Weekly Money Multiplier Review – What’s The Deal With Jeff Bishop’s Program?

A Brand New Options Strategy That Could Double Your Money Overnight…?  Has Jeff Bishop Finally Lost The Plot…?  Because If Such A Thing Were Truly Possible, Then Everyone Would Be Doing It, Right…?

 weekly money multiplier review

So, we’re big admirers of Jeff Bishop – an uber-intelligent Wall Street trader who’s made himself and his students millions of bucks over and over…  So when we came across his Weekly Money Multiplier, we were, naturally, extremely interested.

But when any advertising starts throwing around terms such as ‘double and triple digit returns, week in week out’, then we have to say that much as we love Jeff, our cynical siren starts a-wailing…

So this left us with only one choice.  And that was to jump between the sheets of Weekly Money Multiplier, and discover if it really could deliver on its ‘seems to good to be true’ promises…

If you’re planning on buying into this brand new method of options trading, then we highly recommend you read what we found out.  We think you’ll find it very interesting indeed…

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What do you get for your money with Weekly Money Multiplier?

Ok, so Weekly Money Multiplier provides you with everything you need to learn and successfully pull in a regular, substantial, weekly income from your option trading efforts.  This is a long-term strategy, giving detailed instructions on how to get started, and then incredibly expert tutorage on how to increase your own knowledge to make you a great trader in your own right.  And, of course, you get Jeff’s trade alerts, directly to your cell phone.

The whole Weekly Money Multiplier product breaks down like this:

  • The Exclusive Options Trading Course: Beautifully simple to follow, even the complete rookie can confidently follow Jeff’s instructions to become happily competent in next to no time.
  • The Full Mastermind Video Library: Yet more instructional videos to further your knowledge.  These are great for the more advanced trader.
  • Full Detailed Email List Alerts: As and when anything on the list changes, you’ll receive an immediate email, meaning you’re always one step ahead of the game.
  • Real Time SMS Trade Alerts: Straight to your cell, so you never miss out on a move that will help net you the large weekly returns you’re aiming for.
  • Over The Shoulder Trading: Yep, you can literally view Jeff’s personal options trading account, learning exactly how and why he makes the moves he does.  These aren’t staged, they’re his real money trades – a massively beneficial way to understand more about he ins and outs of why this guy is such an extraordinarily successful Wall Street Trader.

Who the heck is Jeff Bishop?

jeff bishop weekly money multiplierMensa member, Bishop, has an abnormally high IQ.  And it’s this fact that allows him to have a unique insight to stock market analysis.  This mathematical genius is certainly no ordinary trader, and his results don’t need any hype – because they speak for themselves.

Thy guy is simply a multi-millionaire Wall Street trading guru, with thousands of students of his methods having made their own fortunes, all thanks to his teachings and methods.  With more than two decades of trading experience, he honestly is the real deal.  He’s the founder of popular trading websites such as Raging Bull and Top Stock Picks.  We could go on extolling his virtues, but we think you get the picture…

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Who is Weekly Money Multiplier for?

This unique options trading strategy is for anyone who wants the most guaranteed method of pulling in substantial and regular profits from their efforts.  And thanks to the highly educational portion of Weekly Money Multiplier, everyone can take advantage of it – from the complete novice through to the seasoned trader.

If you’re keen to continue to learn more about trading options, then this is well covered.  The whole ethos behind Weekly Money Multiplier is that you become a ‘student’ of Jeff’s, and he shows you the very methods he himself uses to continually amaze his peers and colleagues who, hard as they might try, can never quite emulate his incredible success.

The Pros and Cons of Weekly Money Multiplier

The Pros

  • You can work your trades from anywhere there’s an Internet or cell phone connection. In fact, it’s so easy you can literally carry out all your trading directly from your cell – making this a truly mobile service.
  • Weekly Money Multiplier is a one-stop-shop for both education AND trade alerts. The thing is about options trading is that you never stop learning.  And this course provides everything you need to continually upgrade your knowledge, while giving the trade alerts you need to act on.
  • You get instant, real time SMS trade alerts that give you both the pricing and the goal you should be looking to achieve.
  • These option alerts are proving time and time again that they can deliver double or triple digit gains in less than two weeks!

The Cons

  • Well, there’s only a limited amount of places available within Weekly Money Multiplier. And once they’re gone – they’re gone…!  So if you want in, then you need to act fast.  Or end up forever disappointed…

The Bottom Line

Well, well…  Bishop really has done it again.  Because despite our initial cynicism, Weekly Money Multiplier is an excellent product that’ll be snapped up in next to no time by those who already know how incredibly valuable his products really are.

We particularly like that this is an ongoing product.  And by that we mean that it’s all about continuing to increase your own knowledge through excellent educational content, as well as the trading alerts you need to assist you in your weekly efforts.

Double and triple digit gains really are possible, and pretty much all of Jeff’s students are managing to rapidly increase their net worth by following his methods.  If options trading is your thing, then the Weekly Money Multiplier could well be the most valuable purchase you ever make.  It certainly gets the OK from us – once again Jeff Bishop proves why he’s the mega-success that he is today…

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