Seven Figure Formula Review – Is Greg Guenthner Legit?

A ‘Secret’ Formula That’ll Make You Rich From Penny Stocks…!  And You Can Do So With A $50 Buck Stake…!  Well, Doesn’t That Just Sound Too Good To Be True…?… And you know what we say about those kind of deals…  Because if they seem that way, then they probably are.  So when we came across the Seven Figure Formula that’s promising big (big!) gains, with no need for you to have any knowledge about share trading whatsoever, then our cynical siren began wailing at full volume.

seven figure formula review

But hey… Never let it be said that we‘dis’ a product without it giving us the full chance to impress us (or otherwise, as is more often the case).  So, this left us with no choice but get down and dirty with the Seven Figure Formula.  And, even though we say so ourselves, what we discovered was veryyyyy interesting.

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Read on to get the lowdown – and be sure not to part with a penny of your hard earned cash before you do.

Seven-Figure Formula Review Starts Here

What do you get for your money with Seven Figure Formula?

OK, so the Seven Figure Formula is based on a computer program the makers are calling Factor 148.  There’s a load of bull in their marketing as to why they called it that (and frankly, it doesn’t matter).  But what does matter is that this program seeks out a connecting thread within its proprietary code that finds the very best chance of a penny stock increasing its worth by a minimum of 100% in the next year.

So when you buy in to the Seven Figure Formula, you’re joining a club that’s using this unique code to forecast potential big gain penny shares.

The complete product breaks down like this:

  • The Monthly Seven Figure Formula Penny Stock Report: Direct to your inbox, you receive all the facts gathered from the extensive computer research that will recommend at least one new penny stock with the potential to gain a minimum of 100% or more.
  • Bonus Report: Entitled ‘Three Chances to Double Your Money With Seven Figure Formula Penny Stocks.  Here you’ll discover how even the complete rookie can take a small stake and have the very real potential to turn it into a fortune of six figures or more…
  • The Seven Figure Formula, Revealed: This is an in-depth research dossier that shows you exactly how the formula works.  It increases your understanding as to the reason the computer program is so damn accurate, and how it can make trading forecasts on penny stocks so accurately, again and again and again…
  • The Seven Figure Formula Hotsheet: This little baby shows you the ‘guts’ of the formula on a single sheet of paper. It’s designed to empower you with knowledge, meaning you’re never in the dark about how your investments work.  You can stick it next to your computer as a crib sheet.  In addition, whenever it’s time to make a move on a Seven Figure Formula stock, you’ll get an email explaining what you need to do – and more importantly, WHY!
  • Bonus Report Number 2: How to Trade Seven Figure Formula Penny Stocks. This is a market refresher (well, a refresher for those who’ve been trading for a while.  For those who’re new, it’s a literal ‘road map’ that explains your journey into stock trader extraordinaire!).  Created by experts, it provides you with all you need on how to buy, sell, and everything in between.

In addition you get a bunch of trading videos, Q&A seminars, members only website, and access to all the penny share stock reports that have ever been offered and are currently on offer.  In addition, you also get member access to all future online training seminars, and a reserved seat at subscriber-only Q&A webinars.

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Who’s behind the Seven Figure Formula?

greg guenthner seven figure formulaWell, the brains behind the program is one computer ‘nerd’ called Jonas Elmerraji.  You may not have heard of him, but this is one certified computer genius!  And boy does he know his stuff!  This computer program has taken him years to complete – and if you’re worried that he’s a fly by night, then don’t be – this guy is well respected by some of the most well-respected experts in Silicon Valley, not to mention Stanford University.

The products is also backed by the Chief Trading Expert at Agora Financial, Greg Guenthner.  He provides market analysis and trade prospects to hundred and thousands of readers on a daily basis.  And Agora Financial are the might behind the massive project (headed by Elmarraji) of building this amazing super computer.  It took years!  And now it’s ready to provide savvy investors – just like you – with the potential information to truly turn penny stocks into a real and sustained fortune.

Who is Seven Figure Formula for?

Well, the advertising is definitely aiming at those who’re perhaps newer into the investing game.  And, let’s be honest, it will suit this target market down to the ground.  And if you’d love to get into investing but don’t have a whole load of cash to put it, then this would definitely give you the opportunity to get a foot in the investing door.
trading playbook

The Pros and Cons of Seven Figure Formula

The Pros

  • Like a breath of fresh air, the Seven Figure Formula provides you with no bull@*!£ information describing exactly which shares have the best potential. There’s no fancy words, no technical mumbo jumbo – just real, simple to understand information that tells you where and when to put your money in for the biggest profit potential.
  • Each penny share recommended fits the exact criteria to have fast gains of AT LEAST 100% in value.
  • You can get started with as little as $50 bucks. This brings investing in penny shares (and ones with true potential) a possibility for literally every American citizen who wishes to improve their financial future.
  • You’re provided not only with the information on exactly where to put your money, but also how to ensure that you’re money is safe, and how to invest it with the lowest risk possible.

The Cons

  • OK, so let’s just come back to earth for a moment, because this all sounds great, doesn’t it? But don’t get too carried away with the moment, because as with any kind of trading, there’s always the potential to lose money as well as gain.  So a word of warning…  You should never risk more than you can afford to lose – because these penny stocks are, by nature, more volatile than investing in regular avenues.  But hey – that’s the attraction, right?  The chance of making big from only a small stake.  And if that’s what you want to do, then the Seven Figure Formula allows you to do just that with the lowest risk possible.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we honestly thought that the Seven Figure Formula was simply going to be a rehash of the many similar sounding products that are already on the market today.  But on occasion we do get it wrong.  And this time, wrong we were…

Because the Seven Figure Formula really is something different.  It really does work on a new and unique computer formula that seems to have an uncanny knack of predicting those low money shares that honestly could sky rocket.  So if this is your bag, then you could so far worse than buy into the Seven Figure Formula.  We’ve seen first hand how their predictions come good time and time again.

So whether you’re a novice or experienced trader, and you want the chance to make big from low stakes, then the Seven Figure Formula really could be the one that’ll make you rich.  In a nutshell – it rocks…!

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