Lightning Alerts Review – Kyle Dennis & Keith Kern Legit?

A Chat Room…!  To Get The Intel You Need To Make The Trades That’ll Bring You Super-Profits…  We’re Listening – But We Make No Bones About It – We’re Extremely Cynical.  Sound’s Like A Marketing Ploy To Us…

Let’s make one thing clear up front.  We trawl through a lot of trading products.  And we mean, A LOT!  And we see all kinds of advertising bull that’s designed to do one thing, and one thing only: make you part with your hard earned cash…

lightning alerts review

So when we came across Lightening Alerts, and their ‘chat room’ sales pitch, we have to admit to smelling a rat…  Because, of course, if you can offer something different, then that’s half the battle when it comes to making sales.

But hey – they’ve got our attention.  And obviously yours too.  So that left us with only one choice: to dig deep into the bones of Lightening Alerts.  The following is what we discovered.  We think you’ll agree that it’s verryyyy interesting…

What do you get for your money with Lightning Alerts?

OK, so Lightening Alerts is a day and short term swing trading service for those who want in and out, with profits coming in fast.  It’s a product designed by two expert traders, Kyle Dennis and Keith Kern (more about them in a moment), to give ‘trigger happy’ traders exactly the information they need in this fast moving environment.

When you buy in, you get the following:

  • The State of the Art Chat Room: So, this is the USP of Lightening Alerts.  This specially designed chat room is where the experts at Lightening Alerts teach you how to trade – using real money, not simulated trades.  In addition, all the trades are posted though a written field, and explanations are made via audio.
  • 2 Carefully Curated Watch Lists: You get the expertise of both Kyle and Keith on a daily basis.  These are personal stock lists of these millionaire traders, with clearly identified buy, hold, and sell zones.  You also get their overall commentary on stock market indexes, as well as ETFs.
  • Real Time Lightening BUY/Sell Alerts: Because the key to successful trading is speed, these are sent to you by both email and SMS, with actionable information included.
  • Live Day Trading: With Keith Kern, so you can discover his exact moves in identifying cart setups, monitoring activity, and intraday setups.
  • Exclusive Educational Content: Unique videos created by these super-minds of Kyle and Keith, available for you to digest at a time convenient to you.
  • The Community: A private community of active traders – just like you – who all have the same aim: To learn more about trading and, most importantly, make killer profits on a regular basis.

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Who the heck are Kyle Dennis and Keith Kern?

biotech breakoutsSo, both Kyle Dennis and Kern are multi-millionaire traders.  With careers spanning over two decades, there’s not a lot these guys don’t know about making real, sustainable profits.  And hey – there’s a load of blurb in their advertising that says they’ve made their millions, could retire young and rich, but love sharing their methods and teaching folks just like you – blah, blah, blah… Yuk!

We’re not stupid, guys.  You’ve created Lightening Alerts to make money – pure and simple.  And hey – that’s OK!  Because as long as it helps us make profits too, we don’t give a flying (insert your chosen expletive) how much you make.  As long as your product makes us mucho dollars as well…

Who is Lightning Alerts for?

Well, Lightening Alerts is targeting those who already know a bit about trading – but could benefit from some expert advice.  And let’s be honest, who of us doesn’t need such Intel?  We like the educational factor of the product as well, but we have to say that the complete rookie might find this a bit of a challenge.

We’d say that Lightening Alerts will benefit the enthusiastic amateur, as well as those a bit further down the trading path too.  And it’ll definitely suit those who’re time constrained when it comes to their trading activities, as it really does remove the necessities of pouring over charts for hours on end.

The Pros and Cons of Lightning Alerts

The Pros

  • Lightening Alerts really does do as the name suggests: It provides you with exactly the information you need on trades and potential trades at the moment they happen – and not a second later. As we all know, time = profit, when it comes to trading…
  • The chat room aspect is unique, and really does get the point across in an innovative manner.
  • This could become an invaluable asset for the day trader and short term swing trader who wants to get in and out as fast as possible, with the largest profits possible.
  • The educational aspect of Lightening Alerts is also very valuable. This is up to the minute training that will help you become more individual and confident in making your own trading decisions.

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The Cons

  • We have to say… Ditch your advertising people, guys. All that crap about choosing not to retire because you want to spread the love and knowledge…  People are far too savvy to fall for that…  Your target market is hard-nosed professionals who simply haven’t got time for emotional tugs such as this.

The Bottom Line

OK, so trashy advertising aside, we have to say that Lightning Alerts does exactly as it says on the tin.  Not only that, you get the inside advice from not one, but two multi-millionaire trading experts.  And that, we have to say, is a pretty good deal.

For anyone who realizes that it’s fruitless to spend hours pouring over charts and tables, and would rather spend a little money to get the inside story from experts as to which trades to consider, then Lightning Alerts could be the best purchase you’ll ever make.

It certainly gets a gold star from us.  And if you buy in, we’re pretty damn confident that you’ll agree too…

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