Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap Review – (Now Called Microcap X Advisory) – Is It Good?

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Really?  A ‘Special Twist’ To Make Playing The Stock Market Game Simple, Effortless, And Most Importantly, Uber-Profitable For Regular Folks Like You And Me…!  And Genuinely Make 1000% Profits…!  You Gotta Be Kiddin Me….!

Altuchers Top 1% Microcap ReviewUPDATE: Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap is now called Microcap X Advisory

It’s still the same service it just has a sleeker name.

Listen up guys.  The moment we hear that a product such as Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap is promising to bring you a crazy 10X return by December, we not only prick up our ears, but our cynical siren starts wailing at a volume that’s almost deafening!

trading playbookBecause, as you probably know all to well, making mega bucks in your investing is no easy thing to come by…

But, we have to admit that James Altucher, the guy behind The Altucher Report, Microcap X Advisory (Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap), his Top 1% Advisory, Reinvent Youself Book and the Income Advantage, is a super heavyweight when it comes to investing.  So this left us with no option but to find out what was on offer.  Leaving no stone unturned, we got down and dirty with exactly what you can expect from this whizz kid’s latest offering.

And we have to say, don’t spend out a single dime of your money before you’ve read our no holds barred report…

What do you get for your money with Microcap X Advisory (Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap)?

Altucher's Top 1% Microcap

So, what Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap Microcap X Advisory is about is discovering a loophole into how to invest in Silicon Valley start-ups.  And to do that as a regular person, no matter how much (or how little), money you have, and with absolutely no links into investment whatsoever.

It’s all about investing into the new ‘ideas’ society – AKA, start ups.  Because it’s here that these massive gains are truly possible.  Because, and we do have to agree on this fact, your money goes much further when buying into a small ‘microcap’ company than it does purchasing stocks in a product such as Apple, or Google.

And, it’s very true that when you get it right, buying into a start up can make you almost unbelievable profits.  If, and we reiterate – you get it right…  And what Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap is promising is the ability to substantially increase your chances of getting it right.

When you purchase (Microcap X Advisory)  Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap you are buying into the following:

  • The 1000% Backdoor Strategy Report: Here you get every single piece of information you need onto how you, as a regular person, can invest in the very best start up ideas.  These are usually pretty much unavailable, thanks to the governments rule 501 that prevents regular folks like you and me from investing in such ideas.  But Altucher has discovered a way (100% legal) that you can invest in them via a ‘backdoor’ method.  This report tells you exactly how to do it (and it’s pretty damn simple!)
  • 10 Ways To Profit From Silicon Valley’s Hottest Ideas: A report of the 10 most awesome opportunities available to put your money into, RIGHT NOW!
  • A subscription advisory service: based on Altucher’s personal model of discovering which start-up is honestly worth risking your money on.  He’s done year’s of research into why the top winners in the investment stakes are not ‘one hit wonders’.  There’s a clear strategy behind why the guys who invest in them make millions (and billions) over and over again.  And his network of hedge fund experts, professional (and successful) investors, venture capitalists and the like is pretty extensive.  In fact, we’d go as far as to say, unique!  And thanks to this incredible network, you too can discover exactly which of the many Silicon Valley start ups give the highest chance of making uber-high returns.
  • A monthly roundup: advising you of the best of the best of this month’s trade recommendation.  You get this on the third Thursday of every month, directly to your inbox.
  • Recommended allocations: of exactly the amount of stocks you should purchase, and how much money to sink into these start ups.
  • Regular updates: throughout the month when Altucher thinks you should add to or close your position on a recommended investment for the highest profits.

Who is Microcap X Advisory (Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap) for?

What we like about Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap is that it’s a product that’s available for anyone who has the stomach to get into slightly higher risk, microcap start up ideas.  And that means the complete investment rookie, right through to those who’ve got many miles under their belt.  Put it this way, if you want the chance to win big in your investments, then Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap could be the very inroad you’ve been searching for to make riches your reality.

So who the heck is James Altucher?

James AltucherNot heard of Altucher?  Then you’re either brand new in the trading field, or you’ve been living under a stone for many a year.  This guy is one of the super names on Wall Street.   He’s done his time (because hey, working on Wall Street is, some say, akin to a prison sentence!), working as a hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, investment analyst, researcher…  You name it, if it’s finance related, this guy has been there and done it.

He’s made fortunes, lost them, and re-made them.  If you’re looking for someone who lives and breathes all things financial, then he’s your guy.  But what’s important to know is that over the years, Altucher knows inside out the very few investment strategies that actually work!  An addition, we have to say, the guy’s network is uniquely amazing. It’s not only his incredible knowledge of all things profitable that make him so successful, it’s also his years of fine tuning this network – and the fact that buying into Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap gives you access to this valuable asset as well.

The Pros and Cons of Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap

The Pros

  • With the clever, practically unknown loophole, the average person gets the backdoor way to invest in startups and the best ideas Silicon Valley has to offer. Usually opportunities are only available to those who’re already rich (thanks to government laws that prevent you and I from such an investment opportunity).
  • Although the advertising keeps going on about ‘a loophole’, it’s 100% legal – open to any investor out there.
  • You don’t need a huge amount of money to get started. In fact, there are opportunities that start from as little as a single dollar!  But more importantly, when you buy into these small startups with such massive potential, your money buys you a genuine stake in the business (rather than the few crumbs you’d get if investing in a company such as Facebook, Apple, Google etc. that’s already proved its worth).  This means that if it does go stratospheric, you stand to become truly, truly rich!
  • All you need to follow the Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap is a computer and an Internet connection.

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The Cons

  • Listen folks, let’s talk bottom line for a moment. We all know that investing in new ideas can be risky, and it’s dead easy to get caught up in the moment. No matter what strategy you follow – no matter how expert it might be – you should never, ever, risk more than you can afford to lose.  Indeed, Altucher himself says, is a higher risk strategy than many others.  Buuuut – the take away here is that the potential for 1000% gains is truly possible, and with his massive network and success history, the risk levels of investing in such companies is brought down to as low a level as is humanly possible.

The Bottom Line

So, we have to say that when we first came across Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap, we wondered if it honestly provided anything different from his previous products.  And, let’s face it, we were veeeery doubtful!  But, Mr Altucher, you’ve certainly proved us wrong.  Because for anyone who’s looking for increases of up to 10X their initial investment in a reasonably short space of time, and for anyone who wants the chance to invest in what is only usually available for the richest investors out there, then here’s your chance.

For the savvy, brave investor – either rookie or experienced – then buying into Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap might well be the most profitable thing you’ve ever done.  If you truly want to invest in the most excitement investment ideas available today, then Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap should be a serious consideration.  It certainly gets the thumbs up from us!

We highly recommend Microcap X Advisory (Altucher’s Top 1% Microcap), but if you want to try out one of his lower priced options, see his style of investment picks and writing, then we highly recommend THE ALTUCHER REPORT, which is only $49, which is a steal in our opinion.

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