Money Calendar Pro Review – How’s Tom Gentile’s Service?

So… An ‘Easy’ $162K Each Year…! On Your $12K Investment…! And So Accurate That You’ll Even Know The Exact Time And Date That Your Regular Profits Will Fall Into Your Lap…! C’mon Advertising People – Do You Honestly Think We’re All Daft…?

money calendar pro review

Let’s be honest… We all want to make big money from our investing efforts. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve tried a bunch of ‘systems’, by self-proclaimed ‘experts’ – and have only ended up one thing… Poorer…  So when we came across Money Calendar Pro by Tom Gentile, a product that promises a proven system that literally spits money at you every couple of weeks, then you’ll excuse us for raising a cynical eyebrow.

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But…! The guy knows his stuff, this we have to admit. So, of course, we heaved a heavy sigh and began the laborious process of delving deep into exactly what Money Calendar Pro was really all about.

And we have to say, it wasn’t quite what we expected. So if you’re thinking of sending the guy your hard earned cash in exchange for his expertise, then we highly suggest you read our discoveries. Because it may well change your mind as to whether or not to purchase…

What do you get for your money with Money Calendar Pro?

OK, so Money Calendar Pro is an advisory trading service that uses a unique investing tool. And this ‘tool’ is based on obscure, decade-long stock patterns that have been repeated with 90% – 100% consistency for the past 10 years. Yep, that’s not a typo – 10 years! And not only that, they’ve paid out over and over again within the exact same 30-day window…! Now that, we have to say, is what really piqued our interest.

And when you buy in, this is what you’re signing up to receive:

  • The Weekly Money Calendar Email Bulletin: The main crux of the product that provides you with up to the minute market observations. This covers past, present, and future, and you get an expert take on the most critical world events that are highly likely to impact trades both today and tomorrow.
  • The Money Calendar Trade Recommendations: You’ll receive every single detail you need on the week’s two best trades that the proprietary software system has predicted. You’ll get the target prices, the time target, and the exit strategy. So no waiting for an email or SMS to tell you it’s time to sell. Because you’ll know the exact goal – and the exact time to take your profits – before you even start the trade. And this is all thanks to the amazing system that’s the backbone of Money Calendar Pro.
  • Money Calendar Urgent Email Updates: These are a kind of ‘just in case’ scenario. Because the markets do, by habit, sometimes chuck in a curve ball. And although it doesn’t happen often, you can be sure that you’ll receive an instant message telling you that you need to make a move outside of what’s been predicted.
  • The Portfolio Review: This is a weekly review on all of the ‘open’ trades that have been recommended.
  • Money Calendar Online: A 24/7, member’s only website link to each and every recommendation.
  • The Money Calendar Streaming Video: For your first couple of trades you get the opportunity to watch in as Tom Gentile shows you his exact moves – screen by screen… This way there’s no doubt in your mind as to exactly what you need to do to execute your own trades.
  • Weekly Trade Videos: Exactly as they sound, you get full guidance and therefore knowledge behind the intricacies of trading. Perfect for those who like to learn while they earn…

Who the heck is Tom Gentile?

tom gentile money calendar proWell, if you want to follow a single pattern trader, then Gentile has to be your man. He’s literally the best the US has to offer, and has traded incredible patterns for massive profits over the paste three decades. The man has invested millions into creating some of the most advanced investing tools known to man. Not only this, but he has a real talent for imparting information. His systems are some of the most talked about and purchased the world over – for one simple reason. They work…!  He’s also the creator of the Fast Fortune Club.

Who is Money Calendar Pro for?

Money Calendar Pro is for anyone who wants to take all the effort out of trading, and simply draw guaranteed profits. Well, as guaranteed as any type of trading can be – it can never be 100%, obviously. It’s for the time short, perhaps less knowledgeable trader who wants to make money from a long-term proven system that simply isn’t available in any other way. The tools used by Money Calendar Pro are patent pending, and is the only tool on the planet of its kind.

It really is a plug in and play system. Money Calendar Pro sends you the Intel – you execute – and then draw your profits on the exact day that the system has predicted. It’s as simple as that. Because of this it’s suitable for pretty much every level of trader – from novice to expert – thanks to the simple step-by-step format it follows.

The Pros and Cons of Money Calendar Pro

The Pros

  • Your stake money is your stake money – period… You never have to invest more. You simply recycle the same stake money over and over – and take the profits.
  • Your money is never tied up for more than an average on 15 days.
  • You don’t have to invest $12,000. That’s just the number used to give examples of how much you stand to make. You can start with as little as $1,000 if you choose.
  • The Money Calendar Pro system only takes about 10 minutes per trade to execute, and brings in profits on a regular basis of abround every 2 weeks.

The Cons

  • Well, the biggest ‘con’ is any personal doubt you have that such a system could actually work. But hey! All trading is risky… We can’t get away from that. But the key is to lower that risk as much as is humanly possible. And the proprietary Money Calendar Pro system, with its decade long analysis proof, does exactly that…

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we were hugely surprised with what we discovered about Money Calendar Pro. Because we were convinced that the telephone number figures being bandied around in the advertising were simply a big fat con… But we have to say, they really aren’t – because the proof of the pudding is the eating, as they say…

OK, so Money Calendar Pro probably won’t be the kind of system that’ll suit everyone. If you like to get your hands dirty with digging deep into the psyche of potential trades, then such a plug and play system might not appeal (although if it’s pure profit you’re after, then you can’t go far wrong with this one…).

So if you’re looking for a way to trade stocks and EFTs, with as much as a guarantee as you can possibly have when doing so, then Money Calendar Pro really could make you a tidy little profit. It certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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