Tactical Edge Trading Room Review – How’s Taylor Conway Service?

So, Apparently The Tactical Edge Trading Rooms Is Way, Way Superior To All Other Educational Services… Oh, But Hold On A Moment… Don’t They All Say Something Like That…?

tactical edge review

What makes a trading service better than it’s competitors…? Results, should be the simple answer. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work like that in real life. Because for many, less scrupulous, services, what makes them SOUND successful is the amount of customers they have. And large amounts of this ‘asset’ can be created in one easy way – with some awesome advertising!

So when we came across Tactical Edge, which we have to say sounds incredible, it was for this very reason that we were highly cynical. But also pretty curious. This left us with only one course of action – and that was to get down and dirty with exactly what the Tactical Edge product really was.

For anyone considering buying in, then we highly recommend you give us a couple of minutes of your time to read our discoveries. Because it might well change your mind about your purchasing decision. Whatever way you look at it, what we found out is very interesting indeed….

What do you get for your money with Tactical Edge?

OK, so Tactical Edge is all about day trading. And you get to watch its creator, Taylor Conway, at work each and every day. Yes – this is live interaction with a trading mastermind who boasts a 75% win rate! And during each trading day he also provides instruction to his customers (that’s you, by the way).

So let’s take a look at what you get if you sign on the Tactical Edge dotted line:

  • The Total Trading Experience: If you want to learn anything, and learn it fast and well, then you need to go for total immersion. And this is what the Tactical Edge Trading Room brings to you. It’s a custom built, state of the art, live trading room where you can fully immerse yourself in the trading experience – from the minute the markets open till when they close, if you so wish…
  • Trade Shadowing: You can follow Taylor Conway’s trades in real time, seeing every move the guy makes to hit that hallowed 75% win rate that he manages, again and again and again…
  • The Live Mic: Not only can you watch him trading, but Taylor calls out his trade ideas, his through processes, and his reasons behind each and every move. Watch as he scans for opportunities, makes his moves, adjusts losing positions, and – this is crucial – the actual reasoning behind these actions, all in real time.
  • Live Messaging: Yep, you can actually chat with Taylor whilst he’s trading. So if at any time you don’t quite understand something, then simply live message your question direct to the master himself. This is an amazing opportunity to get instant feedback from a proven trading professional. You can also ask questions to the whole group, and chat amongst yourselves.
  • Live Screen Share: For a minimum of three hours per day, Taylor will share his screen live, in real time with you. This allows you to see every single move he makes, right in front of your eyes. The ability to do this is an amazing asset, allowing you to watch an experts moves, and use them to adapt your own strategies to drive higher results and, of course, greater profit.

But the biggest advantage of Tactical Edge is the flagship training course – The Ultimate Day Trading Program. This annual package teaches you the specific strategies and techniques that Conway himself uses. It’s broken down over four weeks. So let’s taka a look at what you can expect to learn over the course:

  • Week 1: Basics, the Correct Way: As the name suggests, this is taking it right back to scratch. 18 topics are covered this week, such as, How much do you need to start, BID & ASK, Limit & Market orders, what is level 2?, time and sales, stop losses, moving averages, margins, daily routines, preparation and goals…
  • Week 2: Your New Trading Foundation: Consists of 13 topics, including Cut losses, avoiding stress, short interest, Tilt, basic patterns, double top breaks, multiple signals…
  • Week 3: Expedited to Advanced Trading: This week sees the volume turned up! There’s 11 topics this week, such as news services, scanners, reverse splits, intraday Fibonacci levels, ABCD pattern, sectors and sympathy plays…
  • Week 4: Welcome to the Big Leagues: This final week takes in 12 topics, such as core positions, scaling, the emotions of your competition, opening range trades, VWAP, shorting techniques…

This really is the ultimate in day trading education, by a current expert – not some old has-been who’s now trying to cash in on his outdated methods.

Who the heck is Taylor Conway?

taylor conway tactical edgeOK, so Conway’s background is a little different from most who run such services. Up until 2016 he worked full time for The Man… But he always dreamed that his route out of the rat race was through trading. (Sound familiar?).

Over the years his trading never really hit a high enough gear to give him the financial freedom he knew was possible. Until, that is, he completely restructured his trading strategy. Before that his $30k stake was virtually all lost to the trading floor, and he knew radical methods were necessary to prevent him going under.

With the help of Raging Bull (the company through which Tactical Edge is brought to market), he carried out these vital changes, and then worked on putting his personal unique finishing touches. Since then has changed his misfortune into a mega fortune! A million dollar mega fortune, to be exact… And at last he has the financial freedom he’s always dreamed about. And via the Tactical Edge Trading Room he shows you exactly how, and – more importantly – how you too can emulate his success.  He is also a part of the service Penny Pro.

Who is Tactical Edge for?

Now, you might think that you need at least some trading experience to take advantage of Tactical Edge. And while this may be true to a fashion, it’s also not necessarily so. Because the rookie trader has a distinct advantage… And that’s that you come to the table with no pre-conceived ideas whatsoever. Plus the way the Ultimate Day Trading Program is presented is easy enough for anyone to follow.

Because of this, Tactical Edge really is suitable for all levels of trader. From the beginner, right through to the jaded, ‘seen it all, bought all the books’ part time trader who simply can’t seem to get the breaks he (or she) knows are out there – if only you were putting your money in the right place at the right time…

The Pros and Cons of Tactical Edge

The Pros

  • In addition to learning the exact trading techniques and strategies used by Taylor Conway, he also works on what is often an overlooked core concept – the emotional and mental aspect of trading.
  • You get to immerse yourself in the whole trading experience – a proven method of learning well, and learning fast.
  • The daily chance to chat not only with other traders, but with the guru himself, Taylor Conway
  • You can trade on paper first, if you choose. After that you can decide at the size and level of account that you feel comfortable with.

The Cons

  • To get the best out of Tactical Edge you need to be able to commit to a certain level of time and effort. Of course, you can do as little as you like, but the best experience will be had if you can do at least a little on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that it’s not just the advertising that’s pretty damn amazing. Because the actual product of Tactical Edge is as well. To sum up, the educational course is in depth, easy (and fun) to follow, and will teach you the ins and outs of trading at a level you probably wouldn’t believe possible in a few short weeks.

We particularly like the depth at which the training goes, not to mention the ongoing education in the trading room itself. If you’re serious about day trading, and perhaps have yet to see the results that you crave, then Tactical Edge could be just what you need to change your fortunes. In a nutshell, we think it’s a pretty awesome product…

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