Leasehold Rewards Program Review – What’s Chuck Hughes Plan Here?

Fancy Making Big Money From Trading Options…? Here’s Betting That You’ll Be As Wary As We Are Of Such Super-Risky ‘Gambling’ Methods…  But Apparently, Chuck Hughes Latest Offering Can Show You How To Make Those Profits In A Safe And Sustained Manner. Well, We’re Gonna Take Some Convincing, That’s For Sure…

leasehold rewards program review

Options…! Even the sound of the word makes us shudder. Because as we all know, these are risky waters in which to dip a toe… But Chuck Hughes says that actually, we’re missing out on a trick here. And that if we do it right, we can effortlessly make money, without ever actually owning a single asset.  And all we need do is buy into his Leasehold Rewards Program for him to show us exactly how to do it…

Well, we don’t know about you, but we’ve had our fingers burned one too many times in the past to simply fall for a piece of clever advertising. So the only option left was to dive in headfirst and discover what the program was really all about.

And what we discovered was very interesting indeed….

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What do you get for your money with Leasehold Rewards Program?

So, Chuck Hughes’ Leasehold Rewards Program is all about making money from assets you don’t even own. Sounds tricky, huh! But the good thing about this product is that it doesn’t matter diddly squat if you have no knowledge prior to starting, because the program combines both educational elements with advisory ones. He calls this whole way of trading, ‘Optioneering’, so everything included in the product comes under this umbrella term.

The Leasehold Rewards Program breaks down like this:

  • The Leasehold Rewards Newsletter: This is where you get all the information you need to make trades – even before you’ve carried out the educational aspect of the product. This means that if you’ve never even carried out a trade in your life before, you simply follow the trade advice given – word-for-word – to enable you to start receiving a monthly income right away. Of course, as you become more experienced in the methods you’ll become more interactive with the advice given. This includes carefully researched leasehold trades with detailed analysis and market overviews, plus profit potential. You can choose to receive this Intel by email, text, or both, if you like.
  • The Leasehold Rewards Exclusive Member’s Only Course: This is where you learn the ins and outs of trading in this manner. And although it might seem a whole lot of information to learn, the fact that it’s supplied in simple step-by-step terms means that in no time at all you’ll be hard wired to seek out your own trades.
  • The Hughes Optioneering Support Team: This is an expert team of people – including Chuck himself – who’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have and lend support.

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Who the heck is Chuck Hughes?

chuck hughesWell, there’s certainly no doubting Chuck Hughes‘ credentials. He’s got over 30 years experience in literally every kind of trading you care to mention. He’s the author of multiple industry leading best selling books, not to mention being an incredible 8 time International Trading Champion as well as creator of many programs like the Automatic Income Method and Chuck’s Cash Cow. When it comes to all things options, stocks, commodities, currencies, shares, and anything else investment related, then he really is one of the all time greats.

Who is Leasehold Rewards Program for?

Well, if you’ve ever given that heavy sigh that signals yet another trade that didn’t quite go as planned, then the Leasehold Rewards Program could be just what you need to change your fortune. The great thing is that it’s not simply an advisory service. Because you also get all the information you need to learn HOW to trade, as well as WHAT to trade.

So whether you’re a rookie looking to get into this kind of trading, or you have a few more miles under your belt and would like to see your rewards double, treble, quadruple or more, then the Leasehold Rewards Program’s educational and advisory aspects, not to mention the back up and support from the Optioneering team, really could see your wealth levels increase on a dramatic scale.

The Pros and Cons of Leasehold Rewards Program

The Pros

  • The risks in the investing recommended in the Leasehold Reward Program at a low a level as possible for this kind of trading.
  • You need very little capital to get started, and you can trade using your regular or IRA account.
  • Enjoy profits month in, month out, on a regular basis.
  • Teaches you innovative strategies that most traders – even professionals – have absolutely no idea exist.

The Consleasehold rewards program Guarantee

  • OK, so of course, all trading is risky – and you should never risk more money than you can afford to lose. But the whole idea is to reduce that risk down to the lowest level possible, and that’s exactly what the Leasehold Rewards Program does to create tremendous profit potential.

The Bottom Line

OK, so we have to admit that when we first came across the Leasehold Rewards Program, we were pretty damn cynical. After all, any sensible person would be, as soon as you mention the word ‘options’. And although we might not totally agree as to how risk free the advertising might make this kind of trading seem, if you want to get in on a method that truly could make you a very substantial income, then this is probably one of the most risk free we’ve ever come across.

No-one could deny that Hughes is a true trading guru. So to be able to literally hand onto his coat tails, thanks to the Leasehold Reward Program, is a massively advantageous thing. And because of this, it’s no wonder that membership is on a strictly limited basis. So if you really do want in, then you need to move fast – because it won’t be available for long, that’s for sure.

In a nutshell, if you want the chance of some lucrative deals, with very little capital upfront, and are prepared for some mid-risk investments, then the Leasehold Rewards Program not only offers you advice, but real education as well. And that, we have to say, makes it a winning product, in our humble opinion

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