Switch Trade Alert Review – How’s Matthew Carr’s Advisory?

Want A Research Advisory That Actively Seeks Out Volatility, Downturn, And Chaos…? Got The Stomach For Crisis, And Realize That For The Savvy Investor This Actually Equals Opportunity…? Well, Apparently, This Is The Service You’ve Been Searching For…

switch trade alert review… Or so the clever wordsmiths behind Switch Trade Alert would have us believe. But is it simply empty promises, or can The Oxford Club and Matthew Carr’s latest investment advisory honestly bring you spectacular returns with this hugely aggressive strategy…?

Well, we don’t know about you. But we were desperate to find out… Because, let’s face it. Real stock market money is made by the brave, by those who have the tenacity to think outside the box, and…. by those with a little bit of insider information at just the right time.

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Now, Switch Trade Alert seems, on the outside, to tick all of those boxes. But we’ve been burned way too many times before to simply take their word for it. So our only option was to dive right in and find out the real truth behind the claims. And if you’re thinking of buying in, then you need to read what we found out.

Because all is certainly not as it seems…

What do you get for your money with Switch Trade Alert?

So, the USP of Switch Trade Alert is that you’re actively targeting companies that are highly likely to have a massive correction in the near future. In short, you’re going to be betting on the fact that the company is about to fail in a spectacular fashion.

And the crucial aspect of this is that the few people who happen to be in the right place at the right time stand to earn what could amount to a fortune. So, with Switch Trade Alert you’ll be investing in companies that are over valued, badly managed, and simply unsustainable.

Still with us…? Then we’ll continue. Because what most investors fail to understand is that such companies offer an incredible opportunity to make big money. And by using the unique proprietary system of Switch Trade Alert, you can purchase a Switch Trade’ a type of options trade that allows you to collect huge gains when a stock that’s been rising begins to change direction and fall in line with what it’s actually worth.

And there are dozens of such companies that will provide you with a swift (and often enormous) potential for gains.

So let’s take a look at exactly what you get when you sign up:

  • Special Report – How to Collect 1,000%+ Gains on Your First Three Switch Trades: Step by step details on how you can invest in 3 such companies RIGHT NOW! Each one is designed to bring you huge gains as the companies are ripe for a big correction…

  • The Monthly Switch Trade Alert Newsletter: Each containing one to three switch trade recommendations. So up to 36 opportunities over the next 12 months to collect gains of 1,000% or more. You’ll get the complete details and analysis of each, and the exact details you need to invest and make your personal profits.
  • Weekly Updates: On every single open recommendation, so you’re never left guessing on where you stand with that particular company.
  • The Switch Trade Handbook: This is your step by step guide on everything you’ll ever need to know to execute a switch trade. And, most importantly, how you can reduce your risk by a massive amount.

And, just in case you buy in and realize that actually, you’re not the kind of trader who want’ to be in with the chance to make massive profits as the stocks fall, Switch Trade Alert comes with an amazing guarantee. And that’s if you want, at any time, to back out, you can swop your membership for any other of The Oxford Club’s other advisory services (and there’s ones suitable for all risk level – so if you don’t like this one, then there’s sure to be something else that’s more suited to you).

Who the heck is Matthew Carr?

matthew carr switch trader alertEmerging Trends Strategist, Matthew Carr, is certainly well placed to lead such an advisory service. With over 20 years of financial experience, he’s a true guru when it comes to cutting edge markets, moving markets, volatility, and – most importantly – a bringer of multiple outsized gains over the years.

He’s brought his brilliance to The Oxford Club for a few years now, and is the editor of some of their best performing services (such as Dynamic Fortunes and Switch Trade Alert). In short, he’s one of the most successful traders of the past couple of decades, with win after win after win, especially in volatile and challenging markets…

Who is Switch Trade Alert for?

Are you a brave trader…? And by that, we mean someone who’s able to keep their head when all others are losing theirs? Do you have the stomach to make bold moves when all around you are panicking and making stupid moves…? If so, then you really are the perfect person to take advantage of the Intel you’ll get in Switch Trade Alert.

And the best thing is that you don’t need to be an experienced trader to do so. Because as long as you’re savvy, then the ins and outs of each trade recommendation will be provided to you. All you need bring to the party is the desire to make profits (potentially huge ones), and the fire in your belly to make aggressive (yet strategic) moves and trades…

The Pros and Cons of Switch Trade Alert

The Pros:

  • Fast profits, sometimes within days!
  • Incredibly predictable. Because if you know what you’re looking for, spotting a company that’s about to plunge off a cliff is far easier than finding one that actually increases in value.
  • Massively increase your chances of making some life changing profits on market corrections, at a time when most people are panicking and losing their heads (and their money!).
  • Make big (sometimes enormous) profits on some of today’s biggest corporate ticking time bombs.

The Cons:

  • Will not suit everyone. This is investing for the brave (or simply, the savvy) investor who isn’t averse to doing the complete opposite to the masses. But hey! Isn’t it the masses who lose each and every time there’s a correction? And only those brave and bold who stand to make life changing amounts of money…? Food for thought, wouldn’t you say…?

The Bottom Line

Wow, oh wow, oh wow…! We have to say, we’re seriously impressed….! Because Switch Trade Alert is going to make some people very rich indeed… But – and this is a big but, it’ll only be you if you’ve got some pretty big cahonas, my friend! This is not a research advisory for the cautious. This is not a research advisory for those who think savings accounts, blue chips, and all the other safe investing choices are a good move (and by safe, we actually mean virtually pointless, if you ever want to become rich)…

But if you’re out there to make that retirement pot… If you’re trading to change your future… If you’re investing to put the kids through college, or have those vacations you and the family deserve… And let’s face it, isn’t that the reason we all do it…? Well then, Switch Trade Alert really could be what you’ve been searching for. Because this really is, ‘The One, there’s no doubt about it. Awesome, that’s all we can say… Awesome…!

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