The Casey Report Review – Is This Financial Advisory Service Good?

So…!  Are You Really Going To Invest In A Financial Advisory Service That Uses Pot (Yes, That’s Marijuana) As A Hook To Lure You In…?  They’re Gonna Need More Than Such A Gimmick To Convince Us To Buy In…

the casey report review

If we told you the market was somewhat saturated with advisory services, what would you say…?  Well, if you’ve been in the investing game for any amount of time whatsoever, we think you’ll agree with us.  So for any such service to impress us, it’s going to have to be something pretty special, that’s for sure…

And The Casey Report is one such service.  A regular financial low down on exactly where you need to put your money for the highest gains (and, hopefully, a reasonably viable risk).

Cue a deep dive into the financial advice provided by Doug Casey’s monthly newsletter.  Not only that, but we’ve got to get past the ‘pot’ explosion they’re using as a headline grabber.  And that, we have to say, makes us even more cynical that this is just a money-spinner for Casey.

If you’re considering buying in, then we highly recommend you take a couple of minutes to read what we found out.  Because hey, you’re in the game to invest and increase your own financial worth, not add your hard earned money to someone else’s retirement fund…or click here if you already decided you want it and get this special deal.

What do you get for your money with The Casey Report?

So, what The Casey Report is, is an advisory service that details pretty much any field imaginable in which Doug Casey determines there’s a decent profit to be made.

His recommendations range from investments in the latest, cutting edge tech, through to real estate, and – of course – his take on speculation about the instability of the world wide economy.  And let’s face it, we certainly live in volatile times…

When you buy in, you receive the following:

  • The Monthly Newsletter: This is sent out the second Thursday of every month, and is around 16-20 pages in length.  The report is the crux of the product, and will give an incredible insight into opportunities that you can take advantage of investing in – and the chance to get in on high potential explosive gains before they hit the attention of the public eye.  Every single recommendation you find in this monthly report has been personally sought out by Casey and his research team, and they consider investment opportunities in every field from around the world.  The only criteria is that they’re as safe as possible, and in little known opportunities that most people wouldn’t have a clue existed, unless they had the multi-millions it costs to have a personal financial adviser of such a caliber as Doug Casey.
  • The report, Marijuana Millionaire Retirement Plan: Cashing in on the Canadian Pot boom: This is Casey’s personal recommendation on what he believes really could be a key investment.
  • Energy ‘Rebates’: How to Claim $1,000 to $4,644 Every Month for the Next 3 Years: This report needs no further explanation…
  • How to Protect Yourself from the War on Cash: In other words, all you need to know to be able to ‘Government Proof’ your money.
  • The Gold Book: Everything you need to know about this super-stable, but difficult to get into investment.  What to buy, where to store, and when (if ever) to sell…
  • The Casey Daily Dispatch And International Man Communique: Regular (and often controversial) emails from Casey about what’s REALLY going on in the world.  You won’t get this from the regular mainstream press – this is what you truly need to know to be able to make the very best investment choices.
  • The Casey Report Owner’s Manual: How to Build Your Personal Financial Empire: Here you’ll learn the time tested principles Casey himself uses to grow and protect his wealth – no matter what the economic climate may bring…

Plus you get all the archived copies of nine year’s worth of Casey Report newsletters.  Yep – the guy’s been advising savvy investors, just like you, for nearly a decade now…

Who the heck is Doug Casey?

doug casey crisis investingCasey, the man behind The Casey Report, is, first and foremost, a speculator.  And, we have to say, he’s damn good at what he does.  The guy is virtually a genius at managing to profit from periods of economic turmoil, market distortions, and all the ups and downs of living in unstable economic times.

And he’s turned his expertise in advising others how to do the same.  He founded Casey Research (who publishes The Casey Report, Crisis Investing and many others), and remains its chairman.  The information your receive in each and every report is the work of his and his expert team of researchers.

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Who is The Casey Report for?

If you’re looking to invest your hard earned cash, then it needs to be in the best possible places to make the highest (not to mention safest) returns.  So if you’re not happy with the profits your current investments are making, then The Casey Report really could be what you need to discover how to change your fortune.

Whether you’re a complete rookie to the investment world and want a guiding hand, or perhaps you’re a bit further down the path but not seeing the returns you know are possible, The Casey Report could be just what you need to see your personal wealth grow faster than you ever imagined possible.

The Pros and Cons of The Casey Report

The Pros

  • The Casey Report provides you with the kind of advice and investment ideas that are normally only available to those who’re independently wealthy enough to be able to afford such personal advice.
  • The potential for gains on the investments recommended are explosive and very large.
  • Buying into a 12-month subscription to The Casey Report comes in at only 40 cents per day…!
  • You get to try out two months worth of newsletters (plus get all the other reports and advice) and if you’re not completely satisfied you get every single red cent of your purchase price back.

The Consthe casey report guarantee

  • Of course, as with all investing, there’s always a risk. But the key to risk is knowing how to lower it as much as possible.  And Casey’s shown for many, many years that he’s a true expert at such speculative investing.  The guy’s made his own fortune many times over – not to mention made others he advises very rich indeed.  And with The Casey Report, he could easily help you to do the same…

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we really didn’t think there was any more room for another financial advisory service in the already over-saturated market.  And actually, we were right!  Because The Casey Report is a time-proven one, and one that’s shown for nearly a decade that the advice it provides its readers really does deliver…

If you’re looking for the single best advisory service out there, then The Casey Report stands out above pretty much every other one available.  After all, Doug Casey is called upon to make recommendations to some of the world’s richest investors – so it makes perfect sense that his advice is gold dust, whatever way you get your hands on it.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for ways to really make your money work as hard as possible, then The Casey Report could well be exactly what you need to turn your fortune around.  Superb – that’s all we have to say – superb…!

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