Technology Profits Confidential Review – Is It Worth It?

A Way To Profit Big From Stocks With Only A $50 Start-Up Investment.  And By Investing In, For Example, Marijuana!  Even If you Could Do So By Staying Inside The Law, We Certainly Think This Sounds Way Too Good To Be True…

technology profits confidential reviewWe’d all love to find a way to make big returns from a small investment.  But making a real income in this manner involves access to a huge amount of funds – right?  Well, according to the marketing machine behind Technology Profits Confidential, this ain’t necessarily so…

Well, excuse us if we’re somewhat hesitant to believe this.  And when you start looking at the advertising behind the product, the first massively noticeable thing is that they’re advising that big returns can be made from marijuana…  Hmmm – we’re pretty sure that you, as well as us, would rather like to stay out of jail.

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But actually, what they’re talking about is medical marijuana – not advising you to become a weed dealer.  Phew…  So this gave us a little bit of confidence and the urge to investigate further.  Because what this is actually about is how to invest in, and make good profits, from trading penny stocks.

It’s a somewhat overlooked method of trading, and one – if done right – that can bring good returns.  So there was only one thing for us to do – and that was to get down and dirty with exactly what Technology Profits Confidential was all about.

Below is what we discovered or you can go to the official site here.

What do you get for your money with Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a monthly run down of the newest investment opportunities for those wishing to invest in penny stocks.  Headed by Ray Blanco, this advisory report uses an appraisal system modeled after the world-class auction house, Sothebys.

Treating companies like precious artifacts, every dollar of revenue a company claims to have made is cross-referenced for authenticity and each product launch tracked for widespread consumer appeal.  This includes checking for innovation, defiance of the industry norm, offering a better product at a cheaper price, having strong financial backing, and – very importantly – having an urgent catalyst.  Only if a company/product matches every single one of these criteria does it get onto the list of penny stocks to invest in.

But even when a company has passed these 5 criteria, further checks are carried out to ensure that any stock advised has been nailed down to the very last reason as to why you’ve got a far better than average chance of it making you real potential gains.

Included in the purchase prices of Technology Profits Confidential is the following:

  • The monthly newsletter: Here you discover the very best of innovative medical companies that have not only passed the stringent 5-point assessment, but are still in the infancy stage of growth.  You also receive advice on how to buy, when to buy, and what price to pay.
  • Weekly tech profit alerts: That keeps you informed about the best opportunities in the market, along with any profit-taking instructions (such as when and how to buy and sell).
  • Airdropped Profits: On time and remote controlled: This report is all about why right now is the time to be investing in drone technology – and the companies that offer you the ability to do so.
  • Invisible Power: From Tesla’s lab to your home: Another report about wireless charging, because all the big tech names are racing to make their electronics charge wirelessly.  And those who move now in the right investment areas will get seriously rich.

And more in-depth information about other areas that you should be considering investing in – such as VR (virtual reality), for example.

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Who the heck is Ray Blanco?

ray blanco reviewsRay Blanco, the guy behind Technology Profits Confidential, is the chief technology officer for Agora Financial, the might behind this product.  One of the largest fully independent market research organizations on the planet today, Agora Financial – and Blanco in particular – researches the best new scientific ideas that are available for investment.

He looks for the possibility of incredible market catalysts that have the power to reward those who get in early with triple and quadruple digit gains (that’s 500-1000% or more).  Companies such as Apple, Budweiser, Cisco, and Microsoft all originated as tiny penny stocks in tiny companies.  And it’s now fully accepted that it’s these tiny companies that’re well known to be the foremost breeding ground for innovation.  And when they get it right, boy do they get it right, making them infinitely important to the global economic engine.

Marijuana is only one of the opportunities that Blanco believes is about to explode – not least because of its new legalization in eight states.  It’s already been proven when it was legalized in Colorado, and it’s set to happen again.

Who is Technology Profits Confidential for?

The thing about penny stocks (and very small stocks in tiny companies) is that the big boys don’t invest in them.  This isn’t because they don’t want to – it’s because they can’t.  Because these guys deal in such large amounts of money that to buy into penny stocks would see the price jump so dramatically that the profits just wouldn’t happen for them.

And because Wall Street isn’t interested in them, so largely the mainstream media ignores them too.  Making them the perfect go-to investment for normal people – just like you and I.

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The Pros and Cons of Technology Profits Confidential

The Pros

  • You only need a small amount to begin investing in penny stocks and tiny companies. You can start with a stake as low as $50.
  • The potential for profits can be as high as 1000% – or even more in extraordinary circumstances.
  • You’re not competing against the ‘big boys’ – because they’re not able to invest in such small amounts.
  • Technology Profits Confidential comes with an incredible, 12-month, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

The Cons

  • The biggest so-called ‘con’ is the ability to understand that investing in penny stocks really can bring big returns. But it’s been proven over and over again for years that investing in the right penny stocks can bring incredible returns for those willing to get in right at the start of a success explosion.

The Bottom Line

money back guarantee

Well, we have to admit that we were extremely hesitant to even give up the time to dig deeper into what Technology Profits Confidential was all about – that was how cynical we were about it.  But we sure are glad we did.  Because this really does offer an opportunity for the regular guy (or gal) to play the stock market game with an excellent chance of making real and sustained profits.

All the information given has been highly researched and passed all manner of stringent ‘must-haves’ to make it into this advisory service.  A huge amount of research from some of the best brains in the investing game has gone into putting this product together.  And it surely will be the mechanism that sees some people making some great profits.

Another great thing is that it’s totally risk free – thanks to the money back guarantee.  So in our humble opinion, if you want to get in on some of the most exciting and innovative companies out there with only a tiny stake, then Technology Profits Confidential could be your means of doing so.  Happy investing – and enjoy seeing those profits roll in…

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