Altucher’s Crypto Trader Review – Is James Cryptocurrency Program Good?

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So, Expert Investment Mentor, James Altucher, Is Telling Us That CryptoCurrency Is Where We Can Make Big Bucks – Incredibly Big Bucks…!  We Have To Say – We Love You James, But Crypto?  We Sure Are Going To Take Some Convincing On This One…

Bitcoin!  The most famous cryptocurrency of all.  But there’s loads more, such as Ethereum. Litecoin, Dash…  (There’s over 900 of the damn things!).  And no doubt if you’ve done any digging whatsoever, you’ll see that there are folks out there making mucho profits investing in this new currency.Altucher's crypto trader review

But, to spin a phrase…  Hasn’t the boat already left the harbor when it comes to making crazy big profits?  Well, according to Altucher’s Crypto Trader, apparently not.  But, and he stresses this – to make these massive profits you need to be super careful, and – of course – be privy to this investment whizz kid’s ‘secret’.  And this is the USP behind James’s latest offering.

Now, when we see promises of uber-profits, such as 1,000%, 10,000%, and even 100,000% profit, our cynical siren immediately starts screaming.  But, we have to say, James Altucher certainly knows his stuff.  So although we were tempted, we simply couldn’t pass this one by without having an in-depth nose into exactly what it’s all about.

So if you’re considering a purchase of Altucher’s Crypto Trader, don’t part with a single cent until you’ve given a couple of minutes of your time to read what we discovered.

We think you’ll be glad you did…

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What do you get for your money with Altucher’s Crypto Trader?

OK, so what Altucher’s Crypto Trader is, is a program that a) let’s you discover exactly which of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there are legit, and b) once you know, this, how to invest and make serious profits from your efforts – ON A REGULAR BASIS!

And it breaks down like this:

  • The Altucher’s Crypto Trader Handbook: Here you’ll learn all about the ‘100,000% Crypto Secret’, and exactly why there’s an incredible opportunity to earn big trading Bitcoin or other cryptos.
  • The Ultimate Crypto Portfolio: Because not all cryptocurrencies are made equal.  With over 900 in existence right now, and undoubtedly more to follow, it’s pretty guaranteed that 99% of them will fail.  This portfolio tells you exactly which ones to buy right now, how to buy them, and when to trade them.  And this is updated on at least a bi-monthly basis.
  • The Proprietary Allocation Model: Discover the handful of cryptocurrencies you should be investing in, and begin trading with them.
  • Step-by-step trading instructions: That you’ll easily follow on how to trade with your cryptos once you own them.
  • Two new trading recommendations per month: Minimum!  Each recommendation follows James’s strict algorithms for maximum potential profit.  If it doesn’t fit each and every criteria (which gives you minimum risk), it will never, ever be recommended.

All of this information is brand new – James Altucher has never revealed it before.  You won’t find it anywhere – not in his books, blogs, podcasts…  It can’t be found anywhere else.

Who is Altucher’s Crypto Trader for?

OK, so Altucher’s Crypto Trader is, thankfully, not limited to those who’ve only got big bucks to spare.  Because you really can be in to make it big with only a few hundred dollars initial stake!  And you don’t need to be a computer geek or trading expert to get in on the act.  This really is an investment opportunity for the average Joe (yes, that’s you and us!) who wants a chance to really get a massive return on their investment.

So who the heck is James Altucher?

james altucherYou’ve not heard of James?  Then you’re definitely new into the investing game.  Because he really is the go-to guy when it comes to making money in such a way – the guy’s written no less than 18 books on the subject.  Including one that USA Today has referred to as ‘one of the 12 best business books of all time’.

In fact, Altucher has no formal education in the field of investing at all.  Nope – diddly squat!  But this has probably the very reason why he’s such a force to be reckoned with.  He’s completely self-taught, and his network of financial whizzes is second to no-one in the business.  He’s done his time on Wall Street, he’s an expert investment analyst, a venture capitalist, a hedge fund manager…  If you’re looking for a resume that proves a person is a true expert in his field, then this guy’s really is second to none…

Altucher’s flagship newsletter is The Altucher Report which you can find by clicking here.

James is also giving away his latest best selling book, Reinvent Yourself.

The Pros and Cons of Altucher’s Crypto Trader

The Pros

  • You don’t need any real prior knowledge of Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrencies) to get started. In fact, you don’t need have a huge knowledge of computers, venture capital, or even a college degree.  Anyone can take advantage of Altucher’s Crypto Trader to make profits trading Bitcoin or other crytocurrencies.
  • You only need a few hundred dollars to get started – so this is an investment opportunity for literally everyone, not just those who’re already pretty well off.
  • It’s easy to discover exactly which cryptos have the right format to give you the highest opportunity for real and sustained profit. This is done by looking inside the computer codes of the currency (and don’t worry – it’s easy – and is all explained in simple step-by-step format).
  • This is a unique opportunity for the average person to invest in the kind of profits only normally offered to those in the venture capital world.

The Cons

  • OK, so it’s not cheap to sign up. But the chances to make massive profits really are genuine with Altucher’s Crypto Trader.  So massive that if you do buy in, then you’ll probably consider the set up fee a mere drop in the ocean once you start cashing in your profits!
  • Of course, any trading comes with an inherent risk. And you should never risk money you can’t afford to lose.  But the key is to bring down the risk to as low a level as possible.  And that’s exactly what Altucher’s Crypto Trader does – it gives you the lowest risk:highest earning potential profit imaginable!

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say, we’ve been won over.  But would we have been if this had been a program designed by anyone but James Altucher?  Well, being totally honest, the fact that this is from him is just the icing on the cake.  Because Altucher simply can’t risk something as big as this failing – his reputation depends on it.

Even if it hadn’t been a product of his we’d have been pretty positive about it – because in all fairness, Crypto Trader is pretty damn awesome.  But put the two together, and you really do have a combination that’s set to make some lucky people extremely damn rich…!  In a nutshell, if you’ve got the fire (and at least a few hundred bucks to spare), then Altucher’s Crypto Trader could well be the life changer you’ve been looking for…!

>> If you want a cheaper alternative, James’s Altucher Report has a Crypto-corner section in it as well.  Check out the details here. <<

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