Precision Profits Review – How’s Michael Carr’s Service?

Michael Carr’s Precision Profits counts on his experience of calculating the trajectories of nuclear missiles to do the same for select options trading stocks. This is definitely a bold strategy that might just work, which is exactly why we decided to delve deep into the subject matter, in our search for valuable insights.

michael carr's precision profits review

Who is Michael Carr?

michael carr michael carr's precision profitsMichael Carr is a 30-year veteran of the stock market industry and he worked with some of the biggest names, such as Steve Forbes and Warren Buffet. Precision Profits is a product of Michael’s dedication and expertise in the stock market and trading. Unlike some other veterans of the industry, Michael decided to grab the chance he saw in options trading and made a lot of money, as a result.

What strategy is behind Michael Carr’s Precision Profits?

The strategy behind Michael’s trade recommendations relies on a sophisticated algorithm, which is used to predict the exact moment when to buy or sell option trades. This algorithm is based upon a version that was used to calculate the trajectories of nuclear missiles, so it is safe to say it is rather precise.

The strategy behind Precision Profits has been thoroughly researched and tested over the last 3 years. The improved version that went live recently is expected to make even better results in the coming days. The strategy entices that you focus solely on options trading and forego all the downsides of stock trading. By doing this Michael and his team are able to identify profit windows for select stocks. However, these profit windows can predict how to make a profit with options trading even if the actual stock goes down.

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What is Michael Carr’s Precision Profits?

    • Trade Alerts & Updates
      You will get 3-4 trade alerts each month, with each and single one having the potential to make 100% gains.
    • Weekly Updates
      You will get weekly market updates, which will lay out the details of how the stock market is moving, week in and week out. In addition to that, you will get an update on all your open positions.
    • 24/7 Access to a Members-Only Encrypted Website
      You will get access to a premium website that contains all the past calls Michaels has made, as well as any reports and videos Michaels has released.
    • The Model Portfolio
      The Model Portfolio contains every past recommendation Michael has made, as well as all the accompanying info. In addition to that, the portfolio has recommendations on future trades, as well as the recommended amount of investment.
    • Precision Profits trading manual
      This trading manual contains everything you need to know about Precision Profits strategy, as well as various details on how to make the most out of your membership.
    • Options training Library
      You will get exclusive access to a 3-part video course on options trading, which is valued at $995 and contains everything you need to know about options trading.
    • A personal guarantee from Michael
      Michael personally guarantees that there will be at least 12 trades with gains over 100% and offers an additional year of subscription to Precision Profits free of charge.

Once the system has found a profit window, it will be vetted by Michael and his team for validity. If the trade gets a pass from Michael, you will get an email with the instructions on what options trade to buy and when to buy it. When it is time to sell the options trade, you will get a similar email, which will tell you exactly when to click on that sell button. If you become a member of Precision Profits, you can expect to get 3-4 of these recommendations each month. In addition to that, you will also get weekly market updates. This update will contain technical indicators of whether the market is going to take a dive or remain strong in the following week.

The best part of Precision Profits is that you will get access to exclusive training material, as well as a number manual. This training materials and reports will be more than enough to get you going on a fast track to becoming a successful options trader.

The retail price for Precision Profits stands at $5,000, but there is a limited-time promotion ongoing at the moment, where you can get it for $2,995. You will also get a guarantee that you will get recommendations for at least 12 options trades that will make you at least 100% gains. In addition to that if at any point during your first 12 months with Precision Profits you are unhappy with the service provided, they will find another service, which is more adequate to your trading style, free of charge.
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The Pros and Cons of Michael Carr’s Precision Profits

The Pros

  • The promise of making at least 12 trades that will bring you at least 100% gains is something that can prove to be a great passive income pipeline.
  • In addition to the recommendations from Michael Carr, you will also get exclusive access to all the training material for options trading you could possibly With this extensive library of resources, you can quickly learn how to become a top-notch options trader.
  • There are not one, but two personal guarantees that are there to ensure you have a great personal experience with the Precision Profits service. One entity a free year of membership, if you make less than 12 trades that made 100% gains. The other guarantee is related to customer satisfaction and it allows you to ask to break the contract, after which Precision Profits will find a service that is more to your liking.

The Conssatisfaction guarantee michael carr's precision profits

  • Options trading can potentially bring you massive gains, but it also bears a lot more risks. Granted, Michael has developed a strategy that will ensure that you profit from a trade, even if the select stock is going down. 12 trades a year might not be good enough when it comes to options trading and this aspect merits a second look.

The Bottom Line

Michael Carr’s Precision Profits is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn everything there is to know about options trading. It has some great recommendations that can surely pay off the subscription price and get you some profit on top of that. Considering it is options trading, the strategy used for recommendations can be dubbed as rather tame.

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