Trade Like Chuck Review – Should You Get Chuck Hughes Book?

A Book And DVD That Can Show You Exactly How To Trade Like A Pro…  It May Well Do, But Why On Earth Should You Choose This Over The Many Other Products On The Market Today…?

trade like chuck review

And that, dear stock market trader, is the very first question that popped into our mind when we came across the book and DVD set that is, Trade Like Chuck…  After all, Chuck Hughes (the author) might well be an awesome player, and we’ll talk more about his credentials in a moment.  But can his product really offer anything different from others, or even anything mind-blowingly new to what you know about trading already…?

free chuck hughes action planThis, we have to say, was the reason we just HAD to take a closer look.  So we delved as deep into Trade Like Chuck as we could.  And the following is what we found out.  And we have to say, it’s not quite what we expected…

What do you get for your money with Trade Like Chuck?

So, Trade Like Chuck comprises a book and a DVD.  So let’s have a look at what you can expect as you delve between the pages (or get transfixed by his dulcet tones and video in the DVD, Retirement Catch Up Plan).

  • Discover how to produce effective results: One of the best things about Trade Like Chuck is that it shows you exactly how to create income in any market – and in today’s tumultuous times, this is pretty damn important.  Discover how to fine-tune your ability to select and manage the correct trades to enable you to reap highly impressive results (AKA profits!).  And, very importantly, how to do this WITHOUT having to sell your soul to your efforts…
  • Transform your financial future: The very reason you trade in the first place, eh…!  Discover the tools, resources, and pathway that’ll lead you to the financial freedom you know is possible.
  • Crash proof your portfolio: Market crashes happen… It’s a fact.  So what you need to learn is how to implement strategies that will protect you from such occurrences.  Trade Like Chuck details exactly what to do to set up a cast-iron defense that protects your portfolio.
  • Create cash flow without selling your stocks: This is a biggie…  Because cash flow is all-important, and it’s essential to understand how to draw from your investments without the need to sell up.
  • Enjoy flexibility and versatility: Trade Like Chuck will show you exactly how to take control of your daily trading in as little as 15 minutes per day.  Not to mention being able to carry out your efforts from anywhere that you have an Internet connection.
  • Retirement Catch Up Plan: This is the DVD element of the product.  And if you’ve failed to save enough for your retirement (and let’s be honest, this is most of us), Chuck will show you three simple steps to bring financial freedom to these most important years of your life.  And hey!  This DVD will be current no matter what age you are – whether retirement is imminent or its still decades away.

Who the heck is Chuck Hughes?

chuck hughes trade like chuckChuck is, by trade, a pilot.  So what an earth can he tell you about trading…?  Well, he was drawn to the stock market back in 1985, when his family was growing and he began to worry about how to provide for them, not to mention build a secure retirement.

His investing journey began with $4,600…  Certainly not a fortune, and definitely a very small pension pot!  Within two years the guy had turned that into $460,000.  And from then on, he never looked back.  In fact, since those first fruitful years, he’s never, ever, had a year where he’s lost money.  And that’s saying something…

Fast-forward 33 years to today…  He’s won no less than eight International Trading Championship titles, and has had – wait for it…  20 CONSECUTIVE years with triple digit returns…!  One of the best traders in the world, he’s now going to share his incredibly successful trading methods with you via his book, Trade Like Chuck.

Who is Trade Like Chuck for?

Fancy emulating this guy’s success…?  Well the first thing you need do is read his book.  Listen up…  If you trade, fancy trading, or have all but given up trading, despairing that you’ll ever make enough on the stock market to bring true financial freedom, then Trade Like Chuck is for you.

It doesn’t matter diddly squat how much of a pot you have to start with.  And it certainly doesn’t matter what your personal circumstances are.  All you need is the thirst to draw in real profits, and – hey!  A measly 15 minutes per day to make your trades….

The Pros and Cons of Trade Like Chuck

The Pros

  • trading playbookTrade Like Chuck teaches you exactly the same methods that this uber-successful individual has used over three decades to draw in huge and sustained profits…
  • You’ll discover how to implement specific rules for the very best profit potential.
  • Find out how to easily avoid devastating losses using simple to follow strategies – not to mention guarding yourself from stock market crashes.
  • If you already own stocks, learn how to maximize the profits you draw from these. And learn the very best way to choose new investments that’ll all but guarantee to bring you in the gains you deserve.

The Cons

  • Well, the biggest con will be doubting that you really can learn all this (and more) from a book… But the thing is, you’ll never know unless you read it.  And we have to say, this book is cover-to-cover gold dust.  Not only is it super simple to follow, but it’s a fun read as well.  This is a man who really does know his stuff.  And he has a magical way of imparting his knowledge that makes it a delight to read and understand.

The Bottom Line

D’you know…?  In these days of such investment products all trying to be too clever and outdo their competitors, it’s truly refreshing to see that you really can get all you need from a simple, old-fashioned book!  And yes, you have to pay for the shipping, but that’s it!

This is no useless ‘free’ product that’s just there to make you buy something else.  It’s a valuable asset in it’s own right…!  Hughes is a true guru trader, and he really can provide you with some awesome information that really will improve your own efforts.  In a world where everything seems to be incredibly complicated, Trade Like Chuck is a breath of fresh air.  And it certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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