Zenith Trading Circle Review – Thoughts On Shah Gilani’s Newsletter

A Way To Trade The Markets That Brings Bigger And Better Returns No Matter What The Market Does…?  And, The More Unstable And Unpredictable, The Larger The Gains…?  Hmmm.  Sounds Highly Risky To Us…

zenith trading circle review

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So, we all know that markets are somewhat tough right now…  In fact, we’d go as far as to say virtually out of control.  Predicting companies that are on the increase for big gains is nigh on impossible.  So when Shah Gilani, editor of Zenith Trading Circle, says that this is no big deal – and in fact that it makes for the opportunity to make bigger than usual profits – we have to say that we’re a wee bit cynical…

But, there’s no getting away from the fact that Gilani knows what he’s talking about.  So of course this left us with only one choice.  And that was to get down and dirty with exactly what Zenith Trading Circle is all about.

Our discoveries are detailed below.  And although we say so ourselves, what we uncovered certainly makes for mighty interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Zenith Trading Circle?

So, Gilani is the expert of the carbon trade.  In other words, a trade that allows you to extract up to thousands of dollars from a single company – and rinse and repeat, over and over again.  This can continue to happen for many years.  In order for this to happen the stocks need to drop in value.  And therefore only stocks that have years and years of historical data to show they’re going to follow this pattern are targeted.

With the markets as volatile as they are, such trading is perhaps one of the most guaranteed way you can find to draw in substantial – and sustained – profits…  As long as you’ve got the balls to trade in a manner that many don’t even know exists, let along have what it takes to follow the research…

When you buy into Zenith Trading Circle, you get the following:

  • The Zenith Research Dossier: This is a weekly newsletter that gives you the latest Intel on recommended BAD stocks.  Yep – because with carbon trades, bad equals profits…  This report will detail exactly why you should be investing…  Why they’re failing…  What their burn rate of available cash is…  And, most importantly, their termination date, as far as can be determined.  Plus any dirty laundry that further makes the company virtually guaranteed to go under.  And by buying in, as long as the stocks continue their downward spiral, you continue to make cash…
  • The Zenith Profit Alert: As soon as the time comes to pull the plug on your investments into these dying companies, you’ll receive an instant alert.  This will contain detailed instructions that show you how to close out and collect your cash.
  • Zenith Progress Updates: These cover all of the current recommendations, so you’re always bang up to date with how your portfolio is looking.
  • The Zenith Trading Circle Website: A truly informative online portal that you can access 24/7 to get further information on every trade recommendation and rationale behind it.
  • The Zenith Trading Circle Research Reports: Here you can really get to grips with what carbon trading is really all about.

In other words, Zenith Trading Circle is a true one-stop-shop when it comes to everything to do with understanding and profiting from the carbon trade.

Who the heck is Shah Gilani?

shah gilani zenith trading circleNow, Gilani is a newbie when it comes to such an advisory service – in fact, he only took it over back in April 2017.  And since then, he’s delivered a massive winning games total – 6,160% – to be precise.  That boils down to an average of 102% gains per trade…  PER TRADE…!

And the guy certainly should know his stuff, because he’s run some of the most illustrious hedge funds every known.  He’s an expert that the top financial institutions go to as their investment advisor, and he’s a true inner-circle guru when it comes to pretty much everything stock market related.  We don’t really need to wax lyrical about him much more, because his results literally do all the talking necessary…

Who is Zenith Trading Circle for?

OK, so Zenith Trading Circle probably won’t be for everyone.  Because the type of trading that Gilani recommends is something that many won’t be able to get their heads around.  After all, buying some of the worst stocks in the US that are only set to drop – but to make money from them…!  You need to have a certain kind of mindset to do that.

But the logic behind why doing just that is a such a money making machine is sound.  After all, most of the stock market is artificially held up by the top few companies.  And others – the ones that Gilani recommends – are literally past the point of saving.  This is the very reason that they can bring you big (potentially huge) gains for months, or even years.

The Pros and Cons of Zenith Trading Circle

The Pros

  • With carbon trades the potential for gain is limitless. This is completely the opposite to the method known as ‘shorting’.  Because this is not about shorting – not at all.  When shorting stocks you can never, ever, make more than 100% on your money.  But with carbon trades – well, the sky’s the limit…
  • The companies that are recommended have been thoroughly investigated using three strict calculations. If they hit the right notes, then Gilani – the brains behind Zenith Trading Circle – knows they’re ripe for the downturn and he’ll recommend.
  • Investing in this manner means that you’re not going after the next Apple, or Amazon (and let’s face it, finding these is like the proverbial needle in a haystack). Instead you’re investing in the massive proportion of company stocks that are on a downward spiral.  This makes the odds of cashing in big far, far greater than making money from the tiny proportion of winners…
  • The potential for gains with carbon trades is massive. Since April 2017 Zenith Trading Circle has provided its members with an incredible win rate of 95%…!

The Cons

  • Carbon trades certainly won’t be for everyone. So if you’re not into doing something slightly out of the ordinary then you should switch off right now.  But if you are able to think outside the box…  If you do want to risk a little for the potential of perhaps enormous gains…  And if you want to be part of an exclusive club that enjoys as much of a guarantee of money making as is possible with such investments, then Zenith Trading Circle really could become your new best friend…

The Bottom Line

Ok, so there’s certainly a lot to like about Zenith Trading Circle.  Sure – carbon trades won’t be for everyone.  But if you’re curious about how you too can make money in this way, then learning from the master that is Shah Gilani is probably one of the best ways to go about it.

Yes, it’s true that the market volatility could (and most likely will), change one day.  But until then, if you want to understand how to make substantial profits in the here and now, then the advice offered by Zenith Trading Circle really does have the potential to make you rich.

But if you want in you’ll have to move quick.  Because there’s only 500 places available.  So if you think it might be the right vehicle for you – if you want a genuine way to make big bucks in today’s unstable market – then sign up to Zenith Trading Circle ASAP… It might just be the best move you’ll ever make…

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