Ian King’s Crypto Profit Trader Review – What’s The Deal?

One of the top crypto traders in America, Ian King reveals a strategy that can help you achieve a profit of a staggering 1000% time and time again.  So what’s the real deal with Crypto Profit Trader?

ian kings crypto profit review

Those are some pretty bold claims because when the numbers are so good, there’s usually something a bit fishy about it. This is the exact reason why we had to check it out for ourselves and see if Ian King’s trading platform really is as good as advertised. The first impression leaves us with a feeling that it just might be true, because after all – Ian is a proven investor who is capable of handling all that information. On the other hand, what he’s saying simply sounds too good to be true, so we had to check what is there, behind the curtains.

Over the past year alone, the cryptocurrency market went from $17 billion to an astonishing $707 billion markets. In addition to that, quite a few individual cryptocurrencies saw a great increase in value. With cryptocurrencies momentum ever on the rise, as well as volatility the market is known for, you might be wondering if you are late to the crypto-party and how to get your foot in the door, if not. Ian King thinks you are not too late; in fact, you might be arriving just in time when things are starting to heat up.

Who is Ian King?

ian king ian kings crypto profitBesides his cryptocurrency endeavors, Ian has had his work featured on both Investopedia and Zero Hedge. One of the main reasons why he is so successful at what he does today is that he used to be a hedge fund manager, with numerous investments under his belt. He instantly recognized the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market, which is why he dedicated the last five years of his life to learning everything there is about crypto-world and became an expert in that field.

What strategy is behind Ian King’s Crypto Profit?

Most people cannot tell the difference whether a cryptocurrency is going to fall a 100% or sky-rocket up a 1000%. This is where Ian’s P.A.T. system strategy comes in. This strategy focuses on targeting cryptocurrencies that are going to go up a 1000% or more…on a regular basis. P.A.T. stands for Problem analysis, Asset supply schedule, and Technicals.

Problem analysis answers the question of whether the crypto asset is going to solve a real-world issue. Every great crypto asset is going to either provide a previously non-existent solution or enhance and improve an existing one.

Asset supply schedule ensures that the cryptocurrency has a pre-set, limited amount of coins available. By doing this, cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, which is capped at 21 million coins) ensure that the asset is always in-demand and there are no artificial devaluations in form of adding more coins to the market.

The vast majority of crypto traders are buying the cryptocurrencies that made the headline and similar. However, if you truly want to understand how cryptocurrencies work, you should pay more attention to the technical analysis of the trade. Technical analysis is the secret behind almost every successful timing for crypto trades.

This proprietary strategy is a pioneer in another field of business, as well. It is currently one of the first strategies pending patent, specifically designed to single out and analyze only the most promising cryptocurrencies. This is another testament to Ian’s and Crypto Profit Trader platform’s great achievement and success.

What is Ian King’s Crypto Profit Trader?

  • Trade Alerts
  • Weekly Position Monitoring
  • 24/7 access to existing research and information
  • P.A.T patent-pending strategy
  • Regular updates

The Crypto Profit Trader is a research service where Ian will quickly notify the readers about the best, relevant investments you can make in the cryptocurrencies market. Sounds great right? The thing is, with investments in cryptocurrencies you have to act fast and you have to make the initial investment on time. As soon as a singular cryptocurrency satisfy all three of the P.A.T. criteria, the readers will receive an email notification about that, ensuring there is enough time to make the trade. By joining in this great platform, you will be ensuring that you are gaining a serious advantage over all the other cryptocurrency traders out there and invest in cryptocurrencies that are bound to make a huge success.

Ian now focuses mostly on researching new additions to the world of cryptocurrencies, so he can make timely predictions on which one of those is going to make a big break. He has almost daily alerts for crypto’s that satisfy at least 2 of the 3 variables in his P.A.T. system. This comes as great news because it means that you will have the opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency that is bound to have a staggering gain of 1000% or even more.

The Pros and Cons of Ian King’s Crypto Profit Trader

The Pros

  • The Crypto Profit Trader platform will send out timely alerts about new cryptocurrencies that satisfy the P.A.T. system. By using this platform and the strategy system behind it, you will be getting an almost unfair advantage over all the other crypto traders and you will be able to make profits as much as 1000%, if not more.
  • The Crypto Profit Trade and Ian King guarantee that you will make a profit of at least $25,000 in 12 months or less, after joining the platform.
  • The strategy used to define in which cryptocurrencies to invest is currently pending patent, which only goes to show just how efficient it is.

The Consian kings crypto profit guarantee

  • While the men behind Ian King’s Crypto Profit Trader platform are claiming that you will get as much as $25k profit in the first 12 months, as well as 100% satisfaction guarantee, they are also not offering refunds. Ian King stated himself that this is because he wants to ensure that he will be getting only members who want to stay committed to the cause. This renders the 100% satisfaction guarantee somewhat obsolete.

The Bottom Line

Ian King’s Crypto Profit Trader platform looks like a great tool that will allow almost every person, who wants to dive into the world of cryptocurrency trading head first, a competitive advantage over all the other players on the trading market. In addition to that, this nifty tool will allow them to get the insiders information from a guy that’s been around cryptocurrencies right from the get-go and knows exactly what he’s saying.

The man behind the platform has vast knowledge about trading and investing in general, which is why he is able to make great predictions. His revolutionary P.A.T. strategy is there to ensure that every possible aspect of a new cryptocurrency is being carefully measured, in order to deliver accurate predictions on the next big breakthrough on the cryptocurrency market.

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