Option Rocket Review – Is Kyle Dennis Service Legit?

So You Want To Trade Options Successfully…? Well, Who Doesn’t…? But C’mon… Only The Big Boys Ever Make Real Money Out Of Options, Don’t They…?

option rocket review

OK, so we all know that trading options can lead to incredibly explosive gains. But hey! Those are few and far between, aren’t they? Well, according to Kyle Dennis, the creator of Options Rocket, then it certainly doesn’t have to be the case. Because this biotech specialist stock market whizz kid has not only written his own options strategy, but he’s now offering to show it exclusively to members of his Options Rocket program.

Now, the guy’s the founder of Biotech Breakouts, and as such, provides a whole bunch of different trading products. But he says that it’s necessary to have a different strategy for each type of trading – profit buckets, he calls them. Hmmmm, this certainly sounds like a guy who’s using a load of spiel to claw in as much money from regular schmucks like us, doesn’t it…?

If, like us, you’re highly cynical as to whether you need a product like Options Rocket, then you’ve come to the right place. Because we’ve carries out a down and dirty discovery into exactly what the program is, and if it really is worth shelling out even a red cent of your hard earned cash on.

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What do you get for your money with Option Rocket?

OK, so Options Rocket, as we’ve already touched on, is about Kyle Dennis’s formula and strategy to successfully trade options. He’s created it specifically to enable traders of every level to be able to easily follow. And it follows a system that he refers to as, I.G.N.I.T.E. This is both an educational video series and a regular advisory service.

It breaks down like this:

  • ‘I’ stands for INSIDERS: This is all about having the inside knowledge to be able to track what those closest to a company are doing. You know, CEOs, directors, etc. Because when these ‘insiders’ buy large amounts of shares, you can be sure that they know they’re onto a sure fire winner.
  • ‘G’ stands for GROWTH: Here we’re looking for option trades with steady, continuing trends. And very specifically, upcoming catalyst events that represent boom or bust growth opportunities, and the ability to exploit both good and bad news, for major profit.
  • ‘N’ stands for NEWS: Keeping an eye on the news is vital, because media stories affect the biggest companies in the world on a daily basis. And if you’re listening, these create huge, short-term opportunities…
  • ‘I’ stands for INSTITUTIONS: This is vitally important, because it’s essential to know the direction of money from biggest and most powerful institutional investors. This ‘top 1%’ are crucial to follow, because they’re pretty much guaranteed to know something different to the regular guy on the street.
  • ‘T’ stands for TECHNICAL: Or ‘technical charting’. This is all about the ‘system’ that Options Rocket follows. It covers many things, including Fibonacci retracements, continuation patterns, bottom bouncers, bottom reversals… And if this sounds like gobbeldy gook to you…? Well, that’s the whole reason you’re looking for an expert such as Kyle Dennis to explain and help you carry out such methods.
  • ‘E’ stands for EARNINGS: This lovely word stands for the fact that you can expect to make profits both in the short AND the long term. When you successfully trade options, you can achieve a 100% move on the earnings and own the stock for free, going forward! And exactly how you do this is fully explained in the ongoing education you’ll receive when you sign up to Options Rocket.

In addition to all the educational aspects, Options Rocket is also an advisory service. And the great thing is that you can simply mirror the trades that Kyle Dennis himself makes. And all of this information is passed to you via email or SMS (your choice), so you can truly trade on the move…

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Who the heck is Kyle Dennis?

kyle dennisNow… He might be young (late 20s), but don’t ever let that fool you into thinking that Dennis doesn’t known his stuff. Because this guy is a self-made millionaire many times over in all things trading. But in addition, he’s an awesome creator of systems, AND has a true knack for managing to impart his knowledge to others. This biology degree student from UCLA, he has a particular interest in all things biotech. He focuses solely on biotech in his service Biotech Breakouts.  His other service FDA Insider Alerts is also a top service.  Members of Options Rocket will benefit both from his tuition and his advice in the exact companies in which you need to trade.

Who is Options Rocket for?

Well, Options Rocket really is suitable for every single level of trader – even if you’ve never traded options, or never even traded a single stock in your life! It’s ideal for all account sizes as well – you certainly don’t need to have tens of thousands of bucks to get started.

You will get every tool and piece of advice you need to place your options trades. This information is provided in a simple to follow format, making it suitable for literally everyone who has the lust for making a profit.

The Pros and Cons of Options Rocket

The Pros

  • The I.G.N.I.T.E. system is provided to you in a simple scaled indicator of 1-15. There’s no need for complicated algorithms or systems, because Kyle Dennis gives you his personal pick on options with this easy numerical system.
  • Dennis is a true biotech expert. And by following his advice you can have real insider info.
  • You profit from both biotech boom OR biotech bust!
  • One you’ve followed the video courses, you really don’t need to spend much time on your trading efforts. Literally five minutes per day (or less) is all you need.

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The Cons

  • OK, so we have to say, Options Rocket isn’t cheap! But then, getting the personal advice of a multi-millionaire Wall Street trader was never going to cost peanuts. And, let’s be clear about this, there is no refund policy (although let’s be straight, all of these ‘100% money back guarantees’ aren’t really worth anything anyway. But there is a clear cancellation policy, and you can easily get in contact to prevent any auto-renewal if you’re not happy.

The Bottom Line

Listen up!  Options Rocket is something very different from other options trading products on the market. Different because it actually provides you with something of value – well, two things, actually. Firstly, you get all the information of a top Wall Street trader that you can simply mirror to make your trades. And that, on it’s own, is pretty awesome. But you also get some storming educational videos that allow you to truly grow your own knowledge and become a quality Options trader in your own right – if that’s your goal.

In a nutshell, we have to say that Options Rocket has completely blown us away – and we certainly weren’t expecting it to. If you haven’t yet mastered this tricky way of trading, then Kyle Dennis’s strategy could truly see your fortunes change for the better.  We love it…!

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