Energy Advantage Review – What’s The Deal With This Service?

So Now The Latest Buzz In Where To Invest Is Energy…  OK, So You Only Need Read The News To Realize That The World Is Heading Towards An Energy Crisis.  But Does That Honestly Make Alternative Fuel And Related Technology Options A Safe Bet For Your Money…?

energy advantage review

We have to say, the idea behind Energy Advantage is one that we like – a lot…!  But the thing is – and this is a big ‘but’ – is the world of alternative fuels really the place to be investing right now…?  Because we’ve got a little cynical voice telling us that perhaps this is really too super risky.

But Dr. Kent Moors is one of the leading global experts on the subject.  Perhaps THE global expert.  We’ll talk more about him in a minute…  But first of all, let’s learn a little more about what this energy research and advisory service is offering those who sign up…

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What do you get for your money with Energy Advantage?

OK, so Energy Advantage is all about exactly giving you the very best information regarding where you need to put your money if you want to invest in the burgeoning field of alternative energy.

It’s an interesting concept, but one that really would take some super-insider information to make such investments anywhere near safe enough.  And they’d have to be some mega-profit potential to make the risk worth taking.

So when you buy into Energy Advantage, what you can expect goes something like this…

  • The Energy Advantage Monthly Briefings: These come straight to your inbox with alerts on the exact recommendations in solar and alternative energy that offer great potential to make big profits.  These instructions include specific buy and sell information, meaning you’ll never be at a lost at where and when to get in and out of the trades.
  • The Energy Advantage Weekly Market Updates: A weekly summary of exactly where the global energy markets are right now, and the direction in which they’re heading.
  • The Energy Advantage Special Research Reports: These are Moor’s personally written reports that cover such issues as new energy trading techniques, big ticket items, such as new tech or takeovers in companies that support the energy industry.
  • 24/7 Web Resource Access: You’ll get your personal, unique password to the member’s only site.  Here you can access all past and current action alerts, weekly updates, research reports, and recommendations.  Not to mention the super valuable FAQs and Readers’ Forum.
  • Total Domination: Ride Solar’s $48 Trillion Energy Revolution: An exclusive briefing into the opportunities out there that could see you cash in with up to 50 times your initial investment…
  • The Solar Survival Guide: Avoid These 5 Solar Black Holes: Another special report packed full of juicy info. Because whilst solar is indeed a hot potato right now, get your investment wrong and you might as well chuck y or money in a big black hole…
  • Harness Solar’s Emerging Super Stars: A further report/research paper that’ll show you all the cutting edge breakthroughs that make solar such a viable option in which to (carefully) invest right now…
  • Lire Saving Solar Water: The Top 5 Money Makers:  This report will show you the five most incredible opportunities concerning desalination and solar.  And, even more importantly, how early investors will stand to make a small fortune…

Who the heck is Dr. Kent Moors?

kent moors energy advantageMoors is very different from most of us…  His IQ is off the scale, and let’s just say that he earned his degree in Theoretical Physics aged just 16.  Soon to follow came an incredible career in the military and then counterintelligence for the Government.  And it’s this that makes him such an expert in the energy market, and is the energy policy advisor to nine major oil producing countries, and has served as an advisor on all things energy related to 29 world governments…

He’s a regular expert commentator on Fox News, CCTV, and CNBC, not to mention having made thousands of appearances on the most well-respected of TV and radio shows.

Who is Energy Advantage for?

So, let’s be real here a moment.  Because Energy Advantage is NOT for the cautious investor.  If you’re the type who happily watches as their regular bank account savings inch their way upwards (or more realistically, stagnate, when you take inflation into account…), then the investment opportunities detailed in Energy Advantage are certainly not for you.

Such investments in this industry come with an inherently higher risk – that’s why the potential for gains is so high.  If you’re prepared to take on that risk – and reap the happy rewards – then this is a unique product and possibly the only one out there that has such an expert in the industry giving you his personal advice.

The Pros and Cons of Energy Advantage

The Pros

  • Energy Advantage is a top premium service. It’s one of a kind, and the information you receive is not available anywhere else.
  • When you buy in you literally get access to all of Dr. Kent Moors personal top level network that he’s built up over the years. And it’s thanks to this network that he can bring you such incredible investment advice.
  • The level of return is potentially way, way higher than other, more orthodox investments.
  • When a company is recommended you also get specific buy and sell information so you’re never at a loss of when to get in and out of the trade.

The Cons

  • There’s only 1000 places available to buy into Energy Advantage. So if you really do want the best chance of making money investing in the exciting field of alternative investments, then you need to make your move fast.

The Bottom Line

We have to admit that although we liked the idea of investing in the area of alternative fuels and related industrys, we really did wonder how it was possible to bring the risk level down enough to make it worthwhile.  Well, Energy Advantage has done just that.  And if you believe the International Energy Agency (and why wouldn’t you…?), the world needs to see $48 trillion – yes, you read that right – $48 trillion bucks invested in energy over the coming years.

And Energy Advantage will show you exactly how you could be riding that crest of a wave…  Because this is gonna be one helluva game changer.  And if you’re in the right place at the right time with your investments, it could truly be a life changer for you.

Oh, and if you’re still not completely sure, then rest assured that Energy Advantage comes with a full 100% money back guarantee.  Kinda makes giving it a go a bit of a no-brainer, don’t you think…?

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