Fast Fortune Club Review – Can Tom Gentile Rearch Service Help You?

Options…!  Flipping…!  ETFs…!  Don’t Make Us Laugh – We KNOW These Are High Risk Strategies…

fast fortune club review

Although apparently, with the might of Fast Fortune Club on your side, not such overly risky…  Well, we have to say, we’re going to take some convincing…  In fact, the only thing that’s piqued our interest in this research-service-come-training-product is the wisdom of the guy behind it.  But we’ll talk more about this trading genius in a moment.

The thing is, when any product uses telephone numbers as profit figures, it immediately raises alarm bells. And oh boy, does Fast Fortune Club talk about the chance at having incredible profit margins.  So of course, we had to discover more – and the only way to do this was by diving into the subcription headfirst.

Below is what we found out.  And we have to say, it makes for very interesting reading indeed…! or if you already have your mind made up, just click here to go to the official page.

What do you get for your money with Fast Fortune Club?

OK, so as already mentioned, Fast Fortune Club is a combination product.  This means it provides both trading education AND stock recommendations from the expert minds behind the product.

There’s a huge amount included in the product – rather more than you’d expect, and it completely outweighs many similar sounding products on the market.  So let’s take a brief look at what you can expect to receive:

  • The Fast Fortune Personal Money Calendar: Based on creator, Tom Gentile’s incredible pattern trade recognition protocol, you can confidently predict simple options trades based on a decade of consistent patterns on some of the most valuable stocks on the planet. Sounds complicated…?  Well, without this clever tool, then yes, making money in such a way can be intimidating.  But by following this incredible strategy (all of which is fully explained in simple-to-follow terms), you can follow along for the opportunity to quickly and easily draw in profits.  Of course results will vary, but this will help you lean in the positive.
  • The First Fortune Payday Appointments and Alerts: These work in conjunction with the Money Calendar, providing all the specific recommendations, research, and simple instructions you need to make the trades.
  • The Fast Fortune Million Dollar Masterclass: Every month you’ll get a masterclass in a different trading strategy, secret, or technique. And each of these has the potential to make you a millionaire.  You – personally – yes, a millionaire.  Each of these classes includes live trading demonstrations sent to subscribers and a virtual step-by-step walkthrough.
  • The Fast Fortune Club Quick Start Cash Course: A 7-part video that literally “takes you by the hand” and walks you through every type of trading.  Think ETFs, options, stocks…    This also includes learning the terminology you need, how to set up an account, and everything from there on…
  • The Fast Fortune Text Message Notifications:  Highly recommended, because in today’s do-all society, you’re bound to have your cell with you, even if you can’t get to your computer. They’ll let you know whenever I’ve emailed you new information.
  • The Fast Fortune Network: Here you can communicate with other like-minded members, all who have the same thing in common.  Here you can create and join chat groups, share Payday Appointments, compare strategies…
  • The Fast Fortune Progress Reports: Each week you’ll receive a progress report that assesses how all the recommendations are doing.  And more excitingly, how much money you’re making…
  • The Fast Fortune Podcast: You’ll receive this every Friday, recorded by Tom Gentile (the mastermind behind The Fast Fortune Club), that plans the mission for the upcoming week.
  • The Fast Fortune Roundtable: This is truly awesome.  It’s a live online discussion where you can submit real time questions to Tom Gentile himself, and he can answer the most frequently asked ones.  No pre-positioning – just live Q&As that he’ll answer directly to everyone in the discussion.
  • The Fast Fortune Annual Summit: Once a year, where you get the chance to meet everyone else in the ‘club’ face to face, as well as the gurus behind the subscription.  There’ll be live training sessions, as well as plenty of time for some well-deserved R&R.

There’s also a whole lot more included, including your roadmap, personal organizer, winnings log, a regular newsletter…  The list goes on.

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Who the heck is Tom Gentile?

tom gentile fast fortune clubGentile is, without a doubt, the USA’s number one pattern trader.  And if you needed more proof as to that fact, then the fact that he’s done so for the past three decades gives you some idea as to his success rate.  And he’s invested millions of dollars to further develop these patterns, creating the most technologically advanced investment tools ever seen that this newsletter benefits from.

He’s the expert at spotting high probability, low risk trade opportunities, and with his trading services has taught more than 300,000 traders how to emulate his success.  He’s the brains behind the research services, The Money Calendar Pro and Weekly Money Call – and now he’s bringing Fast Fortune Club to the table – and it’s already proving to be a resounding success.

Who is Fast Fortune Club for?

OK, so if you’re hooked on the idea of finding out how you could make money fast, make money constantly, and more importantly – making LOTS of money from your investing efforts, then Fast Fortune Club could be right up your street.  This is not an investing strategy for those who not only want to blindly follow someone else’s recommendations – it’s for those who also have the desire to learn how to become a truly successful trader in their own right.

And because this is a combination educational and research service, it’s suitable for both the rookie trader AND those with a few more miles under their belt, as well as anyone who just wants to learn more about investing.  OK, it won’t be for the super cautious – because scary subjects such as options and flipping won’t appeal to all.  But if you’re in it for the big profits, then you have to be prepared to take a little more risk to get the big payouts.

If you’re happy with 3 or 4% gains, then heck! Stick with the banks…  But if you want to build your retirement fund – hey! If you want the chance at retiring early and never have to worry about money again, then Fast Fortune Club could be the very asset you need to show you how to do just that.

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The Pros and Cons of Fast Fortune Club

The Pros

  • Every type of trading – if it’s profitable – is included within the Fast Fortune Club. Fancy learning how to flip stocks?  Well it’s all there – and you truly can grow rich from beat-up stocks.
  • Discover how the trade recommendations that most people are only for ‘experts’, can really be utilized and potentially profitable for each and every one of us. Trading methods such as Butterfly Options will become crystal clear to you and give you the opportunity to make the massive profits that are usually only advanced trader knows how to play.
  • Enjoy a wonderful balance of recommended trades and increasing your own knowledge to seek out your own trades and payday.
  • You get to hear from Tom Gentile and the team. He’s not just some faceless ‘bot’ behind a computer screen.

The Cons

  • Well, it all sounds lovely, doesn’t it…? But let’s not run away with the fact that all trades – even ones with expert backing – come with a risk.  And while you’re following Tom Gentile’s advice to the letter, then you’re backed by his decades of expertise, his brilliant investing strategy, and million-dollar systems.  However, as your confidence increases and you move into making your own trades, you must remember that you’re not Tom, because naturally the risk level will rise.  But as long as you ensure you never invest more than you can afford to lose, you’ll remain on an even keel, and feel comfortable becoming more confident (and successful) at your trading in your own right…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say, we’re highly impressed.  Because if you truly do want to move into this type of trading, then Fast Fortune Club really can offer those who sign up the chance of making very real profits.  We love the fact that it not only gives you the info to make the trades, but that it educates you to become a great trader in your own right.

And it’s this fact that makes Fast Fortune Club stand head and shoulders above its competitors.  It provides expert advice, research and some pretty awesome training.  If you’re in the market for a product that will teach you how to become a real autonomous trader, then The Fast Fortune Club could be just the subscription you’re looking for…

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