Oxford Income Letter Review – What’s The Deal With This?

In Today’s Times Of Austerity It Can Be Difficult To See How We Could Ever Have The Retirement We Deserve… So How On Earth Can The Oxford Income Letter Help Us Dramatically Increase Our Income – And With Barely Lifting A Finger…?

oxford income letter review

As the years roll steadily by, and retirement looms (or is already upon us), it can suddenly hit home that, shock horror! We’re not going to have the kind of income in our golden years that we already expected. And in Trump’s America, never has this been more true for so many…

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So when we came across the Oxford Income Letter, a monthly advisory service that promises to show you exactly how you can pocket hundreds or thousands of dollars more per month – easily and legally – then we have to admit to being highly cynical. After all – we may be packing a few years, but that certainly doesn’t make us stupid…

Now – there’s nothing we hate more than clever con men managing to wheedle money out of good American citizens with a bit of fancy spiel and a pretty website. So we thought it was our duty to dig deep into exactly what the Oxford Income Letter was really all about. And, if needed, bring to light a product that simply preys on others for their hard earned cash, and gives nothing back in return…

So if you’re considering a purchase, we suggest you take a few minutes to read our discoveries. We promise you won’t be disappointed…

What do you get for your money with Oxford Income Letter?

OK, so the Oxford Income Letter is a monthly advice service by one Marc Lichtenfeld. Now, we’ll talk more about him in a moment. But the main service of the letter is to bring you some little known information that can help make you richer, and your retirement more comfortable.

This information is provided to you in the following ways:

  • The Monthly Oxford Income Letter: OK, so this is the backbone of the product. Here you’ll get advice on the very latest, most profitable, income recommendations. These include proprietary portfolios of stocks to invest in, or opportunities that have become available that can draw you an income way, way surpassing that of the banks or boring old blue chips…
  • The Oxford Income Weekly: No prizes for guessing that this is a weekly round up. It’s necessary because in the world of opportunity for money making that we live in today, you need to be right up there with the most current updates
  • Oxford Income Blasts: These are short, informative emails that contain news so important to your wealth that they simply can’t wait till the next week or month.
  • Special Report – Start Collecting Weekly Payouts with the Retirement Cash Calendar: This is an amazing report that’ll show you ways to set up ongoing income streams and weekly payouts – yep, weekly, that really can boost your income and personal wealth. You’ll discover how to set these up, and to receive the money like clockwork, for the rest of your life…!
  • Special Report – How to Claim and Extra $130,000 in Social Security: Now, our Government might tell us it’s on our side, but this is far from the truth… You simply can’t rely on Uncle Sam to tell you all that you’re truly entitled to. But in this report, the truth is uncovered in all its entirety.
  • Special Report – How to Achieve a Seven-Figure Retirement Account… Even if You Think It’s Too Late: Thanks to the smartest of techniques, back doors, and little known loopholes that’ll boost your income to levels you only ever dream of…

Who the heck is Marc Lichtenfeld?

marc lichtenfeld oxford income letterWell, Lichtenfeld is, we have to say, an amazing income strategist. His company is called, The Oxford Club, and the Oxford Income Letter is one of its products. He’s got an incredible track history in all things trading and finance – to be honest, there’s not much this man doesn’t know about making money in the easiest way possible.

You might well have seen him on Yahoo Finance, CNBC, or even Fox Business. He’s well respected in his field, and is an expert at thinking outside the box when it comes to making money…

Who is Oxford Income Letter for?

The Oxford Income Letter is for anyone of retirement age or who’s approaching it. And it’s suitable for anyone, no matter how rich or poor you might be. The advice given is pretty unique, and shows you opportunities to make money from many different avenues. It includes little known techniques to draw in a higher income AND, in many cases, pay little or even no tax whatsoever! All in a completely legal manner, of course…

The Pros and Cons of Oxford Income Letter

The Pros

  • Shows you simple, completely legal, but little known methods of drawing in more money during your retirement years.
  • No need to do anything ‘complicated’, such as forming an LLC, creating a product, or selling products online.
  • Easy to understand, with simple strategies for putting your regular new incomes into place.
  • You could start drawing extra cash within as little as a few days.

The Consoxford income letter guarantee

  • OK, so some of the advice is about where to invest the cash you already have. But hey! Do as the smart money does, and put it where it’s likely to give you the largest, yet safest, returns… But it’s not all about investing, there’s a whole heap of other ways in which to up your retirement fund – both before and during those golden years.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, the Oxford Income Letter has to have some of the most under-stated advertising of any such product we’ve every come across. It’s remarkably refreshing…! But the reason for this is totally clear – it doesn’t need any razzmatazz to ‘big it up’. Because the product itself does all the talking…

So, if you’re looking for some real advice on how to honestly draw in more money for the retirement you deserve, then signing up to the Oxford Income Letter honestly could be the best move you ever make. Plus it comes with a no-quibble, 90-day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Meaning you can test drive the Oxford Income Letter for a whole three months – risk free. Makes giving it a try a bit of a no brainer, in our humble opinion…

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