The Cutting Edge by Angel Financial Review – What’s The Deal?

Now, Apparently…  All You Need To Successfully Invest In the Next Google Or Apple Is To Trust The Word Of A Man You’ve Never Met…  Sure!  OK, So It Appears That He’s The Sniffer Dog Of The Tech World.  But Can He Actually Make You Money…?

the cutting edge by angel financial review

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It doesn’t seem to matter where you look for investing advice at the moment, because there’s always an expert on hand to sell you their ‘unique’ advisory service.  So, we have to admit, when we came across The Cutting Edge by Angel Financial – one very such service – we really did heave a heavy sigh.  After all, can this one honestly be any different from all the others…?

But we have to admit that we do have rather a lot of time for the brains behind The Cutting Edge (Jason Stutman, who we’ll talk about a bit more in a moment).  So of course, this means we were interested – as you are as well, or you wouldn’t be reading this, let’s face it…

But before you sign on the dotted line, you deserve to know exactly what The Cutting Edge is all about.  And more importantly, could it provide you with any worthwhile advice as to your investing needs?  Below are the results of our in-depth investigation.  And although we say so ourselves, you may well be surprised at what we found out.  It certainly makes for a very interesting read, and well worth a couple of minutes of your time BEFORE you sign on the dotted line…

What do you get for your money with The Cutting Edge by Angel Financial?

So, as already mentioned, The Cutting Edge by Angel Finance is a research and advisory service. And this is one for those who want to, or are thinking of, investing in the world of new technology – or simply, tech, for short.

The service is provided by one of the most respected names in this field of investing, Jason Stutman.  When you buy in, you can expect to receive the following:

  • The Weekly Cutting Edge Newsletter: The world of tech moves fast, so you need to be kept in the know on at least a weekly basis.  This is the crux of the product, and each comes packed with the latest, most crucial research on some of the most innovative tech companies on the planet.  Expect to hear about breakthrough companies that are literally poised to change the world…!  And of course, you’ll not only get the name of the company, but the stock symbol, as well as step by step instructions to help you invest in them in order to achieve maximum profits.
  • Portfolio Updates: Whenever necessary, you’ll get a ‘market pulse’ updated with up to the minute analysis on each of the recommended companies.
  • Flash Alerts: If something changes – i.e., a buy, sell, or new alert, then you’ll get immediate access.  In other words, Jason Stutman monitors the markets on a daily, or even hourly basis, so you don’t have to…
  • The Cutting Edge Private Website: Member’s only access to the complete website.  Contains all the back issues, plus new reports, and any future-busting tech opportunities that are in the process of being investigated.
  • VIP Service: Member’s of The Cutting Edge can contact the VIP team directly by telephone (during office hours), to chat through any queries or questions.
  • Bonus Report – Superbug: How to Profit from the Post-Antibiotic Era: Scientists are falling over themselves to attempt to find an answer to the world’s increasing resistance to antibiotics.  Learn about a tiny company that’s set to revolutionize the whole world, and is now moving into FDA trials.  If they succeed (and you’re in at less than $0.60 per share), you’re looking at a 3-400% return….
  • Bonus Report – Superhuman Profits: How to Play World-Changing Technology for less than $10: Think tech that could see the paralyzed walk again…  See our soldiers kitted in armor that virtually makes them superhuman….  Imaging industrial workers wearing suits that improve both their performance and safety – this company could potentially net you more than 500% returns…
  • Bonus Report – Nano-Dots, Mega- Profits. Banking Up to 4,600% from Tesla’s Demise: This could be the big one… Because there’s a tiny company out there that stand to disrupt the whole renewable energy industry!  And bring profits that could see early investors pocket returns of more than 4,600% (yes, you read that right, 4,600% – it’s not a typo).
  • The IPO Authority Newsletter: IPOs are red-hot news – and have been bringing investors in some of the highest stock market returns over the last few years.    This entirely separate regular monthly newsletter brings you the latest in such investments – before they hit the market!  Everything you need to know about these IPO findings are presented in simple to follow format, so if you choose to invest, you receive everything you need to tell you exactly how to go about it.

Who the heck is Jason Stutman?

jason stutman the cutting edge by angel financiaIf ever there was an expert in rooting out little known, undervalued tech companies on the verge of unleashing a world-changing discovery, then Stutman is your man…  This guy lives and breathes the world of tech; he rubs shoulders with Fortune 500 CEOs and CTOs to ensure he’s in the inner circle for breaking news, and he scours the planet to find the very best opportunities out there.

You may well have heard his name, after all he’s advisor to some of the most popular investment websites, like Top Stock Analysts, and Wealth Daily.  He’s also a regular guest speaker at investment conferences, and is the brains behind the super-popular investment newsletter, Technology and Opportunity.  Safe to say, when it comes to the world of technology breakthrough companies, Stutman is the guy people look to

Who is The Cutting Edge by Angel Financial for?

Well, The Cutting Edge is surely going to appeal to the younger generation looking at where to invest their hard earned dollars.  Millennials with a head for calculated risk – plus this is the generation that truly understands technology and gets that there will be many breakthroughs in the future.  And if you can just be in at ground level with such companies, it honestly is possible to make your riches…

But actually, this shouldn’t be the only target market.  Because the silver surfer generation, not to mention those in their 40s and 50s, should also be considering such investments.  After all, we all understand that profits don’t discriminate.  And It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 years old or the wrong side of 60 or 70, if you’ve invested in the next big thing, then your money will come rolling into your account – regardless of your age, social status, or knowledge of technology…

The Pros and Cons of The Cutting Edge by Angel Financial

The Pros

  • Investing in such cutting edge tech companies offers the chance of major, major gains. We’re talking in the 100s or 1000s of percentages if a company takes off to its full potential.
  • The massive risk element of investing in such an industry is virtually removed, thanks to the expertise of Jason Stutman and the Cutting Edge team
  • You have telephone support – not just the regular email or ‘live chat’ (that we all know is automated anyway…)
  • Every aspect of our lives is dominated by technology. That’s why investing in this area is so damn lucrative – if you can just get the insider Intel that means you get in there early enough…

The Cons

  • OK, so such investing comes with an inherently higher risk than some other strategies. But that’s why the potential for reward is so high!  And the key to success here is to have a real pro on your side – someone who’s truly dedicated themselves to bringing you only the most researched and trusted information on the companies poised on the brink of a breakthrough.

The Bottom Line

Well, The Cutting Edge by Angel Financial has certainly won us over.  And we didn’t expect it to.  Because let’s face it, the advisory newsletter service is a somewhat crowded field right now.  But we love the fact that Stutman’s offering truly concentrates on the field of tech.  The guy certainly knows his stuff, and this really does shine through with the information he provides, the specific instructions and, of course, the deliciously mouth watering profits.

If you’re looking to invest your money in a place that really could set you up for life (not to mention future proof your family’s financial future), then The Cutting Edge by Angel Financial really could be the lifeline you’ve been searching for.  In a nutshell – we love it.  And we’re pretty sure you will too…

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