Biotech Breakouts – The Nucleus Review – Thoughts About Kyle Dennis’ Service

Turn $25k Into $1 Million Bucks?  In Less Than 4 Years?  Apparently You Too Can Mirror Trader, Kyle Dennis, And Turn A Few Thousand Into A Million Dollar Fortune – Simply By Following His Lead Investing In Biotech…

Does that sound too good to be true?  Yeah, we thought so as well.  But one thing we can’t overlook is that the brains behind The Nucleus, Kyle Dennis, is one money making SOB!  And hey, we’d like some of that – and no doubt you would too.

the nucleus review

But before we go all gung ho and buy into The Nucleus, sanity reigned and we realized that we had to get down and dirty with exactly what the product was all about.  So if you’re thinking of signing up, make sure you read what we found out.  It really could make all the difference – and we have to say, it makes for mighty interesting reading…

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What do you get for your money with Biotech Breakouts The Nucleus?

Right, so what The Nucleus is all about, is to provide you with the very same techniques used by Kyle Dennis (more about him in a bit) to turn $15k into a multi-million dollar fortune trading in the Biotech sector.  In this product he teaches, mentors, advises, and communicates with The Nucleus members in order to allow them the very same information that he himself is trading – live!

It breaks down like this:

  • Live Streaming Access To Kyle’s Personal Trading Screen: Yep – that’s exactly as it sounds. You’ll be able to watch in real time as Kyle makes his profitable trades throughout the day.  The advantage of this is that you’ll see his setups, and the exact methods he uses to execute his short-term day trades, swing trades, investments, and option plays…
  • Daily Video Watch Lists: This really is a key element of being a The Nucleus member.  Because each morning you get a 5-10 minute video recorded by Kyle himself, detailing specific stocks he’s targeting and the exact information he’s looking for when it comes to entry and exit points.
  • Live Intraday Scans to Find Tomorrow’s Winners: Because keeping an eye on future trades is key to success.  So during the last hour of each trading session, Kyle goes live in The Nucleus chat room where he’ll teach you his step-by-step proven process to build a small list for the next trading day.  That way you’ve already done half the work before you’ve even woken up…!
  • Real Time Buy/Sell Alerts via Email and SMS: Because trading profits really are time sensitive, so you need to be aware of these points at the exact moments they happen.

In addition to this, The Nucleus members also get all the great Intel provided by Kyle’s other two products – the FDA Insider Alerts and Lightening Alerts.  In short, these include further catalyst events (including those in bullish markets), live day trading with Keith Kern (another millionaire expert trader), and a huge amount of educational videos all in one convenient library.  These you can use to increase your knowledge and watch them at a time that’s suitable for you.

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Who the heck is Kyle Dennis?

kyle dennisOK, so we certainly can’t cast doubt over Dennis’s success, because he truly did turn $15K into a $3 million dollar fortune in less than 4 years.  Pretty amazing, eh!  He’s certainly tapped into a winning formula, and he’s keen to show others how they too can do the same.  He honestly is an elite stock trader, and he’s keen to pass his expertise onto others.

Dennis shares his winning mindset, his techniques for overcoming self-limiting benefits, and tapped into high-powered strategies for amazing results.  And with his tutoring, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do exactly the same too…

Who is The Nucleus for?

The Nucleus membership is for those who truly yearn to make real and sustained profits from their trading efforts.  If you’re serious about the dream of jacking in your J.O.B and living a super comfortable lifestyle thanks to profits that you know are achievable, but you’ve not yet managed to attain the, then The Nucleus is for you.

In addition to all the above, you also get semi-private mentoring in small, groups (this is an awesome part of being a member of The Nucleus), as well as world-class training and support.

The Pros and Cons of The Nucleus

The Pros

  • The real time buy/sell alerts free you from the constraints of having to be watching your screen every hour of every day. In a way, it’s like giving you your life back…
  • This is a way to get real insider, expert information that isn’t normally available to regular members of the public.
  • No matter what level of trader you might be – being a member of The Nucleus is a fast-track to making the kind of profits that you’ve probably only ever dreamed of…
  • Being mentored by a trading expert is something that is usually reserved for those who can afford to spend tens of thousands to do so. The Nucleus offers such a service to you – yes, you – for a fraction of the cost.

The Cons

  • We know that there’s a limited number of places available in The Nucleus. However, we don’t know how limited this actually is.  If you’re truly serious about wanting to up your trading game, then if you hesitate to join, you might find that when you eventually want to buy in that there’s no places left…

The Bottom Line

We have to say, for anyone who really does want to up the ante, then The Nucleus really does offer bang for your buck.  From the trade alerts to the education to the mentoring, there’s not a lot to dislike about The Nucleus.

Kyle Dennis is one of the world’s whizz kids when it comes to investing and trading in the Biotech industry.  And if you fancy following suit, then becoming a member of The Nucleus would definitely be a smart move.  This one gets a big thumbs up from us – and that really is saying something…

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