Trading Trainer 6% Protocol Review – Is AJ Brown’s Program Legit?

Really!  An Automated Way To Earn Up To 32% Trading The Markets – In 4 Weeks Or Less!  Come On, Guys, We’ve Heard Such Claims Before – This Can’t Be For Real, Can It…?

6% Protocol ReviewNow, we don’t know about you, but the income possibilities being promised by using the Trading Trainer 6% Protocol seem pretty incredulous.  And we truly believe that if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is…  So the gains that are being touted as truly possible by this latest offering by A.J. Brown sends a massive jolt of doubt pulsating right through us…

But, we have to admit that this guy certainly knows his onions!  So rather than dismiss it without checking it out simply isn’t in our nature.  This left us with no choice but to dig deep and dirty into exactly what The 6% Protocol is really all about.

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Saint or sinner?  That’s what we wanted to discover…  And if you’re considering buying into this miraculous sounding offer, then you NEED to read what we uncovered.

Don’t spend one red cent of your hard earned cash until you’ve read the following…

What do you get for your money with Trading Trainer 6% Protocol?

OK, so as we’ve already mentioned, the Trading Trainer 6% Protocol is about maximizing your ability to make big profits on your trading.  It comes in the form of a little known technique for purchasing stocks and making a profit from them – even if they go down in value!

It’s called the Trading Trainer 6% Protocol because the aim is to earn an average 6% profit per month.  The cool thing about it is the fact that you get all the information you need (on a daily basis) to know exactly which into which to put your money.  And you’ll only need to sacrifice 10-30 minutes of your time each day to do so…

The product breaks down like this:

  • The 6% Protocol Online Covered Call Screener Software: This clever software does all the difficult work for you.  In essence, what it does is all the analytical work – so you don’t have to.  Because the NYSE and NASDAQ have around 4,000 actively traded stocks.  Doing the research you need to on a daily basis would take 66 hours and 40 minutes (assuming 1 minute per stock).  Making this a automated process cuts that down to 30 minutes or less per day – and it doesn’t matter a jot if you have no trading experience whatsoever – because the software does it all for you.

They’ve named this the ‘covered call’, meaning you’re covered from all angles when you enter a trade on a specific stock.

  • The 6% Protocol Online Video Training & DVD: Here you get every bit of training you need to understand the trades that’re being recommended.  The training is such that even if you’re a complete rookie, once you’ve followed the easy to understand course you’ll know everything you need to know in order to make trades with the biggest potentials – and at a low a risk as possible.
  • On Going Tech & Trading Support: Because no matter how experienced you get, sometimes you need a trusted source to reach out to for a bit of help and advice.
  • A 30-minute one on one trading coaching call: Here you get to speak directly with one of the hand picked option trading coaches.  They’ll assess exactly where you’re at, and then point you towards the easiest and fastest way to maximize your earning from your trades.
  • Access to the community forums: Where you can find other traders who, just like you, are all working using the same system.  They’ll provide unlimited support, advice, and encouragement – 24/7.

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Who the heck is A.J. Brown?

AJ Brown trading trainerKnown to his friends simply as AJ, Brown’s been trading options for over a decade now.  He’s studied everything you can think of when it comes to trading – char patterns, methods, theories…  This guy has been there!  He then took his career up a notch, paper trading for a while (until 2004), and then began trading for real – and boy, was he successful.  Almost miraculously successful.

His profits need no explaining (this guy is rich!!).  But where he differs from (the very few) others who’ve managed the same, is that he then wanted to help others do the same, in the form of teaching and assisting them.  So he created a community pretty much like none other – the Trading Trainer Community.

The results speak for themselves, with his followers recording record profits thanks to his safe, proven, and ultimately productive methods.

Who is Trading Trainer 6% Protocol for?

OK, so it goes without saying that you want to make money (real money) from your trading efforts.  But rather than risking all in the slim chance that you’ll make it big, the Trading Trainer 6% Protocol is for those who want to buffer against risk; those who want to insure (as much as is possible), that their money is safe and is likely to make a profit whichever way their investments move.

It’s for both the rookie and the more experienced trader.  If you’re not making the gains you know are out there, then the Trading Trainer 6% Protocol could well change your fortunes – forever!

The Pros and Cons of Trading Trainer 6% Protocol

The Pros

  • You only need a few hundred dollars to get into trades with huge potential. No need to have thousands at your disposal to play right up there with the big boys.
  • When you enter a position, you know the exact profit potential that can be made.
  • Your trades will be strictly structured to limit the risk down to the lowest level possible.
  • You get paid an ‘instant dividend’ up front when the trade begins. This acts as a security buffer against losses – meaning that you even make money if the stock moves against you!

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The Cons

  • So, the only con is that there are only 100 places available to sign up to the Trading Trainer 6% Protocol. This means that when it’s full…  It’s full!  Procrastination right now could mean that you potentially miss out on the opportunity to make big – real big…

 The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that our initial cynicism has been blown outta the water!  And then some…  A.J. Brown’s Trading Trainer 6% Protocol is perhaps one of the best products out there right now.  And that’s in terms of the validity of the information it provides you with, coupled with the training and the tight-knit community ethos that it stands for.

But hey – you can tell that we love it.  But the best thing is that you don’t need to take our word for it.  Because the Trading Trainer 6% Protocol comes with an amazing guarantee.  Simply use it for 6 months, and if you haven’t earned a profit in that time, you’ll get every single dollar of your money back (plus and extra $467 out of AJ’s own pocket!).

Kinda makes giving it a try somewhat of a no-brainer, don’t you think.  You’ve nothing to lose – but potentially, one heck of a lot to gain…!

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