Fractal Energy Trading Review – Is Doc Severson’s Program Good?

When it comes to investing in paper assets in the market, the road can be choppy and rough. There is a lot to learn and around every corner there is always someone trying to sell you on theories on how the market works, what the tall-tale signs are for investing; and unfortunately there are always so called amateur experts, who claim they know their way around the market and will try to rope you in as long as you are willing to pay a large sum of cash up front for their “expert” advise.

Long story short you can really get taken for a ride and lose a lot of money along the way. Now short of having someone such as Warren Buffet or George Soros as your personal market mentors, you have to admit the market place and trading options/ futures can feel like an insurmountable task to have to bear; to just want to get ahead in life financially!

Question is though what if there was an easier way to predict upswings and contractions in the market for your stocks? Read on, because I think I have found a solution that may shed some light to the subject and give hope to the rest of us. The solution is called: Fractal Energy Trading; it is a practical, no non-sense tool that will open the gate of trading knowledge for everybody.

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What Do I Get Inside The Fractal Energy Trading?

There is a lot of material you get included in this program, including:

  • 3 hours of video of training, teaching you on how to use these new tools and how they will help you become a more proficient and analytical trader.
  • How to interpret Fractal Price Action to provide in-depth analytical tools that help you make the right moves at the right time in your day to day trading activities.
  • How can you interpret market energies on various time frames? This program will show you how to break down and evaluate trends on a daily, weekly and monthly time basis which will give you greater insights into reading and deciphering those market signals which seem to allude so many other investors causing them to miss out on tremendous profitable opportunities. The old adage of the “trend is your friend”, can be true a lot of times only if you know what the trend is really indicating. This program will provide a few select analytical tools which will make you look at market information differently.

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Who is Fractal Energy Trading For?

This product is developed for both beginners and advanced traders, whether you are trading stocks, options, and/or futures. Position, swing and/or day traders will all benefit from this product! It is meant to help provide a more sophisticated, yet simplified technical analysis developed by masters of their trade who have become mentors in the game of day trading through the use of analytical data and years of experience.

Who Is Behind Fractal Energy Trading?

Doc Severson and Todd MitchellThe team behind Fractal Energy Trading are legends in their own rights, having dedicated much of their time and energy to developing a program that they have deployed from years of experience and gained knowledge from day to day trading, analyzing results and pursuing a lifelong dream of providing education for professionals who work on Wall Street. 6 highly qualified professionals all experts in their fields of calls/options, mini-futures, and Forex day trading. I highly doubt there is anything regarding the stock market that these guys haven’t encountered.

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Pros Of Fractal Energy Trading

  • Learn to apply trend trading and benefit from being aware of prime conditions that cause an upward trend before it occurs: translation? You potentially make a lot of money.
  • Learn to stay in the trend longer and moving your money out before there is a potential downward slope which would result in a loss of money and profit.
  • Learn how to apply directional and non-directional time analysis strategies. You’ll learn how to identify key indicators where a market starts to contract and/or move in an upward trend.
  • Putting the pieces of the puzzle together; learn how to combine fractal price action and market energies to apply Fractal Energy Trading to your daily / weekly trading activities.
  • The best benefit you get from this program is that you come to understand through the analytical tools what is actually occurring in your market segment that you are involved in. The signs are all there in the trends that will indicate when a contraction of the market will be occurring and it is time to get your money out before your profit goes south; or choose a different market all together that is about to experience an upward trend that will produce a profitable result, providing a healthy ROI (Return on Investment) for you as an investor.

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Cons Of Fractal Energy Trading

  • You will need to have knowledge of day trading, directional and non-directional time analysis strategies and what it all means. Putting this information all together can present a steep learning curve for newbies who are just starting out in the game of day trading/options or futures. A bit of time researching the best course of action when it comes to your investing strategy may be required.

The Bottom Line

Fractal Energy Trading is well worth the money and will help you achieve your ROI quicker than you could on your own terms regardless of the amount of experience you have in the stock market. This product is literally a virtual assistant at your finger tips helping you to forecast and analyze charts, and will help you spot opportunities before they take off and skyrocket with potential profit you may very well have missed! It also provides a definitive, proven method which indicates when it is time to get out of the particular stock you have been earning good returns on.

How does one make money from Fractal Energy Trading? By understanding the time frames and the synergy of the differing energy levels e.g.: upward trends; the user can spot prime conditions to successfully invest in the trend when it happens to begin to coil right before an upward trend and successfully invest money and walk away with a profit in the end.

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