Radical Technology Profits Review – How’s Michael Robinson’s Service?

Well, If It’s Not ANOTHER Advisory Service…  This Time It’s The Turn Of Michael Robinson To Bring His Decades Of Experience To Market.  And, As The Name Suggests, Radical Technology Profits Is All About The World Of Tech.

radical technology profits review

Re-arrange these words into a well-known saying: Bandwagon – The – On – Jump…  Because hey – it seems that everyone and their mother is churning out their own research advisory service to help the poor ‘average’ guy have half a chance of discovering what those privileged (and, of course, already super-rich) professional investors have so long had the monopoly of knowing.

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So when we came across Radical Technology Profits, a tech-only monthly advisory service by Michael Robinson, then we have to admit to heaving a heavy sigh…  And not, as you might think, because we automatically thought it was going to be a scam.  It’s simply because the market for such products is now sooo overcrowded.  So for such a product to be worth your hard earned pennies, then it really is going to have to pull out all the stops.

So before you sign your life away, be sure to read what we found out in our deep dive into exactly what Radical Technology Profits really is.  Because the last thing you want to do is waste a single cent lining someone else’s pocket – the whole idea of such a service is to simply line your own…

What do you get for your money with Radical Technology Profits?

OK, so Radical Technology Profits is the advisory service from a guy who’s spent most of his life up to his neck in all things Tech.  We’ll talk more about him in a moment….

It’s a monthly service, and will bring you, as a member of Radical Technology Profits, the latest intel from Silicon Valley and anywhere else that has a Tech product that’s poised to take the US and the world by storm.  Such Tech doesn’t cover a single industry – it covers them all.  Because, let’s face it, technology is the way forward in pretty much ever field you can think of.

But it’s not just Tech.  Radical Technology Profits will advise on literally any company that’s got all the signals of being poised to make money.

When you buy in you’ll receive the following

  • 3 Dossiers per month: These are the personal recommendations from Michael Robinson.  Each will include a streamlined analysis of the company, its executive team, proprietary technologies, revenue projections, and sources of venture capital funding.  In other words, all the in-depth behind the scenes digging that’s necessary to understand if the company is, indeed, a viable option in which to invest.
  • Step-by-step instructions: On exactly what you need to do to buy in to such investments.  Because on many occasions, these are not so simple.  For example, you may have to acquire ownership stakes under special terms.  But don’t worry, because Radical Technology Profits will show you exactly the steps you need to take to do so.
  • Regular Virtual Pitch Meetings: These are videos where Robinson himself gets on camera and goes through the deals with you.  This face-to-face method of introducing you to such investment offers means you literally see them through his eyes.
  • Weekly Progress Reports: These are status updates on exactly how the recommended deals are performing.
  • Cash In Alerts: When the time comes to sell and take your profits, you’ll receive this information to your email and your cell via text message.  This is essential in such a fast moving environment for you to be able to take the maximum profits available.
  • CEO Interviews: With the companies being recommended to buy into.
  • A Monthly Online Roundtable: Where you’ll be briefed on all new developments and ones that are likely to come down the pipeline soon.
  • The ADC Prospectus: A true potential superstar investment, this tiny Tech Company is expected to explode any time soon – and you could get in right now before the shares begin their shoot-for-the-moon!

Who the heck is Michael Robinson?

michael robinson radical technology profitsRobinson is the Director of Venture Capital and Technology Research at Money Morning, the company behind Radical Technology Profits.  This guy has spent decades in Silicon Valley – and his Rolodex is wall-to-wall A-list!  And it’s this network that makes his product so damn interesting.  Because he’s literally using Radical Technology Profits as a way to give you – that’s the savvy, regular, guy-on-the-street (or gal – no sexism here…) personal access to his incredible network and the opportunity to get in at ground level on those coveted deals.

Who is Radical Technology Profits for?

Radical Technology Profits is for anyone who’s fed up with the slow moving (or stationary) increases in shares held in regular companies – such as the big companies listed on the stock exchange.  And as for bank investments, never has there been a time in history when interest rates have been so low…

If you’re happy to invest in – and reap the rewards – from companies at the cutting edge of what’s happening in the 21st century, then this advisory service is literally tailor made for you.

The Pros and Cons of Radical Technology Profits

The Pros

  • The potential for gains using Radical Technology Profits is almost miraculously large. Gains of hundreds or thousands of percentages have already been enjoyed by members brave enough to enter the world of investing in start ups and small, innovative companies.
  • Perfect for the adventurous investor who is looking for alternative methods of growing their individual worth.
  • Members get exclusive information that up until now has only been available to those rich enough to be able to afford the advice of true experts like Michael Robinson.
  • You get immediate access as the whole product is provided online, via download, email, and text message

The Cons

  • There’s only 500 places available to join Radical Technology Profits. So if you want in, you’re going to have to move fast.

The Bottom Line

Well, we certainly have been proven wrong – because when we first came across Radical Technology Profits we really did doubt whether it could offer anything different to what’s already out there.  But wrong we certainly were, because this advisory service honestly does deliver – and then some…

OK, it’s not the cheapest in the world – but when has bottom of the barrel ever delivered quality?  And realistically, your chance of major gains way outweighs the cost of the product.  It’s all a matter of ‘speculate to accumulate’, to quote a cliché.

We’re certainly converts.  And if you’re lucky enough to secure one of the 500 membership places in Radical Technology Profits, then we think you will be too…

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