Penny Pot Profits Review – What Is The Deal With It?

Get as much as $1,245,558 from a mere $100 investment in penny stocks?  Is this for real?  This truly sounds like something too good to be true, which is exactly why we decided to dive deep into the strategy behind such a move and the credibility of it.

penny pot profits review

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Who is Ray Blanco?

ray blanco penny pot profitsRay Blanco, the brain behind Penny Pot Profits, is the go-to person when it comes to the pot stock market. He is not the first to note the tremendous potential behind pot stocks, but he just may be the one that makes the biggest promise. Now, Ray has some real credibility to his name, as he appeared on Fox Business to discuss the pot stock market, among other media outlets.  He is also editor of another great service Technology Profits Confidential.

What strategy is behind Penny Pot Profits?

Well, the main factor that this strategy is built upon is an event happening on 6th of November, which is the US election. Besides the election of various government officials, one of the main things the Congress is going to vote on is – pot. If we take into consideration the fact that states that legalized marijuana, namely Colorado and California, brought a tremendous increase in value for marijuana-based businesses. There is more than enough info to figure out a pattern that is emerging for every state that legalizes pot and people can take advantage of those patterns.

Another piece of information upon which it can be concluded that the pot market is going to explode is the new announcement from World Health Organization (WHO) and their opinion on marijuana and the health benefits and threats it possesses.

Ray and his team employ the knowledge gained in their line of work in combination with various bits and pieces of information to identify penny pot stocks that are going to bring you enormous gains. But, in addition to that, Ray also utilizes a $265,000 supercomputer in his search for the next big penny stocks. This supercomputer is able to make 9 million calculations every month, in order to identify the best available penny pot stocks. The computer sends out an alert to Ray, every single time it identifies the next penny pot stock that is about to hit it big.

What is Penny Pot Profits?

trading playbook

  • Penny Pot Flashes: Penny Pot Flashes are alerts that will guide you through the whole process of how to make serious gains, with just $100 investment. You will get 2-3 Penny Pot Flashes every single month.
  • Text message alerts: When trading penny stocks, timing is everything, which is exactly why you will be getting text message notifications for the best possible times to buy and sell penny stocks.
  • Penny Pot Stock Quick Start Guide: You will get immediate access to 2 video series that showcase the best penny pot stocks which you can invest in right away.
  • Penny Pot Index: Penny Pot Index has a chart for virtually all pot stocks out there.
  • Green Light, Red Light — How to Know Exactly When to Buy and Sell for the Biggest Pot Market Gains!  A complete guide teaching you how to use the Penny Pot Index and make the most out of penny pot stocks.
  • A ticket for Penny Pot Stock Investor’s Conference:  If you join the Penny Pot Profits community, you will get an exclusive chance to join the first Penny Pot Stock Investor’s Conference, which is going to be hosted by Ray Blanco.
  • The Legalization Tracker:  When you join the Penny Pot Profits, you will also get access to the Legalization Tracker, which tracks the level of marijuana legality in all the states.
  • Unlimited access to in-house customer service:  By joining the Penny Pot Profits, you will get access to a dedicated customer service team, which is not outsourced but kept in-house (in Baltimore), instead.

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Penny Pot Profits was the first research service that exploited in various ways you can make a lot of money trading penny stocks in the marijuana market. The process of identifying which penny stocks are going to make a break for it starts with the supercomputer generating an alert. After that, Ray and his team thoroughly analyze the stocks recommended by the supercomputer and if they deem it worthy, they notify you of what to do next.

Another perk of joining the Penny Pot Profits is the quick start guide that showcases the best possible opportunities for both the US and Canada legal marijuana markets. This is complemented by Penny Pot Index, which showcases the development of various penny pot stocks in form of charts.

Since Penny Pot Profits needs to remain fairly exclusive, in order to avoid additional volatility on the penny pot stocks market, the price tag had to be rather significant. Currently, it stands at $2,000. However, while the majority of investment subscription services charge a similar sum for just one year, for $2,000 you will get lifetime access to Penny Pot Profits. However, if and when pot becomes legal in the whole of the US, Penny Pot Profits will cease to exist. In addition to that, there are no refunds for the Penny Pot Profits service.

The Pros And Cons of Penny Pot Profits

The Pros

  • Penny Pot Profits is ideal for traders who can be dubbed as thrill seekers, as the plays it recommends are quite nerve wrecking. This is not a long-game play, but instead, it aims to make you rich in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • The recommendations are backed up by calculations of a $265,000 supercomputer that makes more than 9 million calculations a month. In addition to that, every play recommended by the computer is vetted by Ray Blanco and his team.
  • With Penny Pot Profits, you will get an abundance of additional resources that can help you understand everything you need to know about penny pot stocks and how to make the best possible plays on the penny pot market.
  • You will be getting both email and text alerts when to buy and sell your stocks, as well as full support from an in-house customer support team.

The Cons

  • Trading penny stocks bring a higher amount of risk and you should note that it might be possible that you will lose money on some of these plays.
  • There are no refunds, which would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that marijuana might get legalized in all 50 states.

Bottom Line

Penny Pot Profits might be an ideal solution for all the people looking to get rich quickly by trading in penny pot stocks. If you consider yourself to be one of those people, you should carefully weigh your options, as there are no refunds for this service.

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