When The ATMs Go Dark Review – How’s Bill Bonner’s Book?

When The ATMs Go Dark…! Now Isn’t That A Title That’s Designed To Send Shivers Down Your Spine…! But Is Bill Bonner’s Latest Book (And Advisory Service) Simply Just Scaremongering…? Or Do You Owe It To Yourself And Your Family To Get The ‘Real’ Lowdown On A Possible Global Crisis…?

when the aTMs go dark reviewYou don’t need to look far to find yet another doomsayer telling us that the world’s about to go to rats@!t… And such scare tactics certainly make for the unscrupulous to draw money from regular folk, such as us and you…

So when we came across When The ATMs Go Dark, the latest product by Bill Bonner, that professes to give us the very same Intel that this economist recently provided to our dear President, then we have to admit to a) sitting up to take notice and then, b) raising a highly cynical eyebrow…

Because do we really need another doomsday scenario offering? A way to show us how to survive (or even profit) from potential future events…? Well, if you’re reading this, then you’re obviously as wary as we are…

But fear not, because we’ve dug deep down into exactly what you can expect if you send up for When The ATMS Go Dark. And if you’re even vaguely contemplating signing on the dotted line, then you NEED to read what we discovered…

What do you get for your money with When The ATMs Go Dark?

OK, so when you send up for When The ATMs Go Dark, you’re not simply getting a book. You’re getting a whole lot more than that… So let’s look at each individual component;

  • When The ATMs Go Dark: A 220 page book (in both digital and physical format), or rather, a field guide, that will bring you up to speed on what Bonner considers is an upcoming financial crisis that’s going effect every single American citizen. Not only will you discover what this means to the banks, your cash, and assets, but what you need to know to actively survive this event. And, if you’re truly well advised, how you can actually profit from such a critical event.
  • The Online Privacy Guide: Today, more than at any time in modern history, keeping your affairs private online is vital to your safety and wealth. Discover the real truth about the IRS, FBI, and what other government agencies can spy on. Not to mention the crooks and the criminals who want and need your data to profit. Discover how to truly become safe and secure online, by the man and team who advise some of the richest people on the planet….
  • How to Get Your Very Own Homestead on the Cheap: The title says it all. And it’s all about how to get your own private getaway, right here in the US, for when the world around you goes awry. And, most importantly, how to get it for next to nothing…
  • One Month’s Subscription to The Bill Bonner Letter: This is Bonner’s monthly service that’s sent out to you via email. This contains the very latest goings on in the world that could affect your wealth, your safety, and your security. This is most definitely not a dumbed down, politically correct service with watered down Intel such as you get via other, more governed, channels. This is the truth – bare bones, warts n all – that will truly mean you’re prepared for whatever is likely to come your way

Who is When The ATMs Go Dark for?

Well, if you want to look after yourself and your family, then the information you get in When The ATMs Go Dark and all the other included aspects could genuinely be a lifesaver. This is information that we should all know, but sadly is ‘hidden’ from most of us by the various powers that be that don’t want us to know the truth…

Who the heck is Bill Bonner?

bill bonner when the atms go darkSo Bill Bonner is certainly no fly-by-night guy. In fact, he’s one of the best-known economist and financial geniuses ever to pen a book or article on such subjects. He advises some of the richest and most well connected in our country – and yes, that included dear ol’ Trump – and provides this same information to the savviest amongst us who sign up to his regular newsletter, The Bill Bonner Letter.

The Pros and Cons of When The ATMs Go Dark

The Pros

  • When The ATMs Go Dark is the exact same field report that Bonner himself complied and sent to the White House.
  • The book and the monthly service, The Bill Bonner Letter, is a genuine way to find out the truth of what’s going on in the world, and how it might effect you and your family.
  • Gives you all the information you need to be truly prepared for the worst, and therefore allows you to live a far more stressful life knowing that you’re ready for whatever may come to pass.
  • Fun to read! Because there’s nothing worse than trawling through badly written information that’s a chore to read. When The ATMs Go Dark and all the other products are intelligent, sometimes funny, and truly informative…

The Cons

  • OK, so let’s be honest here. When The ATMs Go Dark is simply a way to get you to sign up to The Bill Bonner Letter. But if all you want is the book, then you simply cancel your subscription and don’t owe a penny. However, in all reality, the monthly service really is worth having in its own right. And you get a month check it out and decide if you want to continue.

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well… We have to say, we’re impressed! And we certainly didn’t expect to be. OK, we don’t really like the scaremonger advertising tactics. But putting that to one side, we have to say that both the book, When The ATMs Go Dark, and The Bill Bonner Letter are both pretty awesome products.

We also like the fact that you actually get a physical product. Because, let’s face it, sometimes it really is better to hold a book in your hand rather than read a screen. So for anyone who wants to really be informed (not the watered down horses$*! you get on CNN and other news channels), then When The ATMs Go Dark and The Bill Bonner Letter are exactly what you need to be reading. It’s certainly eye-opening material, and that’s the honest truth…!

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