Raging Bull Options Vortex Review – How’s Jeff Bishop & Kyle Dennis’ Programs?

A Double Whammy Trading Service That Gives You The Wisdom Of Not One, But Two Experts’ Methods To Make Big Bucks…! Sounds Like A Bargain, Eh…? But Hold On A Moment, Mate. Do You Really, Really Need Them…?

raging bull options vortex reviewWhen it comes to Options trading, it’s quite simple… You either love ‘em…. Or you hate ‘em.  And it takes a brave person to change from what their gut instinct tells them about this very particular type of investments. Soooo…. If you fall firmly in the camp of the latter (and that’ll be about 80+% of people), then you might as well stop reading now.

However…. If you’re the kind of person who realizes that in order to make life changing amounts of money then you need to do something a little different…? Well, it’s time to read on… Because the Raging Bull Options Vortex is probably something that’s piqued your interest. And well it should. ‘Cos on offer for a very short amount of time is not one, but two of Raging Bull’s top services – Weekly Money Multiplier and Options Rocket.

But before you head straight in and send them your hard earned cash, you need to take a minute to understand exactly what you’re buying into. Because these products aren’t cheap… And, as with anything to do with the scary world of Options, it really is a case of buyer beware…

You can learn more about Weekly Money Multiplier click here.

You can learn more about Options Rocket click here.

What do you get for your money with Raging Bull Options Vortex?

OK, so in short Raging Bull Options Vortex is a once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on two sought after research advisories. These are the Weekly Money Multiplier by Jeff Bishop, and Options Rocket by Kyle Dennis.

Both of these are laser targeted on Options trading, and are all about bringing in regular, substantial profits. Both guys are experts in their fields but come to the party from very different angles. And that’s what makes the two services compliment each other so well. So let’s take a look at what each provides.

First off – Weekly Money Multiplier:

  • A Complete Education Section: This is, we’re happy to say, wonderful easy to follow – even if you’ve ever traded before in your life. A simple to follow, strategic course will have you confidently understanding all you need to know about trading Options
  • Over the Shoulder Trading: So you can watch Jeff himself as he trades, discovering exactly why he makes the moves he does, and see the consistent profits he draws in.

  • The Mastermind Video Library: Ongoing trading instruction. Because you can never have too much knowledge to keep mastering your craft.
  • Trade Alerts: These come direct to your cell (or whatever smart device you choose), so you’re always kept completely in the loop – at the perfect time – to bring in the weekly returns that Bishop’s service proves time and time again are truly possible when trading Options.
  • Full Detailed Email List Alerts: In addition, when anything changes you also receive a complete list of all the open trades in the Weekly Money Multiplier portfolio.

And then there’s Options Rocket, which once again is both an educational and advisory service. Dennis has created an incredible system, knowns as I.G.N.I.T.E that’s laser proven to home in on the exact Options you need to bring in what could realistically be some serious profits:

  • The Educational Portion: Here you get the complete lowdown on exactly what you need to know to successfully trade in this manner. Study at your leisure, and follow the videos from grass roots level right through to advanced. Once completed you really will be a competent Options trader in your own right…
  • The Advisory Service: All the alerts you could hope for whenever you need to make a move. You can choose to get the via email or SMS (or both), and then rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll be pinged at the exact time you need to make a move.
  • Full Intel on the I.G.N.I.T.E System: That the whole service is based on. It stands for Insiders, Growth, News, Institutions, Technical, Earnings. And another important aspect to know is that Kyle Dennis is passionate about all things biotech – so you can expect a huge amount of expertise in this boom making field…!

Who the heck are Jeff Bishop and Kyle Dennis?

jeffbishop and kyledennis raging bull option vortexWell, both of these guys need little introduction. Jeff Bishop is the brains behind Weekly Money Multiplier is, in short, a mathematical genius. He’s got a freakishly high IQ, and this certainly makes him the ideal candidate to be uber successful in his trading efforts. This multi-millionaire has thousands of folks following his words of wisdom to make their own fortunes. He’s the founder of Raging Bull, and – quite simply – damn brilliant at what he does…!

Kyle Dennis, on the other hand, has a totally different mindset. This guy is a system creator. And it’s this brilliance that you’re buying into with his advice. He’s made millions trading, but also has the uncanny knack of being able to impart his knowledge to others. The tuition that he provides via Options Rocket is awesome. And it’s no wonder his fan base is growing on a global basis literally day by day…

Who is Raging Bull Options Vortex for?

The two products combined together to make up the Raging Bull Options Vortex cover pretty much all bases you’ll ever need to have the very best chance possible to make big bucks trading options. If you’ve got a real lust for profit… If you understand that you need to think outside the box to make life changing amounts of money… If you get that it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing (and whose advice they’re following), it’s what you do in the here and now that matters… In short, if you’re savvy enough to comprehend that fortune favors the bold, then Raging Bull Options Vortex will cover everything you need to potentially make the fortune that you just KNOW is possible to achieve, if only you had the right advice…

The Pros and Cons of Raging Bull Options Vortex

The Pros:

  • In both of the Raging Bull Options Vortex advisories you can rest assured that there’s nothing complicated to have to muddle through. Both services are designed to be easy to use, and to allow you to trade in just a few minutes per day.
  • Both work no matter which way the markets are swinging…
  • Can truly bring the possibility of making double or triple digit gains in a short amount of time (typically less than two weeks!).
  • You don’t need to be rich to get started. A few hundred bucks as a starting stake is more than enough to get going with.

The Cons:

  • The worst thing about Raging Bull Options Vortex…? Well that’s that it’s a seriously limited offer. Both of the services have a finite number of places, so this multi-option has even less openings. So if you want in, then you’d best move fast…

The Bottom Line

Well… We have to say that for the budding Options trader, Raging Bull Options Vortex really is a once in a lifetime opportunity! This has to be the first time we’ve ever come across such a combination product – and the quality of both services really are second to none. We love the fact that each is both an advisory AND provides education. That way it brings truly successful options trading to anyone with the balls to do it.

If you want to get into this high octane investing strategy, then the combined brilliance that is Raging Bull Options Vortex really could see you making life changing amounts of money. And it certainly gets the thumbs up from us…