Paul Mampilly Review – Are His Services Legit?

paul mampillyLately, Paul Mampilly has been making headlines in Fox Business News, Kiplinger’s, Reuters, CNBC and Bloomberg TV and more. The popular American investor and former manager of the hedge fund guide over 130,000 subscribers in the stock market.

Paul is the founder of the investment newsletter called Profits Unlimited that he established in 2016. He established the firm with one goal in mind—to help investors find only the profitable stocks. He’s helped several Main Street

Americans grow their wealth by investing in special opportunities, small-cap stocks, and technology. He is a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Firm.

A Bit of History on Paul Mampilly

Paul began his career way back in 1991. He worked at Bankers Trust Company as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. He also worked as an insider at Wall Street. He served as a Money Manager at Sears, private Swiss Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. Mr. Mampilly has successfully managed multi-million dollar accounts at ING and Deutsche Bank. While at Deutsche, Paul served as an analyst. Nevertheless, Paul founded a firm called Capuchin Group and served as an author, publisher, and editor from October 2003 to July 2006. After that, Mampilly served as an MD, member of Portfolio Management Team of Kinetics Asset Management and manager at Co-Portfolio.

What’s Unique about Paul Mampilly?

Paul has more than 25 years of experience in the stock market and investment world. He is a long-term investor and has a long-standing interest in the stock market. He shares his knowledge with various young and enthusiastic investors seeking to grow their wealth. Paul is capable of identifying small companies with inventive products and business models. Besides, as a Financial Advisor and Hedge Fund Consultant with several people in the financial sector. Mampilly has a remarkable list of clients including the Templeton Foundation, Swiss private banks, European aristocracy, Fortune 500 firms such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Sears.

Stunning Achievements in Paul’s Investment Career

Paul participated in a prominent investment competition hosted by the Templeton Foundation. He managed to grow an investment of $50 million to $88 million in a year. What’s more interesting is that he managed to achieve it during the looming financial crisis of 2008-2009.

Additionally, in April 2012 Paul invested in Sarepta Therapeutics when the firm was still in its developmental stage. The firm specialized in developing a drug that treats muscular dystrophy. In the startup firm, he realized a 2,539% rise within only eight months. In 2008, he further ventured and invested in Netflix where he saw a 634% increase. Among his other big winnings include a 239% rise from OLED Universal Display Corporation, 355% increase from Exact Sciences Corporation, 327% rise from Olympus Corporation, a 279% gain from Facebook, 269% rise on Cemex, 266% on Grifols, 298% rise on Whole Foods, 264% and on Stratasys, 696% on Ariad Pharmaceuticals. All these sums up to a whopping 6, 220% rise.

Paul Mampilly’s Investment Advisory Services

profits unlimited reviewProfits Unlimited

Paul established this service with a goal of helping investors identify low risk stocks.  He introduces investors to low-risk opportunities that are more likely to explode in the trends of the Internet of Things (IOT) and millenials.

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True Momentum

true momentum reviewEveryone wants to reap maximum gains from their investments. However, an investment that promises 23 times better returns than the ordinary stock market might sound like a scam. What’s unique about True Momentum is that it isn’t a sophisticated program that scans opportunities and exposes them. It is based on old-school knowledge, experience, connections, and proof. It relies on true experience and has been proven to work in the financial investment market.

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Extreme Fortunes

extreme fortunes reviewWe all know that amazing profits happen once in a lifetime. However, sometimes such fortunes can sound like a dream. Paul Mampilly has delved deeply into research and used his skills and experience to help investors get incredible fortunes from their money. Hard economic times coupled with external forces of politics and more can make it hard for investors to realize their goals. Throughout this program, as an investor, you are guided on how to cushion your investment against such external forces. From the program, you can get up to five investment opportunities that can assure you up to 1000% gain or even more.

Extreme Fortunes is designed for anyone who wants to grab massive gains from their investments. The expert advice can change any investor’s fortunes and the entire investment world. The advantage of the program is that if it fails in the first year, you can it the next year free of charge.

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Rapid Profit Trader

Rapid Profit Trader is designed to help investor identify target momentum and hot stocks in the market that are more likely to bring MORE and MORE profits.

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$10 Million Portfolio

This strategy seeks to help investors identify those investment opportunities that other investors haven’t identified before. The goal is with a starting portfolio of $10,000, you can turn your portfolio into a whopping $10 million. This is really exciting and no single investor would want to let it go.

Conclusion [yasr_overall_rating]

Even though the financial investment landscape is lucrative, it keeps changing time after time and comes with several risks. It requires deep research and analysis. Paul Mampilly utilizes his skills, experience, and knowledge to help investors identify opportunities that are more likely to bring massive gains.

His powerful programs including True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, Rapid Profit Trader and $10 Million Portfolio are designed to help investors maximize their gains. Alongside his products, he also has written several articles shedding light on the stock market to help investors improve their investment skills.

We highly recommend many of his investing products.