Broker Arbitrage Review – Will Mark Reid’s Program Work for You?

A ‘Code Cracking’ Forex System That Is The Most Profitable Ever Developed…!  Hold On A Moment; How Many Times Have We Heard This Bu*!@$*! Before…?

Broker Arbitrage ReviewWe don’t know about you, but when it comes to automated Forex systems, we’re getting pretty sick and tired of hearing about ‘the new’ ‘the unique’ ‘the best-ever’ and all other sorts of hyperbole when it comes to guys wanting to profit from you, the customer.  So when we came across Broker Arbitrage, which is promising just that, you’ll excuse us for raising a cynical eyebrow.

But never let it be said that we don’t give a product a genuine chance to impress us.  So there was nothing else for it but to get down and dirty with Broker Arbitrage, and find out if it really can live up to its outlandish claims.

Below is what we found out.  And we have to say, it certainly makes for interesting reading…


What do you get for your money with Broker Arbitrage?

So, what Broker Arbitrage is, is a 100% automated Forex trading system that works on (surprise, surprise), the method of arbitrage trading.  This is a trading strategy whereby a currency is bought or sold based on two different broker price feeds.  It literally exploits differences in the price from each of these feeds, and profits from the discrepancies.

When you purchase the system you get the following:

  • The Broker Arbitrage Step-by-Step Manual:  this is where you’ll be taken by the hand and provide with instruction to install the software of the system onto your computer.  Provided in this manner, you need little to no computer experience to easily get the program up and running.
  • The Broker Arbitrage Video Installation & Setup:  for those who don’t want to wade their way reading through the manual.  Follow this video and you’ll be ready to go within minutes
  • The Broker Arbitrage Setup Assistance Service:  in the unlikely event of a difficulty getting set up, the team will help you with the installation.  This can be done via phone, email or if necessary they’ll connect to your computer or VPS to ensure you get up and running.

And this, naturally, is just for starters.  The actual system includes the following (and much more as well…

  • The Complete Broker Arbitrage System:  that works on 7 currency pairs and is cross platform powered.  The system is completely automated, meaning there is very little (if any) learning for you to do.  You simply sit back and watch your trading (and profits) take place)
  • Safe Fund & Trade Management:  because this is a vital part of any successful Forex trading strategy.
  • Free Lifetime Updates: as any savvy trader knows, it’s necessary to move with the times.  So whenever any updates are provided within the Broker Arbitrage program, you’ll receive these for free, forever.
  • Full Customer Support: via Skype and email.
  • Facebook Group: exclusive access to the Broker Arbitrage Facebook Group where you can chat to other users and share pointers and tips.
  • Amazing Guarantees:  including a double point refund guarantee, and a 365 day profit guarantee or your money back, plus $100 and a free license…


Who is Broker Arbitrage for?

Well, Broker Arbitrage has been created for anyone who wants to profit trading Forex.  And because it trades in a slightly different manner to regular trading, this makes it a fantastic tool for any Forex trader, no matter how experienced or novice you may be.  Another plus point is that it takes up very little of your time.  This means it’s ideal for those who have a full time job and want to trade Forex in their spare time.

Another plus point is the ease of setup and use.  This means that even those who’re not that computer literate will have no problem getting themselves trading in no time at all.

Who is Mark Reid?

Mark Reid reviewMark is the creator of Broker Arbitrage.  And the system he’s created is unique to him, one that he’s spent thousands of man-hours tweaking and perfecting.  He started trading Forex in 2008 as a hobby.  But when it turned into a full time income he quite his job as a high school teacher and began to research different strategies.  And arbitrage trading was one of those elusive means to make Forex profits that many simply fail to crack.

But not Mark.  After many, many years of searching, he finally cracked the code.  And it’s that that makes up the crux of the Broker Arbitrage trading system.


The Pros and Cons of Broker Arbitrage

The Pros

    • Because the system detects and adapts to slippage,  and uses other safe parameters, it is completely different from other arbitrage trading systems (and far less dangerous).
    • The system is fully proven to work, not only on demo accounts but on LIVE accounts with full proof of the sustained profits gained.
    • It cleverly doesn’t depend on tow MT4 based broker price feeds.  You don’t need to use two live accounts (which gives you double the chance of either price feed being unreliable or untested).  Broker Arbitrage separates them with two platforms and seeks reliable data from other platforms.

money back guarantee

  • The program comes with a massive, 60-day money back guarantee.   This means that you can try it out for two months, and if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund – no questions asked.

The Cons

  • Well, probably the biggest con will be your own skepticism that the arbitrage system can work for you.  There’s been so many failed automated systems in the past, it’s natural that you should wonder if this once could possible be any different.  But with the money back guarantee, as well as the other set in stone guarantees, and proven track record, this one really does seem to be a cut above others that have been produced in the past.

The Bottom Line

Well, we must admit that we really were a bit concerned about reviewing Broker Arbitrage.  You see, arbitrage trading has had such a bad press in the past, with many people getting their fingers burned trading in this manner, that we honestly thought this was going to be more of the same.  But we don’t mind holding our hands up when we’re wrong – and wrong we were this time.

At last, an arbitrage Forex trading system that is fully researched, fully proven and actually works with LIVE trading accounts.  Of course, you should never risk more money than you can afford to lose (as with any type of trading), but if you’re looking for a way to further your Forex trading profits then you could do far worse than to give Broker Arbitrage a go.  And the fact that it’s fully automated makes it ideal for the part time trader who needs a system that’s not going to take up hours of his or her spare time.

In a nutshell – we love it.  And we think that a lot of folks out there are going to as well.  Well done, Mark Reid…!



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