Money Zone Review – Is Shah Gilani’s System Legit?

The Money Zone Master Algorithm predicts the direction S&P will move a week ahead with 93% certainty and lets you trade as a middleman between investors who believe the S&P price will move higher and those who think it’ll fall.  Is this a load of crock or the real deal?

money zone reviewMoney Zone alert is unique financial algorithm advisory service developed by Shah Gilani with his team of Ph.D. physicist and nuclear engineer after eight years of hard work.  The system promised to help you make much more money than you’ll make investing in stock. By projecting the direction of S&P a week ahead of the time, it positioned itself 10 steps ahead of advisory services of other financial analysts and experts and put you in a situation where you could profit from S&P market direction without the hassles of chasing stock, screwing your head over charts or ever trading stock option again.

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The Money Zone Master Algorithm is a multi-layered, multi-functional set of computations that merges fractal mechanics, quantum physics, digital signal-processing math, and neural networking that helps it to predict the future of the stock market seven days in advance with 93 percent accuracy.

If you’re doubtful or think it is too good to be true. Well, we understand. We too had the same feeling initially. But with the track record of the successes recorded over the years by the brain behind the algorithm, we are convinced about the quality of this advisory service. Why? You may ask.  Yes, because Shah Gilani is a very reputed and popular financial advisor who has accomplished way beyond his peers. The algorithm is one of his successes and steps he has made ahead of other financial experts.

While investing in stock is definitely a good idea, it comes with a lot of risks with some beyond your control. The economy can go bad. Inflation can erode the value of your income stream. A global downturn can make stocks struggle for a long period of time. You could even suffer from market value risk and the list goes on and on.

With the Master Algorithm, your risk is greatly minimized.  Not only that, you’ll enjoy a better way to acquire wealth than stock so much so that you’d want to say goodbye to stock forever.  You’ll prefer to cast your net into much better fishing water with this Master Algorithm.

The Master Algorithm can help you bank up to $11,000 every week with just a simple click of the mouse or a tap on your mobile device.

The great thing about this advanced algorithm is that it has been back tested by top global-renowned, veteran Wall Street hedge-fund managers and masterminds of arithmetic and found to project the future direction of the market – one week ahead with 93 percent accuracy.

On top of that, the algorithm is not structured for a fund, an ETF or a stock; its target is the S&P 500 itself but the main aim is not to invest directly in the S&P 500. It leverages on the huge movement of money within the S&P 500 and offers you a fresh way to gain from the movement of money within the S&P. With its prediction, you can place a middleman trade without actually buying or selling any shares of the S&P itself or any of the 500 stocks.

This way, you can make roughly from $2,900 to $11,000 every week by just committing a few minutes of your time.  When the predictions come through and the S&P moves accordingly, it is in the Money Zone. All you need to do is place the right trade and make a big win every week.  The Master Algorithm guides you to make the right trades 93 percent of the time and when done well you could walk away with huge profits every week.

Above that, if you also trade with the Hyper Trade you amplify your profits even more. Although, the Master Algorithm doesn’t get it right all the time. Yes, just like every other investment procedure, it is not perfect. No such system is 100 percent perfect.

Who the heck is Shah Gilani?

shah gilani money zoneShah Gilani is a full-blooded financial analyst and one of the top global experts of the credit crisis. He has managed money for celebrities, banks, big investment firms and has had a seat on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and as well ran a bank trading desk and his own hedge funds. Shah ran his first hedge fund in 1982 from his seat on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He’s part of the team that developed the Volatility Index (VIX) in 1983 which is currently one of the most extensively used indicators globally. Shah founded a second hedge fund in 1999 which he managed until 2003.

He’s an indispensable figure in the U.S. financial market and predicted the momentous rebound that started in March 2009. Shah’s open letters to the White House, Congress, and U.S. Treasury Secretaries delineate comprehensive policy alternatives that have been lauded by both academics and legislators. His massive financial experience and information make Shah outstanding as a “trader’s trader. Shah’s extensive network of contacts is made up of the largest players on Wall Street and in the global finance. These contacts offer him an edge above his peers who are only aware of the much they are permitted by investment banks.

He currently works as the editor of Zenith Trading Circle and The Money Zone, where through his proprietary analytic research; he offers to his multitude of subscribers the opportunity to earn double- and triple-digit gains on lots of trades. He is the writer of the popular publication, known as Wall Street Insights & Indictments, where he discloses how the Wall Street’s top-stakes game operates and how people can profit from it. He read economics and psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

What do you get for your money with Money Zone? 

The Master Algorithm provides Shah with the Money Zone signal every Friday with 93% certainty indicating whether the S&P 500 will be moving up or down over the coming week. From the insight provided by the Master Algorithm, Shah sends alert to all his subscribers on Monday morning which carries the Money Zone logo to certify that it comes from him and tells them the direction the Master Algorithm says the S&P will be going for the week.

In addition to that, he offers them his own insights as to why the market would be moving in that direction.  He also offers them with specific instructions that they could follow to act as the middlemen between those who believe the S&P is going up that week and those who think it’s going down. That way, you will know what exactly to do in your trading account and be able to do it just within 30 seconds.

Here is what you get from being among the first 1000 founding members of The Money Zone, trading alert system:

Money Zone Signal Alerts

You get instructions on how to position yourself as a middleman every Monday depending on the direction the Master Algorithm says the S&P is going for that week. On Mondays, you will receive instructions on how to set yourself up to be a middleman on the S&P that week.

On top of that when necessary as indicated by the strength of the signal, you will also get instructions on how to execute your Hyper Trade in addition to expert advice on what the market situation is.

The alert can come through your mailbox or through your phone depending on your preference to ensure you always get it in real-time.

Money Zone Closeout: Every Friday, when the market closes, you’ll receive a follow-up email that narrates the week’s outcomes and positioned you in the right direction for the coming week’s market. Because this financial research service is highly different from what you’re used to, you will also get a great help through a resource center- Money Zone Network.

Money Zone Network: Because the financial research is so untraditional, so eccentric, and very original in relation to other similar services out there, you’ll also be getting the help you require from a team of representatives with special training. They are available to help you every step of the way anytime you contact them.

Money Zone Master Kit: By subscribing to the service, you’ll also get a digital access to the Money Zone Master Kit. This is made up of FIVE short, but very authoritative, tutorial videos.  These videos will review in detail this new system of making money and growing your wealth like never before from S&P. These include video part 1 to 5 detailed below:

  1. The Master Algorithm: This highly in-depth video explains the construction of the Master Algorithm. I’ll go over a lot of the math so you can see exactly what data it uses to determine which direction the S&P is about to go.
  2. Collecting Middleman Payments: This video explains how you can become a middleman on the S&P each week and profit between investors who think the S&P will go up, and those who think it will go down.
  3. The Money Zone: Ascending: Any Friday that the Master Algorithm presents a signal that indicates that the S&P will move upward (ascending) over the coming week, there are specific trading actions you need to take to make a profit it turns out to be true. The video works you through these actions.
  4. The Money Zone: Descending: on the other hand if the Master Algorithm signals show that the S&P will be falling (or descending) over the coming week, this video also walks you through actions you need to take in your trading account ensuring you are constantly in the Money Zone.
  5. The master kit video: This is the most useful video of all. It discloses the trading secret known as the Hyper Trades: How to Amplify Your Winnings with No Extra Effort.

This Hyper Trades video tells you how to make an additional profit in addition to acting as engaging in middleman trade on the S&P every week. They are independent trades that give you the chances of potentially amplifying your gains in an exponential manner with pre-set risks. These Hyper Trades can magnify your profits by 5, 10, even 15 times on the same S&P 500 security.

Who is Money Zone for? 

This financial alert service is especially significant for people who are looking for a reliable automated way to make money every week to grow their wealth or save enough for their retirement age. It is also a good investment option if you are bored with the rigors and hassles involved in the stock investment. Again even if you are investing in stock, this trading system can serve as a good addition to your investment portfolio while limiting your risk of owning or trading a stock.

The Money Zone investment option is a great idea if you want a reliable career as an investor.

trading playbookThe Master Algorithm is a forward-thinking metric that could help predict the future of the stock market seven days in advance.

It gives you the direction of the stock market in addition to the precise probability that it would move in that direction which is always 93% accurate.

The Pros and Cons of Money Zone

The Pros 

  • You can make huge profits from the movement of the stock market without much hassle.
  • With the Master Algorithm solution, you can make money outside of the Wall Street and irrespective of what the global economic condition is.
  • The Master Algorithm takes away the hassle of reading charts trying to figure it all out.
  • It limits your work to placing a trade as predicted by the Mater algorithm alert.
  • You get to make a trade with a 93% chance of succeeding every week.
  • It also limits your risk to only 7 percent which is great.
  • The system only requires 30 seconds of your time.
  • You have a money back guarantee if your result is different from what the system promises.

The Cons 

  • The offer is only available to first 1000 interested individuals and for a limited time.
  • The prediction of the Master Algorithm does not lead to all win-win situations.
  • You can equally lose out on your trade if the S&P does not go in the Money Zone. Nevertheless, your chances of losing are only 7% which greatly limits your risk.

The Bottom Line 

Stocks can crash or be ranging for a whole year or even trend but when you own stock, you will always be subjected to the Wall Street. Your money will always be affected by the state of the economy and be susceptible to changes in political events and conditions.

The Money Zone Master Algorithm investment alerts take away the hassle of scouring through charts, makes trading easy, minimizes your risks and helps you to grow your wealth by projecting the directing the S&P would go one week ahead of the time. It gives you the opportunity to act as a middleman between investors who think it would go up as the Master Algorithm predicts and those who believe it would go down and vice versa.

The Master Algorithm gives you chance to offer a different kind of trade which doesn’t tie down your money to a usual stock but to the direction the S&P itself is moving. However, the Master Algorithm Money Zone alert comes with a minimal risk of 7 percent as against your 93 percent chances of winning.

Again, you really have nothing to lose. With Mr. Shah Gilani money back guarantee, if you didn’t make 93% gains with the Master Algorithm by the end of the year, you would get a full refund for your money. All in all, it all boils down to which direction the S&P go next week. Will it go up or down?

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