Exponential Tech Investor Review – Will It Help Your Investments?

Oh Lordy…!  Here’s Yet Another ‘Secret Insider’ Service That’ll Provide You With The Most Incredible Investment Opportunities Out There…  That Is, Just As Long As You Spend Your Precious Cash To Buy Into Their Research Service…

exponential tech investor review

And this, we have to say, is something we’ve seen many, many times before.  Uber-successful investor wants to sell us his inside info through his regular advisory service.  But hey!  Can Exponential Tech Investor offer anything different from all the others out there…?

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In fact, the only reason this service has caught our attention is because it’s from the desk of Jeff Brown.  Not heard of him…?  You may well not have, because Jeff, although he’s a Silicon Valley specialist, is far more of a well-known name in Asia than he is in the US.  In fact, in Asia the guy is revered by thousands – heck, millions of people who know that tech really is the future.  And if you want to invest in stock that really has a chance of exploding beyond your wildest dreams, then tech is where you need to be.

We’ll talk more about Brown in a moment.  But first, let’s discuss exactly what you can expect if you buy into Exponential Tech Investor, and if the thing really is worth a single cent of your hard earned cash…

What do you get for your money with Exponential Tech Investor?

OK, so Exponential Tech Investor is, as already mentioned, the advisory service of Jeff Brown.  And it’s all about bringing you the most explosive small cap stock investment opportunities in the field of high technology.

Brown, with his degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, not to mention his incredible insight into all things tech, is perfectly sited to bring you this information.

And when you buy in, you get the following:

  • 24 Issues of Exponential Tech Investor: This is the crux of the product, with a regular monthly newsletter that provides you with the very latest information about cutting edge tech investment opportunities from Silicon Valley and around the world.
  • Flash alerts: Because the world of technology – and the investment opportunities – are super-fast moving.  So when anything comes up that simply can’t wait until the next newsletter, you’ll receive alerts direct to your inbox or cell phone.
  • The Exponential Tech Investor member’s only website: Where you can view all the latest information, Brown’s model portfolio, private research reports, and all of the past issues and updates.
  • The God Key – The Most Revolutionary Biotechnology Since Antibiotics: A research report detailing the few companies that are heavily committed to producing what might well seem like science fiction, but are actually very real and viable products that truly could change the world as we know it.
  • Special Report 1 – The Venture Elite Hotlist: A report detailing 19 exponential tech companies that could IPO in the next 18-24 months.
  • Special Report 2 – The Apple Effect: This gives the lowdown on how you can make huge gains piggybacking on Apple’s massive success.
  • Special Report 3 – Cryptocurrencies 101: Discover all you need to know about cryptos, and learn the buzz on Bitcoin and all the others that are taking the world by storm.
  • Bonus Report – Exponential Tech Investor Manifesto: Which literally gives you the lowdown on tomorrow’s world changing technologies, today…!

Who the heck is Jeff Brown?

jeff brown exponential tech investorBrown certainly has an impressive resume.  Currently he’s the Chief Tech Analyst at Bonner & Partners, and the man behind Exponential Tech Investor.  What Brown excels at is rooting out the very best early stage technology investment opportunities – and boy, he’s got an awesome track record.

But then, this is the guy who’s worked at top level in both Asia and Silicon Valley for some of the most cutting edge, successful companies you can think of.  He’s a formal advisor for no less than 8 technology startups, and he definitely puts his money where his mouth is.  The man has personally invested in – wait for it…  89 of the world’s most promising breakthrough technologies!  But even more impressively, of these 89, he’s only had two that failed to achieve…  (Wow!).

He’s been featured on more TV shows and media outlets than we can list (CNBC Asia, Channel News Asia, The Taipei Times…), and is pretty much a god in Asia when it comes to all things tech…as can be seen in his other service, The Near Future Report.

Who is Exponential Tech Investor for?

Fed up with not seeing the returns on your investments you just ‘know’ are possible – if only you could be in the right place at the right time…?  Well here’s your chance to get ahead of the game.  Because the wisdom of Jeff Brown and the info he’ll provide you with via Exponential Tech Advisor could be the crucial key you need to FINALLY make the right investments at the correct time.

So if you’re looking for the very same advice on investments that the biggest corporations and the richest of private investors all take advantage of, then this is the research service you’ve been waiting for…

The Pros and Cons of Exponential Tech Investor

The Pros

  • Over $10,000 each and every month goes into the research behind the information you get in Exponential Tech Investor.
  • You’ll be made privy to investment opportunities with the potential to soar 10,000% or 15,000% or even higher over time (And no, those figures aren’t typos, they really do read ten thousand and fifteen thousand percent…)
  • Exponential Tech Investor gives you the full model portfolio, as well as full access to the member’s only website.
  • You get a full 30 days to decide if the product is right for you. If at any time within this period you choose to pull out, you’ll get a full and immediate refund.

The Cons

  • This type of investing is a fairly high-risk strategy – that’s why the potential for gain is so great. This is not a product for those who aren’t prepared to take some risk.

The Bottom Line

Well, there’s tech advisory services, and then there’s Exponential Tech Investor…  Because this little baby really does stand head and shoulders above the rest – period!  The thing is, the next decade is going to be crucial for innovations that will literally change the world as we know it.  And with this advisory service, you really will have the opportunity to make investments at ground level.  It’s only by getting in at this point that you stand to make truly explosive gains.

If a little bit of risk for massive returns is your bag, then Exponential Tech Investor will give you all the Intel you need to be in with a far better than average chance of making it big.  Brown is a global leader in finding out just where to put your money, and with Exponential Tech Investor you’ll have the knowledge you need to make truly life changing investments.  It’s a winner, that we already know.  You just need to have the courage to buy in…

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