Extreme Fortunes Review – Is This Paul Mampilly Advisory Legit?

Want A Way To ‘Unlock’ Those Amazing Stock Market Profits That Happen Only Once In A Lifetime…? The Thing Is – If They Only Happen That Irregularly, How On Earth Can You Hope To Make Your Fortune From Them…?

extreme fortunes review

Well, according to Paul Mampilly, the guy behind Extreme Fortunes – simply by following his investment advice. But – and here’s the rub… You need to pay a decent amount to be privy to his expert advice…

Hmmmm…. Of course you do… But while there’s no doubting how successful the guy is in the financial world, do you really want to trust him with your own hard earned cash…?

Now, there’s a ton of these investment research services out there to choose from. Some are good, some less so, and some are a downright scam. So, being as we can’t stand people being taken for a ride, we just knew we had to get down and dirty with Extreme Fortunes. The product is expensive, and it’s promising massive gains – in fact, the advertising says that it ‘guarantees’ that you’ll make at least $100,000 in the next year…

So before you get all over-excited and go clicking that mouse to join, please (please!) take just a few minutes to read what we found out about the product. Because it’s your money, and you worked hard to get it. And you owe it to yourself to be sure you’re not frittering it away just because of a bunch of clever advertising…

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What do you get for your money with Extreme Fortunes?

Right then… As already mentioned, Extreme Fortunes is an investment research advisory service that’s the work of Paul Mampilly. Now, this is man who has a truly awesome track record, but we’ll discuss him more in a little while. For now, let’s focus on what your money actually buys you…

  • The Monthly Extreme Fortunes Trade: OK, so one trade a month might not sound that much, let’s be honest. But when you look at it a little more closely, then actually, this is very much all right. The trade recommended will include a confidential write up that includes some truly intensive research into why it offers such a good deal. It’s real research – as in has been done by a guy with over quarter of a century-worth of Wall Street experience handling the biggest of funds – and making his clients incredible fortunes along the way. You can rest assured that this trade would not be recommended without some serious Intel, and the fact that Paul Mampilly has called upon his network of industry insiders to ensure that the stock is worth sinking your hard earned cash into.
  • Weekly Updates: Detailing what’s going on in the markets, the economic world, politics, etc. Because all of this has a massive effect on stocks – the three have a very specific impact and your weekly update will show you just how and why it could impact your investments. And, even more importantly, how you can insulate your investments against these outside forces.
  • Special Report: The Next Stock Market Windfall: This report details five opportunities that could bring you returns of 1,000% or higher. These five companies are poised to bring massive returns, and you could be in there, riding the crest of the wave towards your new fortune.

Who the heck is Paul Mampilly?

paul mampilly extreme fortunesSo, let’s turn to the man behind the words and numbers – Mampilly. Well, to give you an idea of his own success, he retired a multi-millionaire at the age of 42…! And before that, he spent over 25 years at the heart of Wall Street, working with the biggest funds and making his clients a ton of money… Think names like ING, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Deutsche Bank – that kind of level…

He’s the creator of a couple of other hugely successful advisory services – all of which sold out within days of being launched. And, we hasten to add, have brought their subscribers their own riches. He’s been featured by many big investment outlets – Fox Business and Bloomberg to name but two. Suffice to say, the guy is a king in the world of investing, with a Rolodex that’s wall to wall A-list, not to mention an uncanny knack of managing to uncover the next explosive investment opportunity.  His 2 other investment advisories we have checked out is Paul Mampilly’s True Momentum and our favorite Profits Unlimited.

Who is Extreme Fortunes for?

The best thing about Extreme Fortunes is that it’s designed for people like you – and us. You know, just regular Joes who might not have a fortune to invest, but when we do put our money into the markets then we want the very best chance of it truly working hard for us.

It’s a product anyone who wants to take advantage of the same investment advice that the massive hedge funds get. It’s for those who really do want to change their fortunes (and world!), and for those who’re happy to pay a little bit for the expert advice they need to get them the returns they want.

The Pros and Cons of Extreme Fortunes

The Pros

  • You can rest assured that every single stone has been unturned in the quest to bring you the recommended monthly deal. This includes real ‘boots on the ground’ research taking hours and days to complete. And, it goes without saying, would not be possible to do by anyone without true insider knowledge
  • You only need spend a few minutes per month on your investments, because all of the hard work has been done for you
  • No need to have a massive stake to begin with. If you invested only $1,000 a month with each stock advised, you’d be set to make a life-changing amount of money.
  • If you fail to make a minimum of $100,000 in profits in the first year, you get the next year absolutely free.

The Cons

  • Well, the biggest problem is that there’s only 1,000 places open to this exclusive ‘club’. Not only that, but it’s not the cheapest advisory service out there. But that’s because it’s pretty unique – AND you’re getting the expertise of one of the greatest stock market gurus in the business. So if you want in, then you need to move fast. Mampilly’s previous advisory services have sold out within days of going online. So it’s pretty sure that Extreme Fortunes will also follow suit.

The Bottom Line

OK, hands up who thought this was going to be a scam product…?  Yep, we’re one of the ones waving around – because we really didn’t think much of it from the advertising.  But hey! When we’re wrong, we’re wrong – we don’t mind admitting it.

And when it comes to Extreme Fortunes – we really were wrong. Because we have to say, if you want to invest – and invest with a chance of making a truly life changing amount of money – then Mampilly’s advice really can make it possible for you.  In a nutshell, it’s probably one of the best investment research services we’ve come across in a long time. And if you sign up to Extreme Fortunes, we’d say you’re only a real winner, and a virtual guarantee of making those profits you know you deserve. Awesome – that’s all we have to say – awesome!

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