Lightning Trend Trader Review (2019) – How’s Marc Lichtenfeld’s Service?

Want To ‘Ride The Lightening?’ In other Words, Put Your Money In Companies That Are Just About To Go Stratospheric – And Do It Just Before The Information Hits The Main Stream… Ha! If Only… Because We’ve Seen So Many Such Promises Before, And Few (If Any) Can Ever Live Up To Such Massive Claims…

lightning trend trader reviewYou might think that we’re cynical – but actually, yes we are. And with very good reason…. Because we look at a whole bunch of research advisory services – and most of them aren’t simply useless, they’re worse! Because following unsuitable trading advice really can cost you big…

So of course, when we came across Lightning Trend Trader and it’s headline grabbers such as ‘this time next year you could become a millionaire’ we immediately become very, very twitchy…

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But the one saving grace this service has is that it’s brought to us by the team at The Oxford Club, and one Marc Lichtenfeld (more about him in a mo…). So naturally we decided that the only way to get the real truth was to find out for ourselves. Cue an in-depth discovery into exactly what you can expect from Lightening Trend Trader. And, we have to say, it certainly wasn’t what we thought it was gonna be, that’s for sure…

What do you get for your money with Lightning Trend Trader?

OK, so Lightening Trend Trader is all about getting the very best expert advice in the biotech field. It’s expertise is provided by a true industry expert with an incredible track record. This is all about managing to invest in a company just before it starts its journey to stardom – and then riding the crest of the wave and the profits that it brings.

The product breaks down like this:

  • How To Become A Drug Royalty Millionaire in 1 Year: This report might sound completely OTT, but it really is achievable. And within these pages you’ll find out exactly how. Follow the exact steps to make a potential 3,000% on this small biotech company.
  • The Current Lightening Trend Trader Portfolio: The complete open portfolio on the current model. Many of these have buy recommendations that you can act on straight away, safe in the knowledge that they are primed to hit their won Lightening Strike imminently (at the latest, in the next few months).

  • The Monthly Lightening Strike Recommendations: One to three more new recommendations each and every month – direct to your email. These will include all you need to know about the company/s, and why they’re poised for success
  • Instant Profit Alerts: By SMS and email, so you’re fully positioned to take decisive action at exactly the right moment.
  • Portfolio Updates: Top of the line research on the markets and every open recommendation so you can decide if it’s the trade for you.
  • The Genesis Cure: How to Profit From the Biggest Medical Breakthrough in History: A jaw dropping report on a company that is poised to begin its own stratospheric rise, and the exact reasons why you should be investing now.

Who the heck is Marc Lichtenfeld?

marc lichtenfeld lightning trend traderMarc Lichtenfeld is Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club, and he’s damn good at what he does. He has an illustriously successful history as a trader, senior analyst and fund manager, and is a true expert in the biotech sector. His track record show that he’s outperformed the S&P 500 and S&P Healthcare Index by a massive margin. He’s dedicated his career to bringing in gargantuan gains. Since his time at The Oxford Club he’s brought his followers no less than 133 triple and quadruple digit gains…! Now that, we have to say, is some track record…!

Who is Lightning Trend Trader for?

Lightening Trend Trader is the perfect trading advisory for the regular guy (or gal) – and we firmly include ourselves in that group – because this is staunchly aimed at those who don’t trade for a living, but who want to truly profit from the same level of advice that’s usually only available to big corporations, hedge funds, and the uber-wealthy…

It’s a great product for those who want to see big gains in short amount of times, and don’t want to tie their funds up for months or years on end for measly single digit gains. And it’s simple to follow, so can be easily utilized by even the most rookie of trader. It’s also suitable for those who trade as a hobby, either in retirement or still in employment, as it’ll dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend on your weekly trading efforts.

The Pros and Cons of Lightning Trend Trader

The Pros:

  • Simple to follow, thanks to the detailed instructions you get with each recommendation.
  • A great track record of bringing triple and quadruple digit profits in the hard to conquer biotech industry.
  • Gives a very real chance of dramatically increasing your net worth.
  • Lightning Strike moments, which is what the service identifies, honestly do bring life changing amounts of profits. And this is a very real, very valid service which specializes in bringing you these exact opportunities.

The Cons:

  • OK, so we have to say that the biggest ‘con’ would be the rather over-egged advertising that keeps promising to make millionaires. If they say it once, they say it a dozen times… And yes, whilst Lightening Trend Trader can bring in some extraordinary gains, you must be aware that such massive millionaire making events are the exception rather than the rule. You’re far better off to think of this as a way to bring in regular, above average profits, that in the longer term really can increase your net worth. That way you’re being completely realistic. And if you do hit a mega win, then that’s just a massive bonus…

The bottom linesatisfaction guarantee lightning trend trader

Well, if you want to get into the Biotech field of trading (and why wouldn’t you, because if you get it right it really can bring amazing profits) then Lightning Trend Trader is perhaps one of the best every advisory services we’ve ever come across. And, believe us when we say it, we certainly don’t give that kind of recommendation lightly.

Yes, it’s perhaps a little higher risk than other industries – but that’s why it brings back such amazing gains when you get it right. And, let’s be honest here, the key to making profits is to reduce that risk as much as is humanly possible. With the advice you get from Lightning Trend Trader and Marc Lichtenfeld, this is exactly what you get – as low a risk as you’ll ever find. We have no hesitation in saying that this really is a top quality service. And with the double satisfaction guarantee it comes with (full money credit or swop to any other service from The Oxford Club), you can buy in with confidence. Lightning Trend Trader certainly gets the OK from us – and then some…!

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