Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading Review

Not Again…!  Yet Another ‘Guaranteed’ Method That’ll See You Fast-Tracking To Becoming A ‘Winning Stock Trader’…  And In Only A Few Minutes Per Week…!  We Have To Say, Such Products Are Becoming Two-A-Penny, And We’re Going To Take A Lot Of Convincing…

Now, we all want to hear about nice, low-risk stocks that we can resell for a nice profit.  If only it was that easy!  But Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading is promising just that – if, of course, we buy into their product…

jason bond picks swing trading and long term trading review

With promises of profits such as $500 bucks a day, we have to say that a) we’re interested, and b) we’re truly cynical.  But never let it be said that we dismiss such a product without giving it the chance to impress us (or otherwise).

Naturally this meant we had to jump into bed with Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading and cozy up nicely, simply to discover its bedroom secrets…  And if you’re thinking of a purchase, then we highly recommend you take a couple of minutes to read what we found out.

We think you’ll be mighty glad that you did…

What do you get for your money with Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading?

OK, so Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading is a trade alert and education program designed to help you bring in a sustained profit from your trading efforts.  It covers both Swing Trading and Long-Term Trading.

When you opt in, you’re buying into the following:

  • Trade alerts: 3-5 swing trade alerts per week on stocks under $10 with 1-4 day hold times.  3-7 open long-term trades each week.
  • An extensive watch list: Of carefully selected stocks with long-term potential for excellent gains.
  • Daily watch list: For your swing trades, with a goal of making $100,000 per year in profits from swing trades alone.
  • Email and text alerts: In real time for your swing trading, and for your long-term trades, every time Jason Bond himself buys or sells a stock.
  • Education Suite: 24 hour access to the full education suite that’s crammed full of videos and valuable content – all designed to help you increase your trading knowledge and become even more successful over time.
  • How To Trade Like A Pro: Jason’s top selling DVD that provides you with every bit of inside info and education you need to further understand the ins and outs of successful trading.

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So who the heck is Jason Bond?

jason bondBond is well known for his massive success in day and swing trading.  He turned his head to providing education to similar minded people back in 2011, and since then has helped thousands make excellent and sustainable profits in their own trading efforts.

His ethos is that whilst he wants to show people exactly when he’s buying and selling, his goal is to provide education so that you can eventually learn to trade independently – simply using his efforts as a guide to help you along the way.

Who is Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading for?

The great thing about Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading is that it suits both the rookie and the more advanced trader.  Thanks to a combination of both education AND trade alerts, you can mix and match as you become more proficient at understanding the markets yourself.

The Pros and Cons of Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading

The Pros

  • Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading covers both swing trades AND long term trading. The aim for swing trade profits is around $100K per year (and has a conservative 5-20% rinse and repeat style), and for long-term trades to reach a return exceeding 100% in just months.
  • Designed to help you make money without having to pour over charts or be chained to your computer for hours each day.
  • Perfect for the busy professional who knows how to make serious money trading long term, but simply doesn’t have the time to follow the markets in enough depth to do so.
  • Works for both small accounts and those who invest multiple thousands (or more) in their trades.

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The Cons

  • Listen up. Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading does work for both the novice and experienced trader.  BUT you do need to put a little effort in.  You can’t blindly follow what Bond does and expect to make the same profits – because you’re getting his trade alerts after the event.  And as we all know, minutes mean dollars when it comes to trades.  However, with a little bit of common sense, it really is possible to make excellent and sustained profits following his proven system.

The Bottom Line

So, we have to say that when we first came across Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading we had to stop ourselves from yawning…  After all, there’s a thousand and one seemingly similar products on the market right now.

But actually, we of all folks should know never to judge a book by its cover.  And despite its (in our humble opinion) pretty dismal advertising, Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading is one of the better such products out there right now.  We don’t know why they’re not pushing the excellent educational section that’s included – because that really is a goldmine.  For both the beginner and those with a few miles under their belt, you’re gonna learn a whole heap of stuff here.

Plus you know that you’re following a proven system created by Jason Bond himself, AND getting instant trade alerts pretty much as soon as they happen.  SMS messages direct to your cell means that you can make the trade almost instantly, so ensuring maximum profit.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a trade alert program that will actively make you a better trader (not simply mirroring someone else), and want to cut your trading time down to minutes per day, then you really should consider Jason Bond Picks Swing Trading and Long Term Trading.  It certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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