True Momentum Review – How’s Paul Mampilly Service?

Want To Invest In A Way That Delivers 23 Times Better Returns Than The Stock Market…? Of Course You Do… But… Hang On A Moment… Does This Sound Just A Little Bit Too Good To Be True…?

true momentum review

… Because you know what they say about those kind of opportunities… And that’s that they usually are. We have to say, one of our pet hates is scam products. And this is why we just luuurve unearthing them. Often one of the biggest clues are when you see crazy amounts of profits being suggested are easy to make – if you ‘just’ send them some money…

So of course, when we came across True Momentum that has an advertising strategy that ticks all of those ‘scam’ boxes, we just knew we had to do something. It was discovery time, and the only way to do that was to jump between the sheets with this particular advisory research service.

And if you’re thinking of signing up, then we suggest you do your research. Even if that is just reading our short review. Because, let’s face it, you’ve earned your money the hard way. So don’t go handing it over to any Tom, Dick, or Harry with a fancy website who promises to make you your fortune…

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What do you get for your money with True Momentum?

OK, so True Momentum is an advisory research program by Paul Mampilly. Now you may or may not have heard of him, so we’ll talk a bit more about him in a mo. Suffice to say for now, the guy is pretty legendary in the world of those ‘in the know’.

So, what’s new, or different, about this advisory service compared to the hundreds of others out there? Well actually, there’s one major difference. And it’s simply that True Momentum is not about some sophisticated ‘system’ or program that quickly scans potential investment opportunities and spits them out.

Oh no – nothing like that. Because True Momentum is based on old school. Old school knowledge, old school connections, old school experience, and old school proof that this guy (Paul Mampilly) has shown over and over and over again that he has what it takes to back the winning horse…

And every single one of his investments is based on his True Momentum strategy that he’s tested out time and time again, in good times and in bad, and it’s proven without a doubt to be one of the most steadfast and guaranteed ways there is to bring in profits of 300% or more in less than 12 months.

Now, it’s a little too complicate to detail exactly how this True Momentum strategy works in such a short review. But rest assured that’s it’s based on decades of very real experience, and has proven to work in all kinds of markets.

This is what you get when you join up with True Momentum:

  • 1 to 2 Investment Recommendations Each Month: Now, before you think, ‘that’s not much’, then ponder this… Would you rather have a tiny amount of recommendations that have a virtually guaranteed chance of success? Or would you rather receive 5 or more with less of a guarantee? You see, quantity isn’t always everything. It’s all about the odds of these recommendations bringing you the profits you crave. These recommendations have been selected and vetted by the True Momentum strategy, and go way, way beyond algorithms and technical indicators. And they’re exactly the kind that have made the rich richer, and the already absolutely loaded people jaw droppingly wealthy…
  • 52 Weekly Updates: Because you need to know what’s going on with your investments. Whatever’s happening, this weekly update will keep you firmly in the loop, so you can rest assured that your money’s being well looked after.
  • Access to the True Momentum Website: Here you have access to every investment recommendation ever made, every alert every sent out, and lots of other bonuses too.
  • VIP Customer Service: Provided by a specially trained small group of experts. You can contact them by email or phone – whichever you prefer.
  • Special Report: The Energy Company Fueling a 700% Gain: With a title like that, it needs no further explanation…

Who the heck is Paul Mampilly?

paul mampilly true momentumMampilly is certainly a name that is familiar to many. And well it should be, as he’s been featured by Bloomberg, Fox Business, and loads of other large investment publications. The guy did his time on Wall Street – over 25 years – and has looked after hundreds of millions of dollars of investments for investors at such revered institutes as Deutsche Bank and ING.  He’s managed money for loads of other big names, for private Swiss banks, and various other large financial institutions. The man knows his stuff, there’s no doubting that.

He retired at age 42 (yeah, lucky guy!), and since then has teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing, the creators of True Momentum, Profits Unlimited and many more. And now he shares his wisdom in this manner, so that regular folks like us also have the chance of a shot at the big time…

Who is True Momentum for?

Well, this is for anyone who’s ever bemoaned the fact that their investments simply aren’t working for them as well as they know they should. If you’ve failed to make the profits you”ve hope to in the past, your money’s remained stagnant, or – horror of horrors – you’ve lost out (either in a small or big way), then True Momentum could be just what you need to turn your fortune around.

And it doesn’t matter how rich (or poor) you might be. Whether you’re in work or out of it, male or female, young or old… All you need is the desire to invest and make money – fast – and in way, way higher amounts than what the banks or other more mainstream (for that, read useless) places to put your money…

The Pros and Cons of True Momentum

The Pros

  • This isn’t the work of some ‘clever’ computer system. This uses the actual strategies of a world-leading hedge fund manager with a massive network and stellar career in making hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Only companies that truly hit all the necessary ‘True Momentum’ criteria will be recommended. Unlike other services that blind you with numbers, you can rest assured that investment opportunities in this advisory service will be pre-positioned to bring you a quick profit.
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of your time as all the work, digging, and research is done for you. You’ll only need around 15 minutes a month to manage your account.
  • Does away with all the time you need to do your own research (and that isn’t taking into account the fact that it’s highly unlikely that you have the network and quarter of a century of experience that Mampilly has).

The Construe momentum guarantee

  • There are only 1,000 places available on the True Momentum advisory research service. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. So if you’re sure that you want in, then you best do so as quickly as possible as they’re bound to be snapped up fast. However, a word of caution. Don’t let that deadline push you into signing on the dotted line until you’re truly ready. It’s a big decision, so you need to be sure…

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we really weren’t convinced when we first came across True Momentum. The advertising was way, way too ‘flashy’, throwing about massive profit figures and, we think you’ll agree, trying to blind us all with technical investment spiel…

But despite all of this, we have to conclude that this really is a great product. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s probably one of the very best such services we’ve come across in recent years. And that really is saying something. OK – we hate the advertising. But the truth of the product is what it delivers, not the packaging around it. In a nutshell, True Momentum really does bring what it promises to the table. And it’s going to make a lot of people very rich, that we have no doubt about whatsoever…

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