Nathan Bear Picks Review – How’s This New Service?

I’m sure you have come to this page because you have heard the story of Nathan Bear or you want to learn more about his trading service, Nathan Bear Picks.  Well currently the service is only available through Jason Bonds Millionaire Roadmap program which can be found by clicking here.  Or you can continue reading if you want to learn more about Nathan Bear’s story.

nathan bear picks reviewjpgThese days the internet is full of news about the Success story of Nathan Bear, how he became a millionaire. He was just awarded a Porsche by Jason Bond, who is one the most famous stock traders. Nathan Bear is the second trader who has won a Porsche from Jason Bond, after he reached the mark of $1 million.

Nathan Bear, was just like everyone of us, an ambitious man who wanted to earn all the happiness for his family. Nathan started trading in the stock years ago. He started trading stocks with just $1000 and in the year 2015, Nathan had lost $40,000, but he never gave up and has managed to change this situation and now he has successfully become a millionaire.

He is 35 years old man, who was born in Boston. He is a family man He has bought the house of his dreams, has a brand new car and a lot of money in his bank account. All thanks to stock trading, he has got everything that he has dreamed of.

How did Nathan Bear Become a Profitable Trader?

nathan bear picks.jpgLike we said Nathan had lost $40,000 in the year 2015 and for many of us if something like this had we would have given up trading completely. But he didn’t, instead Nathan went on a vacation with his family and before going he had very carefully invested in the Millionaire Roadmap. And while he was vacationing he made a profit of $10,000 and that was a turning point for him, this profit changed everything for him and his family.

For those who don’t know about the Millionaire Roadmap, let us tell you that this is a personalized mentoring and mastermind program which is for guidance and helping the stock traders to do well in trading. This is a program led by Jason Bond, which has managed to help a lot of people achieve their goals in life. It has clearly laid down ways and tips and tricks for the traders to follow and understand the market before they invest their money in any type of stocks.

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3 Step TPS System

Whenever we hear about such Success stories, we feel like knowing the secret behind it. So we can add it to our lives and try our licks too. So what was Nathan’s story? We know that he followed the Millionaire Roadmap, but what did the program include and what did he do differently to stand out and become a millionaire and win that Porsche that he drives.

Following his Trend, Pattern, and Squeeze technique, Nathan has been able to generate 3683% returns over the past two years.

Nathan says that his trading strategy is simple and this is something that almost all the successful traders across the globe follow. This is what trading kinds like Jason Bond follow, the TPS strategy. Now you would wonder, exactly what is this TPS system. We will share with you the each of these strategies to help you understand how Nathan Bear became a millionaire.

Nathan uses the TPS system to eliminate stocks that don’t have potential or that might just fail over the time. The TPS system goes like this,

T- Does the stock have a trend?  P-Does the stock have a pattern?  S-Does the stock have a squeeze?


Nathan Bear, understands the trend of the stock. He never takes the risk of understanding a new stock. He takes his time to understand the trend that the stocks follow and invests in them after doing a complete research.


There are few patterns of the stocks, Nathan understands these patterns and makes sure that he invests in the right pattern. He like pattern where the stocks pull down and go up and then pull down and immediately go back up.


Most important thing in trading is timing. Trader should know when is the right time to invest in something. Squeeze is an indicator, that shows where there is a compression of price range in the stocks. Squeeze helps Nathan understand when the pullback should be done and when he should be able to invest.

The strategy that Nathan follows is just amazing, no wonder he was able to hit the $ 1 million profit in stock trading. The strategy is so simple and easy to understand, yet it is so powerful. This is what has helped Nathan to earn all the money that he has. This strategy is so easily defined and the person investing in the stocks would be benefitted so much if they are able to understand the market and follow this strategy.

Nathan Bear Picks & The Millionaire Roadmap

nathan bear picks millionaire roadmapNathan Bear, attributes his Success to the Millionaire Roadmap. He was only losing money in trading, but after he joined the program he started making money. After he hooked up with the Jason Bond, stock training system, Nathan saw a positive growth in his trading business.

He followed the guidance of the experts and managed to turn around his life in such a way that he is the most talked about person on the internet today. People are talking about this stock trader who has hit the $1 million benchmark.

Nathan says that he followed the Millionaire Roadmap to be reach where he is right now. Traders who have had successfully careers, become great resources for others traders to learn from. Their patterns and thinking capabilities made them what they are right now. He and his family are living their dreams, they have bought the house they wished for and his kids have a secure future.

There are so many people have had success, not like Nathan, but they did manage to earn a few bucks for themselves following the Millionaire Roadmap. It is a very personalized way of guiding the traders and helping them understand the trends of the stock market. They have so much to offer, 5 stock training DVDs for free, personalized chat room with experts, access to Jason Bond’s screen sharing, daily watch lists to prepare you to become a trading expert. The program also offers tons of webinars from the expert millionaires who have a lot to share with the new traders. All the trading secrets and patterns shared with the people to understand trading in a better way.

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So What Do You Get With Nathan Bear Picks?

For the Nathan Bear Picks portion you get 45 minute LIVE lesson from 7-7:45am (always archived for you), LIVE streaming my real money buys and sells from 930am-12pm, Regular watch list, and Email alerts on swing trades.

You also access to Jeff Bishop’s Weekly Money Multiplier (worth $3,999),  Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap and much more…

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