The Bill Bonner Letter Review – Is It Worth It?

Oh No…!  We’re On The Verge Of Another Financial Armageddon – And You, Yes You, Could Be Caught Up In Scenarios That Could See You Lose Everything…  OH DEAR LORD…!  Do The Producers Of The Bill Bonner Letter Really Think We’re All So Damn Gullible…?the bill bonner letter review

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Well, it appears they do…  Because the advertising for The Bill Bonner Letter is all about worst case scenarios…  And, if you don’t prepare, you could be in for the biggest financial shock of your life.  Oh – and this isn’t targeting those who plough thousands into the stock market.  It’s pinpointed directly at regular folk – like us – who simply want to ensure their retirement fund, home, and assets are secure, and to keep our hands on what’s rightfully ours.

However…  Bonner and his team do have a track record of scarily accurate predictions.  These included the fall of the Soviet Union, the collapse of the Japanese Stock Market, the dot-com bust of 2000, the rise of Muslim terrorism, and the financial meltdown of 2008.

And this, dear friends, is the very reason we decided that we had to find out more.  Cue some intense research into exactly what The Bill Bonner Letter is really all about.  Below is what we discovered.  So be sure to read our findings BEFORE you part with a single red cent of your money.  We think you’ll be very glad you did…

What do you get for your money with The Bill Bonner Letter?

So, once you’ve managed to fight your way through all the scare-mongering blurb that, if you’ve got an iota of common sense, makes you pretty paranoid, you realize that the crux of the product is not all the free reports and books.  What it actually is, is membership to the monthly service known as The Bill Bonner Letter.

The complete product breaks down like this:

  • The Bill Bonner Letter Monthly: Direct to your front door every month, this is Bonner and his team’s personal view on a wide range of economic topics.  The letter brings to your attention likely happenings in the world of economics, as well as underground information about how the business and financial worlds REALLY work.  You certainly won’t get this information via the mainstream media, and much of it is seriously eye-opening.  The Intel received is truly cutting edge – and is based on Bill Bonner’s decades of experience as a world-beating economist.
  • Bill Bonner’s Diary: This is a 5 times a week bulletin newsletter via email that includes information that simply can’t wait until next month.  It can contain literally anything, from stock picks to loopholes, clever saving opportunities to money protecting tactics.
  • E-Copy of Hormegeddon: This is Bonner’s best-selling book that literally details everything he’s spent his four-decade career building.

Plus the following special reports:

  • The Great American Credit Collapse
  • The Crisis Money Guide: The Money You Need to Have in Times of Crisis
  • How to Get Your Own Homestead on the Cheap
  • How to Protect Yourself in a Deflationary Environment

Who the heck is Bill Bonner?

bill bonner the bill bonner letterBill Bonner founded Agrora Inc. in 1978 – yep, that’s an incredible 40 odd years ago.  The guy’s an economist – it’s pretty much all he knows.  And, we have to say, he’s rather good at his job.  Agora Financial (as it’s now known) is one of the largest independent newsletter publishing companies on the planet!  So heck – you can truly call his project a success…!

Bill has co-written two NY Times best sellers – The New Empire of Debt and Financial Reckoning Day.  And his latest book, Hormegeddon, is already topping the charts, such is his reputation of bringing to light what the regular American citizen REALLY needs to know about protecting his or herself from global insecurity, crisis, or meltdown…

Who is The Bill Bonner Letter for?

Do you care about your future…?  And the future of your loved one…?  Then you owe it to yourself to be truly informed about how to not only make money, but to protect what you already have.  AND your assets – should the proverbial hit the fan (again…).

And it doesn’t matter how much you have or don’t have.  The important thing is that you want to protect it, as well as be in with a chance of perhaps growing your personal wealth.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to prepare – and prepare well – then The Bill Bonner Letter could be just the vehicle to help you do that.

The Pros and Cons of The Bill Bonner Letter

The Pros

  • The Bill Bonner Letter doesn’t give you a portfolio to follow. Instead, it treats you as an intelligent human being, giving you the necessary information you need about where to place your money to ensure it’s safety and growth, no matter what happens to the national and international economy.
  • You get a complete arsenal of tools to protect the wealth of you and your family from any upcoming credit collapse.
  • All the information is provided in no-nonsense language. There’s no filler or fluff – it’s all sensible, simple to understand, and most importantly, relevant to the here and now.
  • The Bill Bonner Letter comes with an iron clad, 60-day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied (and you get to keep all the reports as well…)

The Cons

  • OK, so we do have to say that oh boy, is Bonner the doomsday bringer… And if you’re the tiniest bit paranoid about bad stuff happening, then this is the guy who’ll dig deep into your psyche and make you convinced that the world really is about to end…  But hey – as long as you take his words with a big bite of balanced thinking, then actually, he really does offer some pretty sound advice.  After all, we all do want to protect what we have, not to mention we’d like to see its value grow a little as well.  And with that little bit of a proviso, The Bill Bonner Letter really could see you able to protect your assets without becoming unreasonably convinced that the world is going to collapse around us, leaving us living in a post-apocalyptic society…

The Bottom Line

OK, so we have to admit that we were highly cynical when we first came across The Bill Bonner Letter. After all, there’s too many people out there trying to make money out of us regular, hard working folk who just want to keep our hands on what’s rightfully ours…

But actually, as long as you can see past all the sensationalized scaremongering (and, let’s face it – in the 21st century that’s what sells…), then The Bill Bonner Letter really does offer real, sensible, and valid advice.  We also like the fact that it comes with a money back guarantee.  So if you really hate what you get, you know that you can get your complete purchase price back – no questions asked.

And, hey…  We honestly do live in volatile times.  Probably more so than in any other time in history – at least in western society.  So it pays to be cautious.  This is what The Bill Bonner Letter gives you – the knowledge to make your own decisions as to exactly how cautious you really need to be.  And that, we have to say, makes it a product that many people will be very glad they bought into.  So with that in mind, it gets the thumbs up from us.

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