Rapid Profit Trader Review – How’s Paul Mampilly’s Service?

rapid profit trader review

Can Rapid Profit Trader really get you gains that are as high as 1,264% in just 10 days and making a profit of at least $200,000 in the following year? Wow!  That sounds very far out there. That notion is even guaranteed by one of the major Wall Street players, so we can’t help but wonder – is there a catch?  See our Rapid Profit Trader review to see what the real deal is…

Who is Paul Mampilly?

paul mampilly rapid profit traderPaul Mampilly started out small on the Wall Street, but quickly advanced through the ranks, eventually settling at the helm of a $6 billion hedge fund. During that time, the fund grew to an astonishing $26 billion. His abilities and achievements didn’t go unnoticed and he appeared in quite a few renowned media outlets, such as Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg. A true evidence of his skill was a stock portfolio he made for a private research company, which made total gains of 1,598% in 3 years. That being said, you should also keep in mind that none of these people had access to Paul’s Rapid Profit Method.

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What strategy is behind Rapid Profit Trader?

Paul devised a strategy called Rapid Profit Method, which allows you to make those gains, simply by making one trade every 23 days. The main benefit of using this strategy is that you will not have to wait a long time before you see the results. For this strategy to truly work, Paul recommends investing $5,000 in it. Granted, you can try it out with smaller amounts, but for the best possible results, you should be prepared to set aside that sum.

This strategy does not utilize futures, aftermarket trading or margins. Instead, it uses a rather complex technology, which is comprised of 3 distinct phases, to identify investment opportunities. Rapid Profit Method uses a multi-layered momentum analysis system, which starts by laying out a portfolio of 89 exchange traded funds, with number 89 being the strongest and 1 being the weakest. Paul and his team do this on a daily basis, in order to ensure that they have the right info for the analysis.

By doing this, they are trying to discover 3 forms of momentum – trajectory, consistency and ETF profitability. For an ETF to be eligible for the Rapid Profit Trader, it has to satisfy all 3 parameters. However, this is only the first step in identifying the actual trade. After the ETF has been successfully identified, the search for the best stock within it begins. If a stock hits new 52 week highs, it can be dubbed as a good investment.

Last but not least, because some of the stocks found within those ETFs are not easy to obtain, Paul recommends buying options instead, in order to reduce the risks of the trade. While quite a lot people are not too fond of options trading, Paul recommends it, because it is a cheap, fast and safe way to trade.

What is Rapid Profit Trader?

  • Rapid Profit Trader Recommendation
    Every week, you will get the best options trade recommendation, as well as a detailed explanation of why it is recommended, totaling 4 recommendations per month.
  • The Rapid Profit Blueprint
    You will get access to a full report that highlights the exact methodology used for Rapid Profit Trader.
  • Buy and sell alerts
    You will get both buy and sell alerts by email and text message, ensuring that you make the trade in just the right time.
  • Customer Care Hotline
    You will get access to a dedicated customer care number, which you can call when you need assistance with Rapid Profit Trader.
  • 24/7 access to an exclusive website
    You will get access to a member’s only website that contains the entire model portfolio, amongst other things.
  • Options 101 guide
    A complete guide on everything you need to know about options trading.

The price for the full year of Rapid Profit Trader stands at $2,995 for the first 800 people who sign up. Because Paul wants to have only members who are going to be committed to his strategy, there are no refunds for the Rapid Profit Trader membership. However, if you somehow do not make that initial $5,000 into $200,000 in the first 12 months, you will get Rapid Profit Trader for free the year after that. Membership to Paul’s Rapid Profit Trader is quite exclusive and only the first 800 people who sign up will be able to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

The Pros and Cons of Rapid Profit Trader

The Pros

  • You will be getting a recommendation on the 48 best trades you can make, every year. Those recommendations will come in form of a weekly update, containing one trade per week. The recommendation will also be explained in great detail and backed up with hard data and facts, ensuring that you understand why you should make that particular trade.
  • The Rapid Profit Blueprint report contains the exact layout of the Rapid Profit Method, as well as the complete research and portfolio Paul made. This report has never been published before, which means that you will be one of the select few who could make use of it.
  • A guarantee that you will grow the initial $5,000 investment into $200,000. If you fail to get to that number, you will get your second year of Rapid Profit Trader membership free of charge.
  • You will get the Options 101 guide, which contains everything you need to know about options trading. With it, you can unlock the hidden potential of options trading and start reaping the rewards.
  • Exclusive access to a members-only website and a 24/7 dedicated customer hotline.

The Cons

  • The only thing that picked our eye is that even though this method promises rapid gains and making a profit in a short amount of time, it requires you to commit to it, in the long run. However, if you decide to quit, after you made a $100,000 profit, you can do so, just don’t expect a refund.

The Bottom Line

While Rapid Profit Trader may bring you some instant gratification, it will probably need a bit more time to fully develop and bring you the success you were looking for. Paul Mampilly is an experienced investor, who can definitely make the Rapid Profit Method work and his Rapid Profit Trader could easily prove to be just the right tool for the job.

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