Commodity Supercycles Review – How’s Bill Shaw’s Service?

Do We Really Need A Specialize Advisory Research Service That Only Focuses On Natural Resource Investments…? Surely We Can Get That Advice From The Plethora Of Other More Broad Range Services Out There…?

commodity supercycles reviewYou’ve got to admit, that when it comes to advisory research services, there’s a million and one to choose from. So much so that it really does become virtually impossible to hone in on one or two that can truly help you increase your net worth. So what does Stansberry Research’s Commodity Supercycles really have to offer? And, here’s the 64 million dollar question, do you honestly need such a service that ONLY concentrates  on energy and natural resources.

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Well… We just knew we had to find out. And if you’re reading this, then it’s pretty much a given that you too want to understand this very same point. So we made it our mission to discover exactly what you can expect if you sign up to Commodity Supercycles. And rest assured, when we go on a mission, we don’t leave a single stone unturned…

Below is what we found out…

What do you get for your money with Commodity Supercycles?

So, Commodity Supercycles is a no-bull, monthly email newsletter service that gives detailed advice on potentially lucrative investments within the energy and natural resources field.

When you sign up, you’re going to receive the following:

  • The Commodity Supercycles Newsletter: The crux of the product, this will be delivered directly to your email on the first Wednesday of every month. This is designed to help you both understand and take advantage of some of the highest potential investments in the energy and natural resources industry. Each month you’ll get specific, actionable ideas that provide subscribers with hedge fund quality investment ideas.
  • The Complete Model Portfolio: Containing around 20-25 open trades, and all the Intel surrounding them. A typical holding period in these stocks is around 1-2 years. Each recommended stock has ben fully researched, and you’ll get all the necessary information on price targets, buy prices, sell targets, exit strategies, etc.
  • How To Find The Best Investments In Commodities: An invaluable educational guide that explains the exact strategies used by the experts at Commodity Supercycles with the aim of increasing your wealth over the coming years.
  • Special Reader Only Reports: In depth guides that give you highly valuable Intel on everything you need to know about how to profit in the natural resource sector.
  • The Stansberry Digest: A daily e-letter that’ll keep you bang up to date with everything that’s going on in the markets right now.
  • As & When Email Updates: For when you need to make a play, buy, sell, or any other information that’s applicable to any of the open stocks in the model portfolio.

Who is Commodity Supercycles for?

Commodity Supercycles is the perfect advisory for anyone who’s looking to grow their wealth over the medium to long term. Low risk, and ideal for the beginner or for those looking to build a substantial retirement fund. Does away with the necessity of spending hours researching a potential trade, because all this is done for you and provided for you to peruse at your leisure.

Who’s behind the advice given?

bill shaw commodity supercyclesEditor, Bill Shaw, is a leading expert in all things to do with natural resource commodities. He travels the world and analyzes a broad range of sectors. These include base and precious metals, agriculture equities, gas, oil, and anything in between. He’s successfully shown his readers how to hedge their portfolios, therefore giving true financial security in the case of a financial crisis.

If you need more proof that the guy knows his onions, then know that he’s managed portfolios of over $100 million for various clients. He moved to Stansberry Research, the name behind Commodity Supercycles, in 2015.

The Pros and Cons of Commodity Supercycles

The Pros

  • You don’t need a fortune to get started. If you’ve got around $1,000 to invest, then Commodity Supercycles is the perfect vehicle to get you started.
  • Ideal for both beginner investors and those with a little more mileage under their belts.
  • These are low to medium risk stocks. So this type of natural resource investing doesn’t necessitate you playing high stakes with your hard earned cash.
  • You can take a 30-day, risk free trial of the product to discover if it’s the right type of service for you.

The Cons

  • So, as with any type of investing, it comes with a risk. Stocks can go down as well as up. But the good thing about Commodity Supercycles is that all the research has been done for you, bringing the risk down to the lowest level possible in this area of investing. Plus you get all the background research to look at before you make the trades.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we certainly didn’t expect to say that such a niche product advisory research service had a viable place in the world. But it certainly does, we’re delighted to report. And natural resources covers a much broader spectrum than you’ll probably first realize, because we’re not only talking energy production, but everything from precious metals to agriculture, and all the rest in between.

Commodity Supercycles is an excellent choice for both those beginning their investing journey and those a little further down the path. We have to say that this is a standout great advisory for those who might not have hedge fund sized stakes to begin with, but certainly want hedge fund quality advice. We have to say, Commodity Supercycles certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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