his engineering background, Barton Jr has created a trading strategy that not only changed his fortunes, but as done so for his loyal band of followers as well. His methods are simple to follow, and can be easily implemented into your own investing plan in a mere 10 minutes per day.
  • Fast Fortune Club by Tom Gentile: This guy is all about making money, and making it fast. His track record has an incredible 90% success rate (minimum), and his unique proprietary system is unerring in its accuracy pinpointing a stock’s future. This service leads you by the hand, meaning there will never be a doubt in your mind as to what move to make. It’s ideal for every level of trader, from the complete newbie to those with a few more miles under their belt…
  • The Money Map Dispatch by Mike Ward: A bi-weekly briefing that can be considered as your personal Wall Street cheat sheet. Get an exclusive insight into whatever is currently shaping the market, in each and every area. Includes opportunities in energy, global markets, capital waves, tech, pharmaceuticals, Options… The list goes on. If the signs are pointing towards a money making opportunity, then Money Map Dispatch is your helping hand to bring it firmly to your attention.

As you would expect, each service comes direct to your email inbox and by SMS as well, if you choose. There’s urgent alerts, various video and audio briefings and education, weekly market rundowns, and a very, very valuable Passport Fellowship Membership Concierge Service.

You’ll also receive a couple of truly valuable reports, and an American Silver Eagle Coin – a 1 oz, silver bullion coin that’s been guaranteed by the government of the USA.

Who the heck is Money Map Press?

Money Map Press is a publishing company that’s focused on bringing very real, expert advice to regular investors who want to take advantage of advice they’d not be able to receive in any other fashion. The team who provide the research advisories included in Passport Fellowship have over 250 years of combined insider experience is every single sector of the financial markets. In addition, some of the world’s most successful proprietary systems have been created by these guys, and users of their products get to make full use of these, and the extra-large profits they present.

Who is Passport Fellowship for?

Passport Fellowship is for anyone who wants to have a complete expert overview of all investing choices. The seven publications mean that you’ll have your finger on the pulse of every single opportunity out there – without the need to dedicate hours (weeks, months…!) of time to do so. This is trading for the person who wants to know the important issues (and trades), and take advantage of the best of the best doing the research for them.

If you’re looking to truly increase your investing success, then the portfolio of advice you receive with Passport Fellowship really will give you this…

The Pros and Cons of Passport Fellowship

The Pros:

  • Gives the inside story on ALL areas of the markets that stand to bring in extraordinary profits.
  • Utilizes some of the world’s best connected financial experts.
  • Advice is provided in simple to follow, step-by-step formats.
  • Covered by the 30 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

The Cons:

  • This is an exclusive offer with a finite number of places. We don’t know the exact number, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be way less than 500. And they’re being snapped up fast. So if you want in, it’s essential to move fast, as once they’re gone—they’re gone…!

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to admit to being totally blown away by Passport Fellowship. And we really didn’t expect to be… After all, when a company starts putting together a plethora of their products, it’s very often because they’re of inferior value. But nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Passport Fellowship.

Because, in a nutshell, each and every one of these seven research advisories is jam packed with the very latest, and top level, advice. Together they provide the home investor with a true armory at their disposal, and the ability to make what could amount to life changing profits. And it certainly gets our support. An awesome product in every way…

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