Bill Bonner Review & A Look At His Products

Bill Bonner is a prolific American author of books and articles. His works focus on a wide variety of economic and financial topics including trading. In this article, you will learn more about him and his products.

Bill Bonner – The Author

Bill BonnerBill Bonner is the author of several best-selling books. One of the most notable ones is Financial Reckoning Day, which is co-authored by Addison Wiggin, an executive editor at Agora Financial. The book is an eye-opener for proven and working financial strategies. It was as successful as to get the rank of New York Times best-seller.

Another book worth mentioning is Empire of Debt, still co-authored by Addison Wiggin and once a New York Times best-seller. The book took on the then financial turmoil in the United States.

Bill Bonner’s more recent work, in collaboration with Lila Rajiva, is the book, Mobs, Markets, and Messiahs. It is an educational book that provides useful information on the financial world and investing. The book hit the New York best-seller list.

Bill Bonner – The Investor

Bill Bonner is also a businessman. In 1978, he founded Agora Inc., a publishing company. The company publishes famous newsletters such as Kennedy Accounts, Strategic Intelligence, and Total Wealth Insider.

What started as a small publishing house in DC has now grown into a huge company with offices in eight countries distributed on five continents. At the time of this writing, Bill Bonner is the president of the company.

In 1999, Bill Bonner founded The Daily Reckoning, which is a finance website. The focus of the website, which publishes under Agora, is investment techniques relevant in today’s financial world. In other words, The Daily Reckoning helps people understand complex financial topics in both an insightful and entertaining manner.

Bill Bonner’s Educational Background

Bill Bonner is an alumnus of the University of New Mexico, where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Chemistry. He also has a Master’s Degree from Southern Illinois University in the same subject matter.

Bill also studied Law at Georgetown University Law School, after which he worked with Jim Davidson at the National Taxpayers Union. Later, he worked in the food industry for many years.

Bill Bonner’s Personal Life

Born on 8th September 1948, Bill has been married twice and has six children. He lives in Southern Anne Arundel County, Maryland, with his second wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a major shareholder at Agora Financial.

Will Bonner, one of his children, is the co-founder of Bonner & Partners.

Bill Bonner’s Awards

His literary works and investments have won him several awards. He has won the prestigious Man of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year awards, as well as GetAbstract International Book award.

Bill Bonner Net Worth

Bill Bonner’s net worth is at around $930 million. He has investments in several countries and a hold on many businesses and lands.

Bill Bonner’s Products

Over the years, Bill Bonner has brought the following products into the market:

The Bill Bonner Newsletter

the bill bonner letter reviewThe Bill Bonner Letter is a monthly newsletter Bill authors in collaboration with Dan Denning. Dan previously worked at Southbank Investment Research, a leading financial publishing house in the UK, and Port Philip Publishing in Australia.

The Bill Bonner Letter takes on an array of current microeconomics and macroeconomics topics. Note that, these financial experts do not pick stock selections for you, neither will they include a portfolio you can follow. What they provide is a voice of reason after analyzing the current trends. Most of the time, their views are contrary to public opinion.

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Bonner Private Portfolio

The Bonner Private Portfolio is a financial investment research service. The brain behind the service is Chris Mayer, one of the best analysts in Bonner & Partners. The product is tailored to help serious investors beat the odds, which are the uncertainties of investments, in the long term. With this service, you need not use options or take extra risk.

An independent audit found out that anyone who used Chris Mayer’s ideas over the period 10-year period spanning from 2004 to 2014, turned every $100,000 investment into more than $480,000. In other words, these investors beat the market 3-to-1.

Each month, Chris Mayer studies the market and finds elite companies that are trading good prices. He then runs the stocks through his famous four-point checklist and recommends those that pass to the small group of Bonner Private Portfolio members.

In fact, Bill Bonner is among the people following Chris’s recommendations. Apparently, subscribers get the chance to buy-in 48 hours before Bill.

Bonner & Partners Inner Circle

The trading world is one full of risks, uncertainties, and, sadly, scams. The prolific Wall Street Traders reduce risks by spending a lot of money on research and strategy. Unfortunately, not all can afford this.

People try to protect themselves by getting information from credible sources. But, this may not help as you will be bombarded with a lot of information that you will have a hard time sifting out the important information from the bogus material.

Bill Bonner has a network of the very best in investment research, analysis and strategic thinking, developed over several decades. These experts know exactly what is going on and how to protect yourself so that you reap profits from trading. These experts are not only from the US but also based in major cities around the globe such as Paris, London, Johannesburg, Beijing, Madrid, Bueno Aires, Melbourne, and Sao Paulo.

Once you subscribe to the Inner Circle, you will get this important information in a reader-friendly weekly email.

Bonner & Partners Family Office

Bonner & Partners Family Office is a financial consultancy service for families seeking to not only grow but also preserve wealth for generations to come.

This research advisory is led by Bill Bonner and Will Bonner. The latter is pioneering efforts to build a firm family structure that will preserve the family’s elite financial status for generations to come.

Trading, be it stocks, futures and binary options, is a risky venture in which individuals lose huge amounts of money. But, there is also a large potential for profits. All you need is accurate information and the right tools. Some of the information and tools you need are provided by Bill Bonner and his products.