Hi-Tech Trader Review – How’s Bryan Perry’s Service?

Bryan Perry created the AI based service called Hi-Tech Trader, which can predict next breakthrough tech companies and win considerable profit as a result.

hi tech traider review

This AI trading platform made almost 40% gains in 12 days of February, which was when the market crashed. The gains were 5 times bigger if we take a larger period of time, such as 2 months. The main reason for the success of this platform is the insider knowledge of the up and coming tech companies, as well as market trends in technology. Created by Bryan Perry, this trader uses a specific strategy to identify which tech companies are going to make a breakthrough and as a result, which stocks are going to soar.

The AI relies on the “tipping points” in the shares of tech companies stocks. This strategy defines the exact time when a company’s product is about to make a breakthrough in the market. From Intel back in the day to Twitter just last February, this strategy is able to predict the companies that are going to bring a profit.  You can read on to see our review or click here to get access now.

Who is Bryan Perry?

bryan perry hi tech traderBryan Perry is the trading expert with more than 20 years of experience and also the creator of Hi-Tech Trader. He gained that experience by working on Wall Street, mostly as a financial advisor. He is recognized in the trading circles due to his “Cash Machine” ongoing newsletter series. In addition to that, he is also one of the pioneering traders who use AI to trade tech stock.

What Strategy is behind Hi-Tech Trader?

The main strategy behind Hi-Tech Trader lies in predicting the tipping points for various tech companies, after which their stocks would soar. It relies on a powerful AI system in combination with the insider market knowledge and vast experience to predict a tipping point for any number of tech companies. The system also provides a probability chance of the development of a particular stock trend and its continuation. Because of the processing power of modern computers and the continuing improvements in AI development, the system is able to spot specific patterns in the stock market.

This strategy is so efficient that Bryan does not recommend any trade that has a probability of happening of 89% or less. These are the exact reasons why this approach to trading is getting mighty close to hitting the %500 returns mark if it continues to perform to the same extent.

What is Hi-Tech Trader?

  • Weekly alerts
    Bryan will send out weekly alerts, as well as immediate action alerts, ensuring that you get all the needed info in just the right time.
  • AI-backed trading strategy
    Hi-Tech Trader uses AI to define tipping points for up and coming tech stocks.
  • Access to a custom Trade Portfolio
    Exclusive access to a Trade Portfolio “Tipping Point Trades: The Best High-Tech Plays for 2018” compiled by the industry veteran Bryan Perry.
  • Access to learning the material
    Get access to investment analytics and reports that could provide you with the knowledge needed to learn to trade AI and Robotics stocks.

Hi-Tech Trader is the newest addition to the advisory services portfolio and it’s the creation of Bryan Perry. Hi-Tech Trader uses artificial intelligence to predict tipping points in shared of tech companies stocks, as well as options, which are considered to be more short-term. This strategy can be a great tool for people who are looking to make a fast profit. That being said, with every promise of fast and significant profit comes a higher risk chance. Bryan tried to minimize that risk, with his Hi-Tech Trader service and his considerable years of experience.

In most cases, with Bryan’s recommendation for the next tipping point stock, there will usually be an options trade play attached to it. This is a great way to test out the service, as options trading is an inexpensive way to test out a strategy and probably earn some money in the process.

Bryan has already figured out a considerable amount of tipping points that are yet to come, which could mean that if you time your move right, you could end up having enough money for the rest of your life. He specially crafted a portfolio of trades, called “Tipping Point Trades: The Best High-Tech Plays for 2018.” that could get you massive gains. In addition to that, you will also get an investment report called “The AI Revolution: How Machine Learning and Robotics Can Make You Rich”, which contains tipping point opportunities for the AI and Robotics stocks.

Although Hi-Tech Trader is not available to the general public, unlike some other services and trading hubs, it has a risk-free option to test it out. You can start a trial and get all the benefits of using Hi-Tech Trader service, for a period of 30 days. Besides all the content and features mentioned above, you will also get weekly flash updates, urgent action alerts, options recommendations, protective stops and exclusive access to a website available only to Hi-Tech Trader members.

The regular price of Hi-Tech Trader stands at $1,995, but there is a limited-time promotion where you can get a Hi-Tech Trader for just $995 per month. If you do not manage to earn enough profit to cover the monthly fee in the first 30 days – you will get them for free.

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The Pros and Cons of Hi-Tech Trader

The Pros

  • Weekly alerts
    You will be getting a weekly notification containing AI-backed recommendations on the best possible tech stock markets that are on the verge of hitting the tipping point.
  • Insider insights and research material
    You will be granted access to all the research behind Hi-Tech Trader, as well as the whole of Hi-Tech Trader’s existing portfolio of recommended stocks. In addition to that, you will also get an in-depth report on AI and robotics stocks market.
  • Exclusive, members-only website
    As soon as you subscribe to Brian Perry’s Hi-Tech Trader, you will gain access to a members-only website that will contain all the info mentioned above.

The Cons

  • There are no real cons here, although you should note that the trial has some limitations attached to it. The thing is, if you manage to make a profit that matches or exceed the Hi-Tech Trader’s price of $995, you will have to pay for it.

The Bottom Line

Hi-Tech Trader builds on the existing experience and success of Bryan Perry and taps into the AI and machine learning market, which is still quite young. By using an AI-backed trading strategy, it ensures that the statistical probability of the recommended trades is 90% or more. The one-month risk-free trial is a great touch because it ensures that you can explore the service for a month, without having to worry about the monthly fee. However, that does not mean that the trial goes beyond the monthly fee – if you lose money trading, that money is gone, which is why it is never recommended to invest more money than you are comfortable to spend.

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