Penny Pro Review – Jeff William’s Penny Stock Picks Good?

Penny Stocks!  Really?  A Way To Make Uber-Profits (And Proven By The Multi-Millionaires Who’ve Already Done So!).  Sounds Great…  But What’s The Real Truth Behind The Advertising…?

penny stock pro review

We don’t know about you, but simply reading the words, ‘Penny Stocks’ gives us the heebie jeebies…  So when we came across Penny Stock Pro, a product that proclaims that you can take a ‘once in a lifetime journey with a unique opportunity to discover jealously guarded secrets to create the kind of wealth and financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of’, we have to say that our first thought was, yeah – right!

But…  What if it really is possible?  What if we’re letting our penny stock prejudices get in the way of the potential to make a whole stack of cash?  Well, once we started thinking this way there was nothing else for it – we simply had to learn more.

Cue a down and dirty investigation into exactly what Penny Stock Pro was offering.  And if you’re considering buying in, then please, PLEASE, take a couple of minutes to read what we discovered.  It really is worth the effort, and you’ll be mighty relieved that you did…

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What do you get for your money with Penny Pro?

OK, so what Penny Stock Pro is, is a trading education system that will show you the secrets used by three ‘mentors’ to make their millions trading penny stocks.  Designed for both those who’re starting out on their trading journey AND for those who’ve already got experience, this program is the brainchild of Jeff Williams – a self-made trading multi-millionaire.

When you buy in you can expect the following:

  • Video education modules: Via a library consisting of more than 1000 lessons that take you from the very first steps right through to more advanced strategies
  • Bi-weekly video lessons: With new lessons added every two weeks.
  • Bi-monthly continuing education webinars: That you can attend live or watch at a time convenient to you.
  • Daily stock watch list: Get 5-10 new stocks on a daily basis that have the potential to bring in excellent profits.
  • Access to the chatroom: Where you can communicate with more than 1000 active traders
  • Real-time chat, SMS, and Email alerts: Meaning you can be bang up to date wherever and whenever in the world you might be.
  • Jeff Williams secret trading strategies: Discover the exact strategies used by this uber-successful trader to make his own millions
  • The $10k to $1 million dollar challenge: That Jeff is attempting to show how to turn a few thousands into that million dollar goal

And much, much more – far too much to include in this short review.

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So who the heck are Jeff, Taylor, and Davis of Penny Stock Pro?

OK, so the brains behind the Penny Stock Pro and the mentors are as follows:

jeff williamsJeff Williams: Full time trader and founder of Penny Stock Pro.  Multi-millionaire, he concentrates on stocks that trade for under $10 bucks, and is living proof that it’s possible to make uber-profits trading so called Penny Stocks and Shares.

Taylor Conway:  A technical analyst who uncovers stocks that move fast and pay fast.  An expert in educating traders to deal with the ups and downs of trading to ensure the biggest and most sustainable profits.

Davis MartinFull time Day and Swing Trader, Martin has perfected the ‘easy to execute’ options trading strategies to enable you to discover how to leverage your trading activities for the biggest returns.

Who is Penny Stock Pro for?

One of the best things about Penny Stock Pro and is that it’s suitable for traders of all levels.  Because this is both an educational system AND a trade alert system you lean as you trade.  For anyone looking to up their game (or is just starting out), Penny Stock Pro is an invaluable tool to ensure that your risks are minimal and the chances of profit are as high as possible.

The Pros and Cons of Penny Pro

The Pros

  • This isn’t simply a trade alert program. And it isn’t simply an educational system.  By combining the two together you actively trade and learn at the same time, with the end goal being that you’re knowledge increases along with your profits.
  • All three of the mentors actively take part in the chat room conversations. They’re not simply figureheads behind other anonymous ‘experts’.
  • The whole program can be used on your PC, tablet, or cell – making it truly mobile for the busy professional (or keen amateur) who needs to be kept up to date at all times.
  • Even though these are ‘only’ penny stocks, there really is no limit on how much profit can be made.

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The Cons

  • Well, the biggest con will be your own inability to believe that truly eye-wateringly large profits can be made from penny stocks and shares. But Jeff is proving this right as we speak, as he live streams his exact moves to show how he’s turning $10K into a $1 million by trading only stocks that are under $10 a pop.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we’ve had our eyes opened for us when it comes to Penny Stock Pro.  We couldn’t have been more cynical before we undertook this analysis of the product.  And – we have to say – we’ve got to hold our hands up in defeat.  Because it really is possible to make money trading ‘only’ penny stocks.  Yep – you heard it here – ‘we was wrong’!

And the great thing about Penny Stock Pro is that it’s accessible to all.  You don’t need to be super rich to get in on the act.  Begin with a few thousand bucks (or even a few hundred), because the shares that are touted for you to buy into are all in low value – but with the potential to explode.

If you’re looking for a way into serious penny stock trading, then Penny Stock Pro could well be the best purchase you ever made.  In a nutshell – it rocks…!

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